Sunday, November 30, 2008

Goodbye, NaBloPoMo! We won't miss you!

Well...maybe a little. As much as I sort of enjoyed posting everyday, it was a little exhausting as stated in previous posts. I'm a creative girl, but trying to come up with something to blog about EVERYDAY, especially when nothing exciting happens that day or the creative juices aren't flowing, is utterly draining.

So, I hate to say it but...Goodbye, NaBloPoMo! You won't be missed! See ya next year! Maybe.

So now that it's officially two hours away from the first day of December and the Christmas season/cheer time is in full swing, I thought I'd leave you all with a video from one of my favorite guys doing one of my favorite things.

Take it away, Dave...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Croom Era Has Ended (Insert tears here)

Well, folks another Mississippi State era has ended today. I don't know if you can technically call five years and a 21-38 record an era but it was an era nonetheless.

State made great strides and, I still believe, ultimately the right decision to hire Croom, no matter what color his skin was. They made history and it was a neat thing to see. He restored the integrity of the program as far as making boys into men goes, and whether the 2007 season was a fluke or not, I enjoyed it and it got me to my first bowl game ever.

I respect what this man stands for and I as a true fan am forever grateful to him for the integrity and character that he showed and that he taught to these guys. I can only hope that the great kids that he recruited for next year (one of the top 20 recruiting classes in the nation) will stay with us and be excited about what is to come at Mississippi State.

Hail, dear Ol' State!

Friday, November 28, 2008

William and his Wagon

Mom and Dad bought William a wagon for his birthday and we tried it out on Wednesday. The hat he is wearing was my Uncle Bill's when he was little. I really thought that he would rip it right off but he wore it forever. He's such a little man!

"Being this cute is tiring!"

"Yo, yo, yo! Happy Thanksgiving Homeslice!"

Happy kid!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rock Hard Friendships

It's fulfilling for me to know that some friendships can last through anything. Years of silence, break-ups? Nothing for some of the friendships I have.

Let me explain.

I have a three friends who have been my best friends since I can remember. Friend #1 and I spent every waking moment together when we were little. Our moms were best friends so we were best friends. It worked out great. We were, and still are, so very alike, yet we are so different. She's a morning person. I definitely am not. She is a great cook (and had one of those Easy-Bake ovens). Me, not so much. We had lots of plans to do things together. Cheerleaders or majorettes at State. Teachers at the same school. Marry hot boys. She's done two out of three without me. Lucky girl.

In eighth grade, her mom died from breast cancer. In ninth grade, her dad remarried and moved her away from me. How dare he? For about seven years, we didn't see or speak to each other. Except for very rare, few and far between, times.

We reconnected my junior year of college and it's been so great. We talk every so often now and make it a point to see each other whenever I come home. Isn't it great that after, seven years, we could just pick up where we left off without skipping a beat. I love that.

Today I visited with two other friends. Friend #2 and I grew up in church together. We became best friends in about eight grade and we inseparable in the summers and my senior year of high school. We lost touch in the past few years but we were able to get together and catch up today, and yet again, we picked up where we left off. No beats skipped. I miss her friendship so.

Friend #3 is one of my five best guy friends in the world. We have a very interesting relationship, being that we've been best friends for about 13 years and we dated for almost four of those. I was going to marry him, he broke my heart. Several times. But we still remained friends. To those who say it can't be done, I dare say it can.

I visited him today to see how grown-up life is treating him. I'd say very well indeed. He, in fact, is a grown-up. It was so good to see him, talk about life, and joke about old times. We've been through a lot together, most of which could have completely ruined our friendship and turned us against each other. However, somehow, friendship prevailed.

Today I'm thankful for old friends, lasting relationships that stood the tests of time, circumstances and immaturity.

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. Is anyone else pumped about the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. It's a Katie tradition to wake up and watch it from beginning to end. And people, I DO NOT get up early for anything on my own accord. This is serious business.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This blogging everyday business is getting harder and harder. I find myself either with nothing to blog about or without the will to blog.

Today, i've been overwhelmed with thankfulness as I officially started my Thanksgiving holiday.

I'm thankful for Mrs. Wanda and Michelle who told me yesterday that I deserved to not come in today and start my holiday early.

I'm thankful for the precious smiles and the funny little laugh of my nephew and the sweet way he puts his head to mine that makes me smile not matter what.

I'm thankful for my sister who has increasingly over the years become my best friend.

I'm thankful for Ross, the brother I always wanted.

I'm thankful for my mom's welcoming smile and my dad's big hugs that are so tight that I get a little dizzy. But I love it.

I'm thankful DVR without which I wouldn't be catching up on 24 right now.

What are you thankful for?

Monday, November 24, 2008


I felt the need to share a little laugh with you guys in the form of "Stewart" from MadTV. This skit is H-I-Larry-O-U-S!

I crumbled...

I finally gave in a made my blog "Christmasey" after I'd told myself I wouldn't. I just wasn't happy with the way it was looking at the moment and I couldn't really find a cute not-holiday-ish background to use for right now. So, I just gave in and went for it. At least I have a month to enjoy it. I'm sure the day after Christmas I'll be creating a new look. Enjoy!

I Need Africa More Than Africa Needs Me

I was asked by Mocha Club to write about why "I need Africa more than Africa needs me." Mocha Club is a community-based website where members can start a team and invite friends to join them in giving $7 a month – the cost of 2 mochas – to support a project in Africa. Mocha Club's vision is to provide a way for people who don't have hundreds or thousands of dollars to make a difference in Africa.

(The directions were to write "about 200 words" on this subject but I'm feeling that I might go a little over. Forgive me. Please.)

"I need Africa more than Africa needs me."

That sounds kind of backwards, right? I've got way more than anyone in Africa could ever imagine having. Shouldn't they be the ones needing something?

Sure Africa needs a lot. Millions of children are dying every year of AIDS, preventable diseases, starvation and war. UNICEF says that 5,500 children under the age of five die across the 21 countries of the eastern and southern regions of Africa. AND the majority of the deaths are largely preventable. More than 300,000 die in as little as two months. TWO MONTHS. I can't even remember what happened in the last two months because I've been so wrapped up in my own life. Did we elected a new President? Huh?

Anyway, I think what this statement means is that we need Africa to change our view of the rest of the world more than Africa needs us to "help". Now, I put the word "help" in quotations because we see Africa as this feeble continent of sick and dying and poor people rather and a continent that is rich of a hopeful future and an opportunity to display the glory of God.

