Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Song Of The Day

This is a great song that was introduced to me today by a friend. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Here are the lyrics, just in case you were wondering.

Madly In Love With You by Sean McConnell

See you down there everyday
Trying to find a different way
To build some kind of latter to the sky

Trying to find some way to see
Secrets of eternity, and they don’t come all at once
And you don’t know why

Well how do you think it feels to hear you screaming out my name
While all the while I’m trying to open up your heart
See you when you cry yourself to sleep
It’s tearing me apart

I know you wish you could see me
That’s the way it has to be
Someday you’ll understand,
don’t you lose your faith in me

I know you wish you could hear me
Sometimes it’s so hard to do
But every morning sunrise it says
I’m madly in love with you
Yes I’m madly in love with you
Yes I’m madly in love with you
Yes I’m madly in love with you

I know that you’re waiting for,
A chance to come in from the war
If only a moment, if only a day

A place where you feel safe and warm
A sanctuary from the storm
Until all of these questions fade away

But I cannot count on all the signs
You’ve passed away as mere coincidence
And im running out of ways to break through
Like a lonely lover, Waiting by the ocean
I'll never give up on you

I know you wish you could see me
That’s the way it has to be
Someday you’ll understand,
Don’t you lose your faith in me

I know you wish you could hear me
Sometimes it’s so hard to do
But every morning sunrise it says
I’m madly in love with you
Yes I’m madly in love with you
Yes I’m madly in love with you
Yes I’m madly in love with you

Katie's Headlines of the Day (with a few comments)

The things of this world get more and more ridiculous as the days go by. Here is my take on some of the recent headlines of the day along with a few of my own as well as some comments.

1. An email surfaced in which one employee at Standard & Poor's (which in own by McGraw-Hill) said about the U.S.'s economic crisis, "Let's hope we are all wealthy and retired by the time this house of cards falters. ;0).)

Excuse me? Really? This goes to show that emails, although deleted, never really go away. They can be dug up in a nanosecond. One blogger (Zac Bissonnette at Blogging Stocks) suggested, "if you're being shady or doing something unethical, make a phone call, talk with the person in a dark alley, or send them a letter that they can promptly discard. Don't send an email!" I concur, however, those tactics have been used before and people have undoubtly been caught red-handed anyway. My suggestion? Keep you comments to yourself, Wallstreet pigs. These guys have no heart whatsoever.

2. Florida Democratic Congressman Alcee Hastings had this to say about Sarah Palin last week: "If Sarah Palin isn't enough of a reason for you to get over whatever your problem is with Barack Obama, then you damn well had better pay attention. Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don't care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks. So, you just think this through."

I don't think this guy has a connection between his mouth and his brain. If he did, his brain would have shut him up before he spoke. What the crap does stripping moose and toting a gun have to do with hating Jews and black people? This statement isn't even coherent or intellegent (which is proven by the way he says, "don't care too much") and is evidence of a person who talks for the sake of hearing himself talk. Read more of the story here. The best part of this article is that when asked about Hastings' remarks, Palin spokeswoman Maria Comella said, "We're taking a pass." I love it. I can just see how she says it, prefaced with a "Mmm" and said with a scrunched nose. Classic.

But the story doesn't stop here. The guy now wants to apologize. Too late, Bud. He says, "I regret the comments I made last Tuesday that were not smart and certainly not relevant to hunters or sportsmen." Um, you left out women, Jews and Blacks. At least he knows that he sounds like an idiot, but I really wonder if he realized this on his own or if someone had to point this out to him and draw a diagram for him to get the point.

3. Britney Spears may be the centerpiece of another sex scandal that clutters up the media which should report on more important things.

Spears' sleeze of a paparazzo ex-boyfriend (Note to self: Never date a paparazzo. It never turns out well and intentions may not always be good.) has not only admitted that he owns a two-hour sex tape featuring Brit Brit, but he plans to sell it as soon as an acceptable offer comes along. (Another note to self: Never get on the bad side of a paparazzo. They have unlimited resources for some reason.)

Can I offer a little advice to you celebrities or even you small people out there? How about just steering clear from having intimate relations with people who take pictures and videos for a living? That might be a good idea, eh? (I'm somehow turned Canadian in this last sentence. Maybe three days on a bus with our Canadian volleyball coach has had more of an effect on my than I anticipated.) I'm thinking that if you're Britney Spears, or someone with the same proneness to fame, you ban all recording devices and flash photography from the bedroom, or wherever you tend to have "relations" (said in my best Mama Klump voice).

