Thursday, September 30, 2010

You Can Thank Me Later

I've watched the following video approximately 184 times in the past 8 hours. And my joy increases each time. Yours will too. I hope. You can thank me later.

I don't know who I love more. Jimmy, Justin or The Roots.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Jesus Wants The Rose

I just read Ephesians 1 which led me to remember how great Romans 8 is which led me to read Romans 5 praise God for the powerful truth in these words. It makes me really want to challenge myself to memorize the whole freaking book of Romans. That's some good stuff to pull out when you've got nothing to say.

So speaking of Romans 5, I wanted to share this video of Matt Chandler. Powerful.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I would like to urge anyone who is trying to get rid of the arts in schools to please take a look at this video. Being the daughter of a music teacher, I've seen how classes like art and music can transform a student's life. This guy has a serious gift for not only teaching music but teaching a love and passion for it. These kids never cease to amaze me. And it's a new group every year.

Went To A Wedding And A Broadway Show Broke Out

Seeing how "musical-y" my mom, my sister and I are and see how much my dad loves to embarass his daughters with musical comedy routines like he did at my sister's rehearsal dinner, I can totally see this happening at my reception (especially since Fiddler On The Roof is my dad's go-to reference show). Only my dad would be singing "If I Were A Rich Man" instead of "To Life."

This is Tony Award-winning writer Lin-Manuel Miranda's wedding, most famous for In The Heights.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Linky-Video Madness

Y'all, the bloggy neglect is out of control. You don't have to tell me. This I know.

With the athletic season cranking up, I haven't had the extra time that I usually do to spend blogging away about the nonsense around me. Plus, those episodes of Friday Night Lights and Rachael Zoe Project on my DVR aren't going to watch themselves.

Anyway, to break the silence on the blog today, I thought I'd share some webby nuggets I've either found or been introduced to this week. So here goes...

1. This video by our Director of Multimedia Services here at Samford Athletics makes me proud to work with such talented people. And it gets me excited for next Thursday night.

2. Another incredible post by Don Miller. I love how he focuses in on character on everything he does. Becauser really, that's what we are. And the post is so fitting for me right now as I try to figure out what the next step is for me in life. It's so true that knowing where you are going keeps you out of trouble.

3. Also another fantastic post by Mr. Acuff. So good and again, so fitting for me right now. Sometimes I think what I want to do is impossible. Or even living life the way God wants me to is impossible. And I wonder why God makes it so hard. But His Word says that when we are at our weakest point, that is when God loves to show off. Read it. You won't be sorry.

4. Allow me to introduce you to Catalog Living, if you don't already know what it is. Brilliant.

5. And last but most certainly not least, I hope everyone is as pumped for tonight's MSU vs. Auburn game as I am. I'll be watching with a few State fans and a few Auburn fans and well, y'all pray that I'll display a Christian attitude toward the opposition.