I heard a man speak last night who had grown up in Africa. He and his sister were the only white kids in an African village. He said he would pray every night that he would wake up and he would be black. This was 54 years ago. You know, 54 years ago, America was fighting over Civil Rights. This four-year-old white boy was praying that he was black. Interesting? To say the least.

This man, when he was seven, lost one out of every four of his friends to preventable ailments such as small pox and measles and poisonous snake bites. He didn't get any of those diseases because he had gotten the vaccinations but he was stuck with the memory of holding his friends in his arms and coaxing them into an early death. That man was Wes Stafford, president of Compassion International.

Besides his life story, something else he said stuck with me. He said that we shouldn't look down on the poor and the impoverished. We shouldn't look down on them with eyes of pity and feelings of guilt. We should look at them as God looks at them -- beloved and blessed. Rich in righteousness and promised with hope (Jeremiah 29:11).

Africa is a nation of hope. A nation of opportunity for us Americans who live an ocean away and feel we can't do anything. We CAN do something. And as a Christ follower, I don't want to look at Africa with pitiful eyes and a soul full of guilt. I want to look at Africa with a humble heart, knowing that I have much more to give than I think, and relishing in the fact that God is getting the glory from every cent of that $15 that is taken out of my bank account every month. Fifteen dollars isn't a lot to most of us. But my $15 is helping several kids in Zimbabwe get an education. And that's a whole world of wealth to them.

Jesus said in Matthew 25, (Walden paraphrase) "If you done anything for anyone, especially those "less fortunate" (and I can totally see Jesus using air quotes here) -- fed, clothed, quenched thirst, bailed out, given shelter -- you've done the same for me."

Our ministry to others is our ministry to Jesus Christ. And we can't do any of that without Jesus Chirst. How neat is that?

James (1:27) tells us, "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."

So I think I've come full circle. Why do I need Africa more than Africa needs me? James just slapped me in the face with the answer -- to keep myself from being polluted by the world. I've never been to Africa but I have been to Honduras and New Orleans and the Latin slums of Arlington, Texas, and those people, who have no more than the clothes on their back, are happier, or should I say more joyful, and believe more in Jesus Christ inspite of their circumstances than I am with all the material things that I have in my possession.

So, if only to change my outlook on life, I truly do think I need Africa more than Africa needs me.

In closing, I ask you to share your thoughts in my comments, and challenge you to maybe even blog about it yourself. Take time to think about it. I was presented with this a week ago before I committed to even try to blog about it. Join in the worthwhile care of recasting the damaging images that force pity over partnership. Come back Dec. 1st to see what Mocha Club is doing about reforming that image.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig!

So I got home from Greensboro today just in time to get home, unpack, change clothes and get to church. I'm glad I did. It was really good. And Mandy sang. Again. And she rocked. That girl could make "Mary Had A Little Lamb" sound good. She needs a record deal ASAP. She writes her own songs. Any takers?

The final two hours of the road trip today were spent following live stats of the final in Greensboro. College of Charleston (Boo!) and Furman. We wanted Furman to win because, well, they knocked us out and we didn't want College of Charleston to win because they've won for the past four years. Furman came back after being down two games to one and won in the fifth game. It was great!

So now I'm washing clothes since I can't do it tomorrow because I have a basketball game and I'm leaving Tuesday to go to Jackson for a few days for Thanksgiving. Yay! I'm so excited to see my family and a few friends.

I think I just heard the dryer buzz. Gotta go!

P.S. I think I just broke my pinky toe. Again. Owie!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Not much to say today. My girls got beat in the semifinals of the conference tournament and that's a tough pill to swallow after the stellar year they have had. Plus, the team we lost to was never considered a team we could lose to in the tournament. And there's a lot of history between our team and their team too, so it was tough to lose to them.

It was a five-game thriller/heartbreaker. I felt like I was watching the final. One thing I know though is that not one of those girls can say that they didn't give it all they had. I know they had to be exhausted after that battle and it's tough to go out with a loss, but they cannot say that they didn't leave it all out on the floor. We just got outplayed. For everything we did, they had an answer and there is nothing you can do about that.

We should be on our way home right now but Dex decided to let the girls stay for the night and be able to visit with family rather than jumping on the bus and riding for eight hours. We will be leaving tomorrow morning and should get back by 3 p.m., hopefully.

I'm glad that both my Bulldog football teams pulled out wins today though. Go State! And Go Samford! The Samford Bulldogs have a winning season for the first time in about five years and well the MSU Bulldogs...we'll just chalk it up to another "rebuilding year". Whatev. I'm just proud that Anthony Dixon got 170 yards in his final home game. Way to go out, A.D.!

Did anyone hear about Tony Romo taking a homeless guy to the movies? Yeah. The guy was supposedly begging for money outside of the theater and Romo just told him to come on inside. What a guy! Good to know we still have some gems/gents out there.

I'm completely wiped out now. It's only 8:50 p.m. here in Greensboro and I feel like it should be midnight! I just can't wait for my three day vacay in Jackson which is coming soon.. I'm so excited to see my family it's not even funny.

I hope everyone had a great day. Ole Miss still sucks and Go Red Raiders!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Broadway Light and Snowy Days

Today's One Minute Writer prompt is Broadway. I couldn't pass up this subject since it's one of my favorites. Being a child of a music teacher and musical lover, and the sister of a music teacher and musical lover and former Broadway star "wannebe", Broadway has always been a big part of my life.
Even when I was little, I was always watching video tapes of musicals. I learned to love the stage and always wanted to be the star. And the Tony Awards are a special occassion for my sister and me.

I always went to see the touring musicals that would come to Jackson and was always around when my mom's students would do school musicals. My sister and I also loved to make up our own musicals and perform them for family members.

I can remember the first time I actually when to a musical on Broadway in New York. I was a freshman in high school and we went to see Titanic: The Musical. We sat on the front row, and I cried. It was amazing. The music was great and the acting was even better. We were sitting right above the orchestra and you could see to the side of the stage people waiting in the wings for their cues to go on.

Two years later, I saw the ultimate show, The Phantom of the Opera. It was, yet again, amazing! No wonder it has been running for so many years. It's incredible! My favorite seen while always be "Masquerade". The costumes are unlike anything and that song is so powerful.

Then for my senior trip, we went to London. While we were there, we saw The Lion King. Oh my. Wow! If that show doesn't change your life I don't know what will. The costumes are crazy inventive, with headdresses and animals attached to characters and such. And the voices. Oh, the voices. I have no words for them. We were on the second row for this and I was sitting on the very end. During the first number, Circle of Life, the animals come down the aisles from the back. So for 75% of the song, I was face-to-face with actors and actresses in full costumes, interacting with me. It was incredible.