4. Is it just me or did Lance Bass act more like a homosexual (PC term right?) when he was a member of Nsync than he is now on Dancing With The Stars? Don't get me wrong. I was an Nysnc fan. Not one of the obsessive, I'm-going-to-cry-and-pass-out-if-one-of-them-touches-me fans. But I was a fan. However, you can't ignore the obvious. Was Lance's "coming out" a PR stunt? Did he play the gay card just to get casted on DWTS? We'll never know. But have you seen him interact with Lacey, his partner. Lacey is a hot number. And Lance seems to like holding her close. Is he missing the ladies? I declare shannigans!

Until next time...

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Peace That Passes All Understanding

Today was a pretty sucky day. I woke up for work with the same headache that I had since about 10 a.m. yesterday but it had morphed into a migraine overnight. I woke up tried to start getting ready for work but it turns out I, personally, need two good eyes to do some things and sharp pains in the side of my head prevented me from doing much this morning, namely seeing out of my right eye. I took some medicine, called in sick to work, and went back to sleep.

About an hour later, I moved to the couch because our neighbors had decided they wanted their roof redone after seeing what a great job our "hombres" did on our roof. Let me tell you, it's not easy to sleep when guys are on top of your roofing banging on things, and it's still not easy when its going on next door.

I slept until about 1 p.m., woke up and decided that maybe if I tried to eat, I would feel a little better. I now had sight back in my right eye and the migraine had been down-graded to a major headache. (I think I'm going to start my own headache scale, you know, like the hurrican scale.) Anyway, by the time I started eating, Kel had come home from work and informed me that one of our friend's brother had chosen to take his life on Thursday night and that the funeral was in Pelham at 4 p.m.

Suddenly I didn't care about my headache anymore, I just knew that I had to get to that funeral. This was one of the first friends I made when I moved to Birmingham and she did so much to include me and invite me to do things and introduce me to people, when she really didn't have to. My heart hurt for her. Her brother was only 31 and left behind a wife and a seven-month-old son. But the hope in this situation is that we know that he is face-t0-face with our Lord now.

Some may ask, "Is it possible for a person, namely a follower of Christ, to still go to heaven even when they take their own life?"

My answer is a resounding "yes". I didn't know this young man personally but I heard enough stories today to know that he loved the Lord with all his heart, took his calling to be a disciple-maker seriously, surrounded himself with the best of people, and was a great father, husband, son, brother and friend.

The one point that was reiterated at that funeral today was that God's grace is big enough to cover anything. This young man sinned against his God, his family and his friends. He took his own life when when it wasn't his decision to make, but the great thing is that his sin was not bigger than God or his merciful grace. He was covered by God's grace the day that he became a Christian, walked with the Lord everyday of his life, and in a time of spiritual crisis, he took things into his own hands. However, God is a God of second chances. He's a compassionate and forgiving and I don't think one person in that room today had a doubt about where this young man was today or what he was doing.

There were a lot of emotions running through my head and heart today. (Warning: I'm about to spill my guts here.) I felt complete heartbreak from my friend and her family but at the same time, I kept thanking God that he gave second chances. In the past year, I was affected by a similar situation but with a much better outcome. Since then, I've looked at life and God from a different perspective. Like I said, God is a God of second chances but I've also realized my God as protecter of his children, renewer of all things, and a God whose peace passes all understanding. In this certain instance, I was surprised at how peaceful I was considering that my world had pretty much come to a screeching hault. But with every thought and every prayer, I found myself handing it all over to my Lord. I trusted in his faithfulness and everything seemed to take care of itself.

Please be in prayer for my family as they work through their grief and head down the long road of healing, weaving through confusion, resentment and forgiveness. Also be in prayer for those people around the world who struggle with the same inadequecies, both those of faith and those not of faith. Pray that they will realize that there is a God out there who catches us when we fall and holds us close and carries us home. And then we can proclaim like the great hymn says, "No pow'r of hell, no scheme of man, can ever plunk me from his hand; 'Til he returns or calls me home, here in the pow'r of Christ I'll stand."

"Praise the Lord; praise God our savior! For each day he carries us in his arms. Our God is a God who saves! The Sovereign Lord rescues us from death." Psalm 68:1-2

On a lighter note...

Chuck's back! I've been looking forward to this day for like the last four months, since I saw the first commercial advertising the season premiere. Chuck is just as cute and funny as ever. And Morgan got a haircut and must have gone on a diet. I feel bad for Chuck because the dude cannot feasibly have a real life. He and Sara cannot have a real relationship with the CIA butting in. Sometimes I wish all his flashes would go away but then there would be no Chuck to enjoy on Monday nights. Oh, well.

