Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finales Galore

Last night was the last night for a few of my shows. I think I've mentioned before that reality TV has taken over my TV life as we know it, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that they were all reality shows.

First - the finale of Dancing With The Stars. I really think this was the closest finale there has been in a while. And even though Kirstie Alley wasn't as good as Hines Ward and Chelsea Kane, she has a huge personality and is loved by all and her journey through the show was incredible -- weight loss, bouncing back from setbacks during dances, etc.

I'm still glad Hines won the Mirror Ball Trophy. He's just an example of good people. He loves his momma, his job is more than a paycheck for him, and he's a truly caring person.

Second - the Biggest Loser finale. I know I said on Twitter that I swore off BL after they voted Arthur off the show. If you don't know anything about BL, Arthur was the biggest contestant the show has ever had and he also had the biggest heart. However, there was a lot of head and heart stuff that Arthur needed to get right in order to be successful in the weight loss journey and we all knew that if anyone needed to be on the BL ranch for any reason, it was Arthur.

But I digress, because BL saw its first all-girl top three and for the first time ever in the history of "couples" episodes, one team made it all the way to the very end. This team had me in tears every week, whether from laughing so hard or from heart-breaking stores. Two sisters, Hanna and Olivia. They were my favorites from the beginning and I, like the rest of the world, never thought they'd last all the way to the end.



But there's another reason they were my favorite. Hannah and Olivia's relationship reminded me of the relationship that I have with my own sister. Olivia is an amazing opera singer. So is my sister. The only difference between them is that Olivia is in New York City living her dream and my sister is in Florence, Mississippi, living hers. I found myself looking up to Olivia like I do my own sister and being so very proud of her like she was my own. Meanwhile, I could identify with Hannah, the younger sister, in so many ways and I beamed watching Hannah's pride in herself and for her sister grow each week. Relationships like that don't come around everyday and I'm so glad that I have the same bond with my sister.

Here's the video of Olivia singing on the scale when she finally eclipse the 100-pound loss mark. I wept.

And finally - the American Idol performance finale. Even though we won't know who wins until tonight, you know I had to comment a little.

I've got to say, I called it. And I'm sure the rest of America did, with the exception of my mom and sister who were big Hailey fans. This was an extremely talented season and I'm sure we will see lots of these contestants with their own albums as soon as the AI franchise releases them from their grasp.

It's amazing to see that it's come down to the two youngest contestants in AI history. The country music world is about to get a little bit (read: a lot bit) better because of these two.

Going into last night, and even up until the very last performance by Lauren Alaina, I just knew Scotty had it in the bag. The kid is a natural all the way around. He's comfortable on stage and rarely sings a pitchy note. But y'all, Lauren Alaina killed that Mama song. Up until that song, she was coming in second. But with that performance, she won the shebang. Y'all know the country music fans have been out in full force voting for these two, and y'all know country music fans love them some Mama songs. So, I'll let you do the math.

So there's my prediction. Lauren Alaina it is. However, I'll be glad to see either one of them do well. Either way, they'll both be making lots of money in the near future.

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