After the show, we got to go to the alleyway where the stage door is and meet some of the cast. The kids that played young Nala and Simba were so great. I don't see how they did it. They do the show for two weeks and then go to school for three and so on.

Seeing that I have a song for everything, my life pretty much revolves around music. It makes me happy. There's nothing like a good song to put me in a good mood and if I can sing it, that's even better.

On a completely different subject, I woke up to snow this morning. We are in Greensboro, N.C., for the Southern Conference Volleyball Tournament and it's cold. Really cold. We woke up to a sheet of white on the ground this morning. Definitely not snow plow worthy but it was snow. I thought our trainer was going to pee his pants. Anyway, it was fun to see and I took a quick snapshot to share.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Not much to say...

Not much else to say except the express how pumped I am that I'm going to be at home in Jackson in about five days. I get to see my mom and dad, my sister and bro-in-law and that little guy you see to your right. Isn't he presh?!?!

I also get to see a few of my friends and see what progress Casey has made in the wedding plans.


It's late here in Greensboro and I'm majorly tired. Goodnight all!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just Call Me Napoleon

I'm starting to think that I might have had a Napolean complex when I was younger. I was definitely always smaller than everyone else. 4'11" in eight grade can always do the trick. Of course, I shot up maybe four inches when I got to high school, but that really didn't make much of a difference. Plus, that's neither here nor there.

I'm told stories all of the time that I liked to boss people around, which is weird because I was also a pretty shy kid. Maybe I was just shy when it came to certain people but again, I digress. I'm told that my Sunday School teachers used to call me Miss Katie because I liked to boss everyone around in the class and don't even get me started on when Lauren Brown and I were ever in the same class in kindergarten. We ruled the roost.

I always wanted to be the center of attention, making up plays with my sister and singing songs like "Louisana Saturday Night" for anyone and everyone while doing my little dance. I still get a little nervous feeling being in front of the crowd for the first time but I think it's more of an adrenaline rush than nerves.

Anyway, I was always the boss. In playtime at school, I made sure that everyone knew what their roles were in the imaginary games we played. I bossed the boys and they listened. Man, I was good. I was always the teacher, the captain, the train conductor, the song leader, the queen of the mountain.

When my mom taught at Siwell, I attended the elementary school across the street. Everyday, along with other teacher's kids, including my best friend LB (Lauren Brown, whom I still call Lauren Brown even though she's married and has a new last name), would be escorted across the street by our favorite Siwell custodian, Thomas Taylor.

Very often, when I would reach my mom's room there would be about 15 or 20 minutes of class time left. Usually, Lauren was with me or I was with Lauren in her mom's room, but we immediately assumed our jobs as nametakers and disciplinarians. That's right, imagine an eight-year-old telling a ninth-grader to "Sit down and be quiet or his name would go on the board". And don't make me threaten the evil check mark. Boy, oh boy! That's trouble. Yes, people, I put the fear of God into some 14-year-olds...or maybe I just made them chuckle a little.

Anyway, as time went on I found myself being a leader in everything, although I was much happier just being a follower and taking orders. Some Napolean I was. I was captain of the cheerleading squad in eighth grade and then eventually as a senior in high school. I was one of three eighth graders to do the announcements in middle school as part of my Student Council Secretarial duties. I was the teachers' pet but yet I could also often be the first one to start an argument with a teacher who thought she/he knew it all or could say what every she/he wanted to certain students.

And although many bigger kids (boys, mostly) liked to pick on me because I was little, I never wasted an opportunity to give it right back to them. Yes, I cried. But eventually, they paid. I never got into a fight because truthfully, I would have gotten my hiney kicked. I learned to use my words. Cold as ice as they say.

Maybe I was a Napolean, or maybe I was just a kid who new when to stand up for herself and would rather do the bossing around instead of be bossed around. However, I always had respect for others, especially the grown-ups, I was never mean-hearted (ok so maybe that one time in the caf when that boy was mean to me, but he deserved it) and had good intentions. I apologized when necessary and showed compassion every chance I got. I spoke (and still do speak) the truth in love and hopefully people respect me for that.

So call me Napoleon. Whether or not, he was a good or bad guy, or was overcompensating for his lack of height, whatever. He had a passion. I don't think that's such a bad thing.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

FYI...'s video is the epitome of sucky. I'm trying to get my Chuck fix while I work and it just keeps stopping and starting. It's like watching a bad DVD. I even tried and (Thanks Betsy!) and it does the same thing so I'm guessing these sites get their streams from Ugh! I've missed sweet Chuck for the past two Monday's and I'm going to miss it again next Monday. And I can't afford TiVo or DVR like all you money-makers out there. I might have to write a letter to NBC. Maybe. Or maybe not.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Suggestions anyone?

First things first...WATER IS BACK ON! WOOHOO! I now don't have to drive two miles down the road to take a shower or use the bathroom. Yay!

Second...this blog was on Blogger's blogs of note today. It's called One-Minute Writer. It's a fun little page that give you suggestions everyday on what to write. Today's is kind of blah - the weekend. Everyone pretty much does that already. However, it has suggested some pretty clever things. So if you ever get stuck for something to write about, like I sometimes do, especially during NaBloPoMo, go to OneMinuteWriter and pick up a suggestion.

Water Woes

Well, the deadline has come and gone for water service to be restored to our home on Woodvale Lane. My thoughts: This is crap!

They are supposedly coming "sometime today" to turn it back on, but someone has to be there to "supervise", I'm guessing. Well, Kel's in Miami and I HAVE to be at work today. We have basketball tonight and it's a short week for me because of the conference volleyball tournament.

Hopefully Josh won't mind spending his free time today (Dude has free time everyday. No school. No job. Just a boy on wheels) at our house waiting on the water guys to come. If not, I'll be prostrate on the cold ground tonight when I get home with my hands down a dark hole trying to turn a mystery knob.

I kept dreaming last night that they my water was turned back on and when I woke up this mornig, nothing. I had to go to work and shower and then I realized that I packed capris instead of pants so I had to go back home to get the right wardrobe. Usually a person wouldn't mind going into work at 11 a.m. but not after you've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

This too shall pass.

"Don't let anyone or anything steal your joy." -My daddy

Sunday, November 16, 2008

James Bond, Dorothy Gale, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce

Today a neighbor knocked on my door and gave me three free tickets to see the new James Bond movie. Score! It was good. Lots of action. Maybe too much action. But then again, it's James Bond we're talking about here. I still think Casino Royale is better. Oh, by the way, there's a new The Fast and the Furious movie coming out. It's the same title, just without the "the". All the original people are in it. It look like it may actually be good. Well, see about that.