Oh, and I'm so glad Heroes is back too, but Hayden Panettiere does not make a good villain. Stop making it try to happen. It's not going to end pretty.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Travelin' Man...ahem...Woman

So we are on our last leg of the volleyball trip from hell. Seven hours up to Davidson, N.C., four plus down to Stateboro, Ga., and then six more home to Birmingham, Ala. And we've spent even more hours on the bus inbetween.

I think I've calculated that we've spent more hours on the bus than sleeping and definitely more hours on the bus than off while awake.

I think the trip is starting to get to me as I woke up this morning with a migraine, having about 25% sight out of my right eye. I didn't help that I didn't realize that I hadn't put my contacts in until I got on the bus. I talked the bus driver into letting me stay on the bus and take a nap while the girls went in to practice and warm-up. I feel much better now after emptying my bottle of Excedrin Migraine. Ok, I only took two. Anyway, I'm good to go and ready for our last match of the weekend. Our girls have rocked so far. They are 12-2 and I'm so proud of them. They are so much fun to watch.

I left my book at home so I've had much time to think on the bus, since I can only listen to so much of my iPod over and over and over during study hall times before we pop a movie in. So far we've watched I Am Legend, Transformers (again), about 30 minutes of People Under The Stairs (Gadberry's pic) and most of An American Haunting (also Gadberry's pick).

You learn a lot on these trips, even some things you may not have wanted to know. Here are a few things I've learned:

- Rachel Gadberry has the weirdest taste in movies.

- Davidson basketball should have a better arena for all the success they've had over the years. Most people think that they just had a lot of success last year but it's really been an ongoing thing.

- Stealing is just not an option for me. I found a Davidson Nike basketball and so badly wanted to take it home. However, "Thou shalt not steal" came screaming through my head, so I voted no on that decision.

- The crappier the hotel is on the outside, the better it is on the inside. And vice versa.

- Although the Bulldogs made it a game with LSU last night, we still have some major offensive issues. The West Coast Offense needs to die a quick and painless death. It doesn't work for college teams. At least, we've remedied the quarterback issue for now, or at least we hope. And Derek Pegues needs to play both sides of the ball.

- I shouldn't worry about people who don't care.

I'm sure there is more but my mind is currently on dodging volleyballs. I'll add if I can think of any more.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Sunday. Pray that we will make it to the state line before we run out of gas. The whole state of Georgia is out of gas. Yes, you heard that right. OUT OF GAS. What the crap?

Oh, by the way, check out my friend Amanda's (or as I like to call her Crafty) blog, or vlog. She's currently on her second stint in Tokyo, ministering to college students there. She says she's horrible with words so she thought that she would do video blogs. I'm pumped to see what she vlogs about. She's an awesome girl and is totally obeying her call over there. Please be in prayer for her as God uses her to claim hearts for Him.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Blog Roll Call

Some other people have done this on their blogs (and they are probably more famous that I. Not that I'm famous at all. I'm just saying.), but I want to know who reads my blog other than the four people from my family. I think it would be fun.

I want to know my readership (said in the most professional voice I can pull off, like I'm important or something). So, if you're a long-time reader, brand new, or just passing through and think you may come back, leave a comment and tell me who you are and where you are from (unless I know where you are from). I want to know if there are people out there that I know and haven't heard from in a while who have blogs of their own.

Have a great day! I'm off to Davidson, N.C.! I hope this trip gives me stuff to blog about but hopefully not like the last trip (broken computer screen).

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Name That Person

Disclaimer: This post was constructed over a three-hour period, inbetween work assignments and numerous distractions. It starts as one thing and randomly segues into another. I apologize in advance for the randomness of it all, but I hope you get something out of it, even if it is a chuckle.

Or should I say, nickname that person. This is my favorite game. I love to shorten, lengthen and nickname people. I'm not really sure why.

I think possibly it's because when I was little, and even now, I had more nicknames than pennies in my piggy bank. Here are some examples of past and present nicknames (I'm probably just setting myself up for this but most were fun and some I still answer to so what the hey): Katina, Katie Jane, Bubbaette, Little Waldo, KK, Kate, Kate-Mo, K-k-k-katie, Katie-did, Katie-loo, Buddy, Katie Moldoon, Shorty, G-money, Katers, Katester, Cap'n Katie...and the list goes on.

So recently I've realized (I think I've realized a lot recently according to my blogs lately) that I have this thing where I give people nicknames, by either shortening, lengthening or making up names for people. Examples? Ok.