I'm watching The Wizard of Oz for the third time this weekend. I love TBS.

Did anyone see Justin Timberlake on SNL last night? This kid is freakin' hilarious. They did a sketch spoofing Beyonce's new video of "Single Ladies". The story is that her male choreographer dressed up in drag and was one of the two girls dancing behind her in the video. So SNL spoofed it and had JT, Andy Sandberg (funny dude) and a new guy as the back-up dancers. The kicker was that they were just gay dudes (no drag) in leotards. Pretty freakin' hilarious. Go here to see the video of it.

Here's the actual music video. See if you can figure out which girl isn't.

The choreography actually looks like a few drill team dances I saw back in high school done by the likes of Jim Hill and Provine. I actually think there was a guy in my class that made up a similar dance for one of our Colonel's Classic numbers but it got vetoed.

Only eight more hours (hopefully) until I have running water again. Yay!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Circle The Wagons

Well, I'm officially livin' it up pioneer-style for the next 36 hours (at least) when it comes to water her on Woodvale Lane. The water was shut off due to a miscommunication between several people and it can't be fixed until Monday (A note to the water company: I know you enjoy your weekend and everything but when I can't shower and use the bathroom at my own house, your weekend is no longer an option.).

So after I left work today, I went and bought four gallon jugs of water so that I could at least potty and wash my face in my own home instead of driving to the nearest gas station or the two miles to my office.

I was lucky enough to have a friend/coworker that lives right down the street from me who let me use her bathroom this morning to get ready for work. Unfortunately, she's now in Tuscaloosa and won't be back until tomorrow night. So, I'll live with going to shower at work tomorrow morning and hopefully the water will be back on before I get up on Monday.

But for the time being, I'll be using the basin method and the pour-and-flush method until then.

I do have to stop and say that it has definitely made me appreciate the little things like running water. Believe it or not, it's a luxury. Thank God that we live in a country where we have access to things like that. Many countries around the world do not. And several places in our own country don't even have that luxury.

I did want to share a couple of pictures I took today while at football. The day began way too yucky with cold weather and dark clouds. Soon the rains came. They didn't last incredibly long and this was the result after it stopped...

A beautiful rainbow. This was only half of it though. It was huge. I love rainbows. They are just so beautiful and such a display of God's glory. There were so many colors in it too. It just reminds me of the promise God made to us after the Great Flood.

Later on the sun came out and it was just a neat color of yellow. I took a couple of pictures of it but I'm not sure how the color comes through on them. I wanted to share them anyway.

It was very neat. I hope everyone has had a great Saturday!

Dear November...

Dear November,

As much as it sucks sometimes, cloudy and cold is where you belong. Stick with it. Today is good. Remember that time, my sophomore year of college, when you brough rain every Thursday. Yeah, let's not repeat that. But as long as you know that 55 degrees should be your maximum, we're good. I have a lot of cute sweaters and coats in my closet that are screaming to be worn, but they won't get their moment in the spotlight if you don't deliver. Seventy degrees is not accomodating. Remember that.


Relishing in the cold weather which makes me get more in the holiday spirit.

Friday, November 14, 2008

What the...!!! Really?!?!

Have you ever had one of those days when things happened and you're just like, "What the...really?!?!" 

Today is one of those days for me.

The first part of the day went pretty well. I did a decent amount of work (ha) and helped out a friend at UAB who needed someone to fill in at a basketball game. Blah, blah, blah.

I left work at around 5:30, anticipating what a great night it was going to be to just sit on the couch, watch movies and just have Katie time. I like Katie time. And I don't get it very often these days. 

So I headed down to B-A-M (Books-A-Million) to buy my own copy of The Shack, but William Young. I've been reading my roommate's copy and I can't put it down. If you haven't read this book, go now, and buy it. You won't regret it. I wish I had the money to buy everyone that I know a copy of it because it's just that good. So good you want everyone else to read it. It's about a guy who goes through a pretty tough time and he gets an invitation to a shack in the middle of the woods and has a pretty neat encounter with God. That's all you get. You'll have to read to know the rest.

Anyway, so I left there to go grab something to eat. Good thing (this story comes later). I'd been craving a Lenny's Sub all day since I heard a guy talking about it earlier today. So I ran by the bank to get some money out of the ATM and then headed to Lenny's.

All is a go since the sign is blazing "OPEN" and the usual lady was inside. I walk in and she drops the bomb..."We're outta bread, hun."

"WHAT THE...?????" was my reply. "How are you out of bread? Isn't that like one of the major ingredients of a Lenny's Sub?"

She comes back with, "They made a lot of party trays today."

Me, "Well, next time, let's keep the party trays to a minimum. This party of one just wanted a sandwich."

How does a sandwich shop run out of bread? The same way KFC runs out of chicken I guess. (And yes, I've been to KFC on several occasions and they've been out of chicken. All they had left were chitlins and gizzards. Um, no thanks. I'll pass.

So, I'm steamed and I head to Sonic...because Sonic never disappoints. And nothing else can make me feel better than a cup of Sonic ice. Ok, well maybe cookie cake but I've got to take what I can get at this point.

So, I go by Blockbuster and grab three movies and head home to get started on Katie's night at home alone. Some people would hate that, but at this point, I'm surrounded by people enough all day, everyday, one night at home alone is HEAVEN for me. 

As I finished the first movie (Sex and the City. I've watched the TBS episodes and basically, Carrie Bradshaw can rattle of some gems of wisdom every now and then but I've never been much for the title. The movie was pretty good, once you fast-forward though the few yucky parts. I wouldn't buy it.), anyway, as I finished the first movie, I went to go wash my face and to my surprise, NO WATER. Nothing. I go to the kitchen, NOTHING again. 

Comes to find out, the roomie (whose house it is) has never gotten a water bill since we moved here in July. She paid to get it turned on and then has never gotten another statement. What the...?

Anyway, so I'm glad I have a cousin that lives in town, two co-workers who live within a quarter of a mile of my house and that I work at a place where there is unlimited access to showers. (I have experience with this. I had to shower and get ready at work for a week in July when we didn't have hot water.)

So instead of complaining that I don't have water at all, I'm going to be thankful that I at least have resources and roof over my head and the money to afford to have a roof over my head. 

Hey, maybe it will just keep raining and in the morning, I can go out back and shower in the natural resources like the Aborigines do. Ok maybe not. The 15-year-old neighbor boy might like that too much. 

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Coolness In Japan

My dad sent this to me via email and it was too cool not to share. Now, I'm entertained by the smallest of things, but this is really neat. I sat at my computer, just staring, with my mouth open followed by the occassional "Oh my wow!" or "Now that's just cool." I hope you find it cool too.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Randomness In My Head

I don't have anything to blog about today but yet I feel like I'm about to open the floodgate and write book.

I've decided that I'm going to work on a blog idea for sometime down the road. I won't tell you what it is because if I don't deliver, I don't want anyone to be mad. I'll just say it's probably going to be more of a cathartic and creative release for me than it will be entertaining for you. But if you enjoy it, that will make me smile.

I'm struggling with the fact that it's ONLY Wednesday, but yet it's ALREADY Wednesday. Once you think the merry-go-round is going to slow down and the ride is coming to a close, someone just puts another quarter in and it gets faster and faster. I can hear the kids in the back yelling, "Faster! Faster! We need another master!" I'm starting to feel a little woozy. "Slower. Slower. Or I'll end up on the floor." Geez.

Someone was talking about their 10-year high school reunion today. My sister just had hers. Ha. She's old. But I can't laugh. That just means in three years, it will be 10 years since I graduated. That started me thinking...what will my high school reunion be like? Will we even have one? Does anyone care? I remember in our senior prophesies that we did in the newspaper that Emma was the most likely to be planning our high school reunion in 10 years. I hope she remembers that. Funny that I remember that, and I don't remember my own. It was probably something like, "In 10 years, Katie will be making up the next great cheer," or "In 10 years, Katie will be sitting at the news desk next to Matt Lauer." Who knows. Neither of those happened. I'm going to have to find that paper and read what it really says.

Last night, I watched the recap of Dancing With The Stars. Warren Sapp is insanely good at ballroom dancing for a 300-pounder. Sure his feet are horrible but who cares when he gets you looking at his crazy face instead of his feet. And have I mentioned this before? Lance Bass is SO NOT gay. Have you seen the way he interacts with Lacey. There are just too many questionable actions by Mr. Bass. And I think Lacey has a secret crush on Lance. Lance and Lacey. The names just fit. I think he played the gay card to get some attention and to get on DWTS. Maybe the Russians brainwashed him into thinking he was same-sex oriented while he was training to be a cosmonaut. I declare shenanigans!

I'm going to actually have a free Friday night this weekend. I think it should be considered a national holiday. I haven't had many of these this year. Plus, actually get somewhat of a Saturday night and I get a whole Sunday afternoon to myself. I can't believe it. I just wish I had friends to visit (ahem, Bethany! Just kidding. I know you're crazy busy.) but I may just enjoy laying around Friday night and Sunday afternoon because I can and I won't get many more of those this year.

I think I may be going to New York this summer for a mission trip with my parents' church, First Baptist Church of Jackson. The choir is taking a trip up there to do a few concerts and then mostly missions. My mom presented the idea to me, I was pumped and she said she'd see if the music minister would be game for me going. So far, he's said that he would love for me to go and I'm pumped. It's been a dream of mine to go back to New York since I went twice in high school and it's been a more recent dream to go and do missions. I'm pretty excited about the kind we will be doing to. We will be working with the Bowery Mission and Teen Challenge.

Well, it's 5:22, I've done all my work, and I'm hungry. I'm headed home to eat and watch some more 24 with Kelly, Raymond and Josh. Woohoo! Jack Bauer, here I come!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TITF #6: 24 and Online TV

Today I'm thankful for the greatest show on Earth: 24. I can't believe the new season premiere in two weeks and I'm going to be on a bus on the way back from Greensboro, N.C. (At least I hope that's the case because that would mean we are on our way back to Birmingham with a conference championship under our belt.)

Anyway, this show gives me a thrill that nothing else does. I'm not really sure what thrill that is, but, nevertheless, there is a thrill.

Last night, after basketball, instead of going to eat with work friends, I headed home where Kelly and Raymond awaited to watch the first three episodes of last season. I really forgot how much I love this show and how much of a man Jack Bauer is. If he were a "real man", I think we'd have no problems if he were to get into the White House. Life would be good.

Also another thing I'm thankful for is full episodes of TV shows online. and have become my friends since I got this job that requires so much time. I miss many episodes of my favorite TV shows (Chuck, Grey's Anatomy, 24, The Hills, Heroes, Private Practice, The Office, LOST) that I've got to catch up somehow. Last year, I watched the first two seasons of LOST online in my office as I did work so I wouldn't be "LOST" when I started watching the third season.

Hats off to whoever thought of this sweet little invention. You deserve the paycheck you get.

Monday, November 10, 2008

TITF #5 and Tag

Today I'm thankful for GOOGLE and
These two things kept my mind fresh and my intellegence update. I'm a researcher. Not of important things. Of trivial things. There are a lot of things that I think about every day or things that are brought up around me that I'm not quite sure about. So, I google them. I read about them. And then I'm knowledgable.
Today, I got an email from a friend in which someone had used Google to do a little "Where are they now?" research. It was for the cast members of one of the greatest movies ever, The Sandlot. Go here to read about it. It's interesting to see where these people ended up post-Sandlot.
Also, I like words. Obviously. I even like to make up my own sometimes. However, I hate when words are used without knowledge of what they mean. And I'm a spelling Natzi. So has become my friend because if I ever find myself stumped about how to spell something or what a word means, I just "" it.
Finally, LT tagged everyone for a fun little photo tag game. This should be intersting since I have tons of photos on my computer, and there's no telling where they are from.
1. Choose the 4th picture folder on my computer
2. Choose the 4th picture
3. Explain the picture
4. Tag 4 people to do the same.

I think this is my feeble attempt to take pictures at football practice one day with a crappy camera.

I tag, Casey, Molly, Mandi and Rossie.

Happy Birthday Lee!

Today was my coworker and friend, Lee's birthday. She chose to go to one of our favorite lunch spots, Sol Azteca. Lee hates to be the center of attention and hates to be sung to on her birthday. However, Grant and Vaughan decided that she needed a little serenade today. Good thing I stuff my camera in my purse before leaving the office. I got the whole thing on video.

Here's to you Lee. Thanks for being born! Ha!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


So, the past couple of days I've become very thankful for my job. I mean this year, I've gotten to travel around the Southeast with my volleyball team, and mostly recently, the eastern seaboard, like South Carolina and North Carolina.

This weekend, I'm in North Carolina. The Appalachian Mountains to be more precise. Yesterday we were in Cullowhee, N.C., playing Western Carolina and today we are at Appalachian State. Both of which are on top of mountains. It's pretty awesome.