Co-worker Zac: Zac Attack
Former co-worker Ben: Benji
Co-worker Michelle Durban: Durbs (I have to give B-Fri aka Bryan Friday credit for this one) or Meesh (Again, credit goes to Courtney Gay)
Roommate Kelly: Kel
Best friend Bethany: Beffie, Beffers
Best friend Lauren Brown: LB or Brownie (younger days)
Kyle: Kylie
Chris: Christopherson
Andrew: Andydrew, Drewballa, Drew
Cousin Emily: Em
Sister Anna: Sister, very rarely Anna now
Bro-in-law Ross: Bubba
Nephew William: Will, Billy Chuck, Pooter, Buddy, Willam, Chubbs, Little Man
Stephanie Powell: Steph, Stuff or Stuffaluficus
Bonnie Scafidel: Bonnie Binapple
(And the list goes on)

Anyway, I'm just partial to nicknames. I think it's the laziness in me. Or the creativeness. Either way, it's become a game for me.

My full name is Katherine Jane Walden. Middle name is my mom's real first name and Katherine, well my mom says I just looked like a Katherine, more so, Katie. Good thing, because was going to be Virginia (yeah, like the state), up until I was born. They were going to call me Ginny. I just don't see myself as a Ginny. Do you? Not so much? Thought so.

I'm glad they named me what they did. I love my name. It wasn't soooo trendy back then, and it's a little southern classic as well. It was kind of cool to be the only Katie in school until I went to college. And Katherine is just...sophisticated.

However, back in the day, when I was younger, I wasn't a big fan of being called "Katherine". Really? I was a spunky 5-year-old bossing all the boys around in my class. That just doesn't fit the name "Katherine" to me. Up through middle school, on the first day of class, when teachers would call the roll, they would get to the W's and yell out, "Katherine Walden?" Chuckles around the class would rise as they knew what the response would be. "Here/Present, and it's Katie." (In my ever-so respectful yet stern way.)

I always thought "Katherine" was just so formal. It didn't fit my personality at the time. I think I'm growing into it though. "Katie", however, fit me to a T. It's a spunky name (in my opinion), and I was spunky (I like to think).

I wasn't a big fan of the formal (Katherine) until I went to the "Palaces of St. Petersburg" exhibit at the art museum in Jackson when I was in sixth grade (I think). See, there was this queen. I don't remember much about her except that her name was Katherine (or Catherine) the Great. Nice ring to it, huh? Not many other people can say that about their name except for those guys Alexander and Peter and that other guy Ivan. Oh, wait. That was Ivan the Terrible. Sorry, dude. Tough luck.

Anyway, I began to think, "If this chick can be "the Great", so can I, right?"

So, turns out Ol' Kat wasn't such a good person from the looks of it, but that doesn't mean I can be stopped from being "great", right?

I have to say, I'm far from being great by any means, but I do strive to be great everyday. And by great, I mean make a difference in which God gets the glory, not me. I'm sure I complain a lot. However, I do try to have a positive outlook on things. Things are not always as bad as they seem and if they are, it can always be worse. I just try not to worry about things so much (Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:5-7). I can't really control what happens. That's what God does. And to tell you the truth, it kind of gives me a sense of peace, knowing that I don't have to worry about how everything is going to work.

So, folks, from now on, I'd like to be referred to as "Katherine the Great." No, just kidding. But I think a crown would bring out the blue in my eyes a little.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random Musings Of Katie

Here's the third post of the day. I think that has to be some kind of record for me.

I think today I woke up and decided I wanted to (or maybe God decided to make me) be witty because I think I've been extra witty today. I have witty days and not-so-witty days. I like to think that the later are few and far between. I rattled off some kickers today and even laughed at myself.

I don't like to toot my own horn. Those closest to me know that I'm pretty humble when it comes to things that I can do. I'm aware of my capabilities, however, the extent of which I have them, I pay little to no attention to. Or at least I don't declare it to the universe. When someone tells me I did a good job on something, I either get really shy and turn red or I sarcastically remark at how amazing I am at it. A few weeks ago, everyone at work say that I needed to sing the National Anthem at one of our games. I laughed and said I should definitely be the last resort for that job. When I do something for someone, and they say "Thank you", I have a hard time saying "You're welcome." It's kind of weird. It always comes out as "Sure", "No problem", or "No prob Bob". And then I immediately chastise myself and say, "Katie, this is when you say you're welcome." I don't know. I'm weird.