This is probably the best time to come up here. The leaves are a millions different colors. It's a different temperature every 10 miles. The farther up you go, the colder it gets, and it's awesome. The App State coach just told us it snowed here two weeks ago. It's getting really cold and cloudy and it might possibly snow again. I just hope it's not while we are winding ourselves in a big bus down the side of a mountain on a two-lane road. That would be a smidge creepy.

Anyway, I just think it's so fun that I've gotten to really enjoy God's creation and really be thankful for His artistry, something only He can pull off. I've also gotten to build some new relationship and strengthen some others. It's been cool.

So basically today, I'm thankful for my job and the opportunities that come with it, the friends that I've made and the opportunities that come with that. I'll leave you with some cool pictures.

Oh, and I'm also thankful for Panera. And Brite Crawlers (you know, those sour gummy worms). Yum!

The Road To Success Starts With Juggling

Samford MVP senior outside hitter Ashley Adams and head coach Dex Schroeder show the world how to be a 25-3 team in the Southern Conference. It all starts with the juggling skills.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Nostalgia Rears It's Ugly Head Again and I'm Burnt Out

That's right. I'm completely burnt out. I never really thought I would get to this point so early in my life. (And I've learned, when you've worked 16 weekends in a row, all day every day, it's okay to go into work a 10 a.m. or later sometimes, especially when you've been at work until almost midnight the day before. Today, I went in at 11:45 a.m. and left to go on a volleyball trip at 1:45. It was the easiest day yet.) I've been going non-stop since August and really haven't had time to stop and think.

Yesterday, it happened. As I actually had a moment to myself in my office. I started to think. This is never a good thing for Katie, having lots of time to think. My mind starts racing, jumping from one scenario to another, one memory to the next. It's never good and usually ends in me crying my eyes out. Soon after, I'm usually quite vulnerable for the rest of the day and just about anything can send me into tears again.

I started thinking about my family, how I haven't seen them in about four months, which is entirely too long for this homebody.

I thought about my best friends, how each of them are in a different city and I barely have enough time to see each one when I'm remotely close to where they are or how I never have a free weekend to just drive to see them. And how I don't really have "best friends" here in Birmingham. My best friends are just too good to replace.

And then, I thought about me. How I'm single. Still. And how just about everyone around me is either getting married or having babies. Most who are younger than I am. And I'm only 25.

I thought about "the exes". The jerks and bad times. The "one that got away". And the "the one that almost was." And the one who would be perfect is he would just change this or that.

(This is quickly turning into one of those "Sex and the City" type posts, without the sex.)

Anyway, I had a little pity party for myself ,right there in my office. Then again as I talked to Bethany about it and I think at that point we just wish there was some teleporter that could take us the 400ish miles to each other in 1.2 seconds. Then once more with a co-worker, then once more on the phone with my mom later on in the day.

So when I get into this funk, as I was yesterday, I start trying to figure out what it is about me that is inadequate, or that just doesn't draw people to me like I want them to. Then today, I thought about something I wrote almost a year ago in the midst of reading the book, Captivating. I think it's time to share it again, because if there's anything I've learned from this blogging thing, it is this: We are all the same. We all go through similar trials and sometimes hearing (or reading) that someone is going through the same thing you are, gives you just enough of a boost to keep going.

"I'm reading this book called, Captivating. It's amazing! I'm not that far into it but even so, I've run into some things that are just clicking with me at the moment. The other day when I was reading, the author was talking about the beauty we have to unveil. It talked about how so many women just want to feel lovely and beautiful and wanted. Most little girls, to some extent, love to play dress-up. We play in our mothers' clothes and shoes and make-up because we want to be beautiful just like our mothers. And then when we are grown up and have a special occasion that we have to get dressed up for, we go all out. Most of us plan these things in advance. And then we all tell each other how "beautiful" and "lovely" we look.

"However, at some point in time, the desire becomes, not just for an outward beauty, but more for a desire to 'be captivating in the depths of who you are.'

"We all love the fairy tales and story of princesses and maids who are so beautiful but even more captivating on the inside. Here's an excerpt that touched me:

'…Cinderella is beautiful, yes, but she is also good. Her outward beauty would be hollow were it not for the beauty of her heart. That's why we love her. In The Sound of Music, the Countess has Maria beat in the looks department, and they both know it. But Maria has a rare and beautiful depth of spirit. She has the capacity to love snowflakes and kittens and mean-spirited children. She sees the handiwork of God in music and laughter and climbing trees. Her soul is Alive. And we are drawn to her. Ruth may have been a lovely, strong woman, but it is to her unrelenting courage and vulnerability and faith in God that Boaz is drawn. Esther is the most beautiful woman in the land, but it is her bravery and her cunning, good hear that moves the king to spare her people…For, don't you recognize that a woman yearns to be seen, and to be thought of as captivating? We desire to possess a beauty that is worth pursuing, worth fighting for, a beauty that is core to who we truly are. We want beauty that can be seen; beauty that can be felt; beauty that affects others; a beauty all our own to unveil.'

"For so long I had been 'attached' that I forgot how it felt to be single. I really forgot how to act and I forgot how much I could do despite the fact that I was single. From the time that I was a sophomore in high school until I was a senior in college, I was 'attached'. Then I got the shaft. No, just kidding. Things just didn't pan out like I thought they would. After being with someone for three years, and a little bit more, I thought I'd met the man of my dreams and was ready to pick out a wedding dress. Then what to my surprise but the other person in the relationship just wasn't seeing things from my view. And I tried my hardest to make him see. It just didn't work...
"But what I've realized is being single is not so bad. I don't want to make myself into what I think a guy wants. What I've had to realize is that God's got someone out there who wants me for who I am. That guy is going to see that I'm a strong, independent Christian girl who has a passion for God and the things of God. I have a passion for missions. I would love to just pick up and go to South Africa or Honduras or New York City or somewhere like that to share the love of Christ with people who don't know him and declare his glory throughout the nations. There is guy out there who understands that and won't just look at me crazy because he's never had the desire to go out of the United States. There's a guy out there who will quote scripture to me when I'm down or frustrated and pray with me at the drop of a hat – even before a meal. There's a guy who wants to just stay in, just because he wants to spend time with me and then turns around and wants to spend an elaborate night out, not because I deserve it but because he thinks I do.

"There's a guy that will – like my dad says – take care of me because I'm the child of a King…and him. He'll treat me like he knows I should be treated, and even if he feels inadequate, he'll step up and be the man he thinks he should be because that's who he is.

"So I'm going to stop wishing for what I don't have and start praying for what God wants to give me, because God will give it to me when he thinks I'm ready – whether I'm 24 or 74.

"God is bigger than me and anything that I could ever worry about. Praise God for that! I don't know what I would do if I had to worry about the minor details in life, much less the major ones.
So, here I go. Out into the world, to act like the princess I am. The strong Ruth and courageous Esther and the fun-loving Maria and the gentle and hard-working, Cinderella. Not because I think I am, but because that's what I am in God's eyes."

So, I think every girl deserves a pity party every once in a while, but after the alloted 15 minutes is up, she must return to what it all comes down to -- God's will. Being a Christ-follower and a discple-maker. She must be completely satisfied whole in HIM before she can be completely satisfied and whole in anyone else. Having Martha's servant heart and Mary's utmost admiration for her Savior. And realizing that she is a princess. She's the child of THE KING. That's a job that I will never get burnt out on.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Random Musings and Interesting Facts

I just had to turn off SportsCenter because it got political. Instead of talking about SPORTS (which should be its job since that's part of its title, right?), they are talking about Obama becoming the new president. Come on people! I can flip over two channels and find that on CNN or MSNBC. When I'm watching SportsCenter, I want to hear about SPORTS!

Don't get me wrong, I see the massiveness of the election of Barack Obama. And although, I don't agree with many things that he stands for, I'm going to be a true American and give him the respect he deserves. He's the President for crying out loud. He's worked hard to get to this point and he deserves our respect. I don't know what the future holds for his administration and term but GOD does, and I trust GOD.

Before I completely get off the political subject, though, I'd like to share a tidbit of info with you all, just in case you didn't know. Obama raised $2.1 billion for his campaign. McCain raised maybe about half of that. $2.1 billion!! That is more than Bush and Kerry raised together in 2004. Do you know how many millions of people around the world could be fed and how many curable diseases could be treated with that much money. Millions of people in poor countries could be eat off of that amount of money for at least five years. Maybe more.

Is there not some way we can figure out how to campaign for president without having to waste all of this money that we could be helping so many people with?

On a completely different subject, there's this guy in Wisconsin who built a Lamborghini in his basement from a kit. It took 17 years to built it. However, he never once gave thought to how he was going to get it out once it was finished. I mean most basement are underground and don't have doors big enough to fit cars through. The guy had to call someone to dig a ramp and hire an excavator to gouge out a slope in his garden to dig down to the foundations of the house to get the car out. Not once, in th article does he comment on his stupidity. He's too excited about having this 20-year-old car to drive around now.

Congratulations Mr. If-I-Can't-Afford-The-Car-I'll-Build-It-Myself," you win the stupidity award for the month of November.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


This is my 200th post. Yeah, I know. A big deal, huh? Not really? Ok.

I've been thinking for like two days of what I could do to commemorate this occassion. List my 200 favorite things? 200 things I'm thankful for? 200 things I want to do before I die? 200 things you may or may not know about me?

I decided to forego the list of 200. Frankly, I've done it before, except just 100 and it took about three days to complete that list. I just don't think I have the stamina for that right now.

I could talk about the 200 times people asked me about the election today, the 199 times I refused to comment and the one time I gave my "God's got it under control" sermon.

I even did a little research on things that happened 200 years ago in history. Apparently, November 5, 1808 was a pretty uneventful day.

So I really don't know what to say. Maybe thanks to the eight people who actually read this blog, the four who sometimes comment, and the many, many people and things in this world who give me inspiration to write. Lately, it's been God. Thanks to God who gifted me with the intellegence to be able to write a complete sentence and used this crazy machine called a computer.

I hope I'm inspired to write 200 more great and interesting posts, or at least, hopefully half of them will be great and interesting.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

TITF #3/Election Day

I'm thankful that I live in a country where I am free to have a say in what goes on and who leads our country. There aren't many other countries who have that right. I'm proud to be an American. (Insert Lee Greenwood singing in the background here and see Tricia's post for today for suggestions on how to make voting for fun.)

There's not one candidate in this election that I completely agree with. Truthfully, there is really one candidate that everyone agrees with. This year, I'm voting for the lesser of two evils basically. I even considered my dad as a write in, but I figured Randi would probably tear up the White House in a New York minute.

However, one thing I will reiterate, something I've said before, is that I'm not worried about who wins the election tonight. The sixth chapter of Matthew tells us, "Do not worry about tomorrowm, for tomorrow will worry about itself." James 4:13-16 also talks about boasting about what will happen tomorrow. Maybe all of these folks who are planning big celebrations for these candidates should really a little James. Finally, Jeremiah tells us that the only LORD knows what will happen and only HE has the final say: "I have it all planned out -- plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for." (MSG)

This should make us feel even more free than we do as Americans. Although, we all have things we worry about everyday, and we know that ultimately, we shouldn't even be worrying about those things, we can know fully that GOD has things under his thumb and that he's going to take care of us no matter what. He has "plans to take care of you, not abandon you." That's awesome, don't you think.

No matter who gets elected today, we should pray that only GOD gets the glory from what happens. He's risen up amazing and faithful leaders and He's risen up horrifying leaders, but the truth of it is, that He's gotten the glory from it all because He's lead His people through whatever has come their way.

We all know that we are not perfect. "There is no one righteous, not even one." So, we should remember that although our president should be held at a higher standard, we, as followers of Christ, and even just people of this nation, should hold ourselves at a higher standard because of the rights and privileges that we are privy to. No matter who the next President of the United States is, we should remember that he is a human, just like we are. He is not perfect, he will make mistakes and he will probably do some things that not everyone likes. What we should hope for, and pray for, is a president who will consider the people that he leads, what is ultimately and eternally right, and remember who his HEAD is (Now I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God. 1 Corinthians 11:3) and make decisions accordingly, and approach the throne of grace confidently in every decision he makes, be it personally, nationally or worldwide.

Anyway, whoever you vote for, just MAKE SURE YOU VOTE. As I alway say, you can't complain unless you voted. (I told my boss that today. He's not even registered to vote. He loses.) You've been given this right for a reason, and many people have lost their lives to protect that right, there is no reason you should waste it.

As I wrap up, I will leave you with a couple of Election Day tidbits I got in my inbox today. You may even be able to tell who I voted for. Or who I didn't vote for.

'Twas The Night Before Elections
'Twas the night before elections
And all through the town
Tempers were flaring
Emotions all up and down!
I, in my bathrobe
With a cat in my lap
Had cut off the TV
Tired of political crap.
When all of a sudden
There arose such a noise
I peered out of my window
Saw Obama and his boys
They had come for my wallet
They wanted my pay
To give to the others
Who had not worked a day!
He snatched up my money
And quick as a wink
Jumped back on his bandwagon
As I gagged from the stink
He then rallied his henchmen
Who were pulling his cart
I could tell they were out
To tear my country apart!
"On Fannie, on Freddie,
On Biden and Ayers!
On Acorn, On Pelosi"
He screamed at the pairs!
They took off for his cause
And as he flew out of sight
I heard him laugh at the nation
Who wouldn't stand up and fight!
So I leave you to think
On this one final note-

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Things I'm Thankful For #1

I've got to start with the spiritual stuff because it's fresh on my mind. I'm so thankful that I've found a church here in The 'Ham where I can worship my Lord and be fed weekly, and sometimes daily. I don't know if it's the fact that I'm growing up or if God is just really opening my heart and eyes to what he is doing or both, but lately I've really just started being broken down by the Holy Spirit.

Today, our church services were led by the youth at our church. Well over 100 sixth through twelfth graders were involved. They did a music type thing which told the creation story and the fall of man and then told about the graciousness of God to send his Son to die for our sins so that we could live in eternity. It was put together by various people in our church with music played and sung by the youth, sets built and painted by the youth and some fantastic choreography made up by the youth. However, the most mind-blowing thing was when student after student would come on stage and quote scripture after scripture.

Now, I was a Bible Driller. I can say the books of the Bible in 30 seconds or less and if I really think about it I could probably do it backwards. I memorized verse after verse and passage after passage but you know what? I probably could only pull about half of what I memorized out of my head right now. Maybe not even half.

These kids didn't just memorize verses of scripture. They have hidden ENTIRE chapters in their hearts. There was one girl who came to the middle of the stage and quoted Romans 8. The entire chapter. And she didn't just say it from memorization. It was like she was just speaking the words, like she had written them herself. It was like she was in a courtroom giving her closing remarks. The passion in her voice and on her face was unlike anything I've ever seen before.

I was completely broken down in amazement of these students and in awe of God's work in them. I mean, here are these kids who are on average about 10-12 years younger than me, who definitely have more on their plate than I do when it comes to memorizing things. They, as a group, committed over 150 verses of God's word to memory. Boy, do I have some work to do if I want to memorize James. That's only 108 verses. There were 12-year-olds quoting chapters of Genesis and Isaiah and Psalms. God is awesome, isn't he?

I just had to stop and praise God for raising up a generation that is ready to stand up and take their place in this world. The fire in these kids heart for God and for the nations makes me excited and ashamed of myself all at the same time.

Just as my pastor said tonight, I am a citizen of two places. I'm a citizen of the United States but I'm also a citizen of Heaven. The latter should have an extreme and radical effect on my citizenship here on Earth. If I'm not living for Him, what am I living for? Because everything around me is going to pass away someday and if I haven't been living for Christ and doing his will and making disciples and living radically for the cause of Christ, I've wasted some serious time.

I love it when God just stops you in your tracks every now and then and just says, "Slow down. I've got this covered. Just do what I say. And watch. Trust me. This is going to be cool."

John 14:12 says, "I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father."

Um, did I just read that correctly or did Jesus just say we will do greater things that He's already done? Jesus, are you sure about that?

Yeah, I'm pretty sure He's sure about that. That's a little daunting for some, but just reading that makes me excited. He's going to use me and you and all other who have faith in Him and believe He is the Son of God and can do whatever He wants to do, to do greater things than He ever did while He was here on Earth. That's awesome!

For the past several weeks, God has really been breaking me down and challenging me to really look in my heart and figure out what I'm doing with my life. Am I supposed to go overseas for 11 months out of the year to share the Gospel with those who've never here? I don't know. Do I quit my job and completely shift gears in my career path so that I can more effectively serve him? I don't know. What do I do? I don't know. But that's what I'm hashing out with God right now. How do I more effectively serve him and those around me and make disciples at Samford, in Birmingham and in all nations?

I'm excited to see what God is revealing to me everyday. Please pray for me that my eyes, ears and most importantly my heart and my mind will be open to what God is telling me to do.

We sang a song tonight that I have recently fallen in love with. It's be Hillsong, and if you don't know their music, get to know their music. It's good stuff.

It's called Hosanna. This is a Hebrew term that means "please save or save now." It was used when Jesus entered Jerusalem. "Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. In Christianity, it is a cry for salvation while at the same time being a declaration of praise. It's so fitting because everyday we have to consciously surrender to his will and recognize that we can only be saved by Him. I want to leave you with the words of this song.

I see the king of glory
Coming on the clouds with fire
The whole earth shakes
The whole earth shakes

I see his love and mercy
Washing over all our sin
The people sing
The people sing

Hosanna in the highest
Hosanna in the highest

I see a generation
Rising up to take their place
With selfless faith
With selfless faith

I see a near revival
Stirring as we pray and seek
We're on our knees
We're on our knees

Hosanna in the highest
Hosanna in the highest

Heal my heart and make it clean
Open up my eyes to the things unseen
Show me how to love like you have loved me

Break my heart from what breaks yours
Everything I am for your kingdoms cause
As I go from nothing to

Hosanna in the highest
Hosanna in the highest

Saturday, November 1, 2008

NaBloPoMo...Watch out. It's contagious.

No, it's not a disease. It's a challenge that I am giving eveyone whom I know that has a blog.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is the blog everyday (including weekends) for the whole month of November. Why? Because it's National Blog Posting Month.

I've chosen to accept it and I'm a little afraid. I'm afraid that I won't have enough things to blog about, but I think what I might do, since it's November and Thanksgiving month and all, I might blog every day about something that I'm thankful for, be it genuine or trivial. All bloggers who choose to copy my idea, will be prosecuted. Just kidding. I'd love to know what everyone is thankful for.

Anyway, I hope you will join me. Go here, for some inspiriation. It's the Nablopomo website.

A little bonus for today. Last night, I wore cowboy boots. I don't do this. Ever. I'm the Mississippi girl who hates that Mississippi is related to anything country by the rest of the world. I have, seriously, when I've visit other states that aren't in the South, had people look at me in amazement that I have shoes on. Yes. It's true. And they are also impressed that I can complete an intellegent statement. Stereotype, much? Anyway, I'm not much of a country music fan and I've never jumped on the cowboy boots with a dress bandwagon. But I have to say, last night (as I dressed up as a cowgirl with a coworkers boots on), I kind of enjoyed the boots. They were actually cute. And...(cringe) I might have to get me a pair. My sister said she wants some too. I think we just found our next shopping trip item.

For proof...

The annual Halloween roomie picture. I got my haircut. It's cute. My hairdresser kicks booty.