Anyway, other than the above, I've been thinking about really random things all day long and I thought I'd share them with you. (Because I can.) Lucky you. Yay for me.

I heart golf carts. Until two years ago, I had never driven a golf cart. I'm not even sure I had ever ridden in one. Oh, wait. There was that one time at State. Ok, so once. Anyway, the athletic department, more specifically Marketing and Operations, has its own golf carts. (Because we're cool.) No really, because we do a lot and have to be in different places with lots of stuff at different times on game days. However, during the week, we often use them to get across campus. (Because walking is just too much work.) So usually when I have to go to university relations (the people who design and print our media guides) which is all the way across campus, I borrow a golf cart, if there's one free. It's like my own little convertible, without having to pay for gas. I love the feeling of the wind whipping through my hair at 18.4 miles an hour.

I'm amazed every day at how incredibly good I am at puzzles (This is one of those rare "tooting my own horn" moments.) Got a riddle? I more than likely can solve it. Find-A-Word? Time me. Jigsaw puzzles? I'm excellent. Wheel of Fortune? You have NO idea. I like taking things apart an putting them back together. I was in awe of the guy who came to fix my computer screen the other day as he took my computer apart and replaced the screen and then put it back together. I guess that's the engineer in me? The only thing I am just really bad at is Sudoku. Numbers. They scare me.

This weather is perfect. I've always been a summer girl. I love summer. Probably because you get to go to the beach in the summer and I love the beach. However, this Fall weather has been INCREDIBLE. I walked out of work today and thought, "Wow, now this is football weather." You know, it's the kind of weather that makes people want to take a "brisk walk." (I did immediately go home and get out my running shoes and go for my own version of a brisk walk/run. That is, run until my foot throbs and the walk the rest of the way.) Anyway, this weather always makes me think about football. High school football in particular. It actually makes me want to go throw on my cheerleading uniform just for kicks. But that would mean I'd have to saw myself in half to even fit in it. I need the other half, people.

Okay, what is it with couples sitting side by side in pick-up trucks? (I think I just channelled Jerry Seinfeld.) I don't really get it. It's too cheesy for me. (No offense to those who like to snuggle in the F150.) Of course, this couple had a Roll Tide tag so it just made it even more disgusting to me. There's a whole seat for a reason. The only time I have ever sat in the middle of a truck seat was when I was little and my sister and I would ride with my Dad. I was the smallest (and the coolest) so of course, I had to be in the middle. Plus, I could easily fit on the removable console. Not so much anymore. But I digress. So all you boys...ahem...men...ahem...young men...out there vying for my love, just make a note: Katie will never sit in the middle. I know, I know. Never say never.

If you are a fan of The Hills or even if you aren't, you have to check out this blog if you're bored and like to read extremely funny and sarcastic things. This girl is hilarious. She recaps the episodes but in the most funny, sarcastic ways. Her rewriting of the dialogue is priceless. I laughed so hard I cried and almost peed myself. Ok, TMI.

I love that you can see Southwest Airlines planes in the air. They are so brightly colored that it's hard to miss them. I saw one today as I was running (ok, ok. I was walking. But I had just finished running. Ok, like five minutes before.). Anyway, Southwest Airlines, I choose you. You're cheap and colorful. You win.

I think that's the end of my list. Now, if you'll excuse me. There is more pointless reality TV to be watched.

Game On!

I received this from a friend (shout out to Chris!) the other day and almost fell out of my chair onto the floor laughing. It's priceless. I immediately declared game night at house to my coworkers, and just as fast, took it back after realizing that I just invited an unruly mix of LSU, Alabama and Auburn fans to relentlessly make fun of me. Oh well...I thought it would be fun to share it with the blog world.

So here it is...for those who haven't seen it already...The MSU Game of LIFE. (Click to enlarge. It makes it all the more better.)

(And yes, this is my second post of the day. I will possibly be working on a third in a bit. I promise I do work. It just doesn't seem like it today. This week is somewhat an off week as all of my sports are either not competing or on the road. So basically my duties for the week are to make sure the SIDs at the opposing school have what they need from me and then pack my bags and get ready for a seven-hour bus trip, to and fro. Sometimes I wonder if I have a lighter work load than others -- which is quite possible and I try to even that out by offering my help to others -- or if I just sit in my office during "work hours" and do my work instead of roaming around to other office and bothering people. I like to think that I'm just a busy bee who does her work quickly without complaint. Someday it's true...)


DISCLAIMER/WARNING: I am not, never have, nor will ever be prejudiced, a bigot or a homophobe. These are my opinions and are in no way meant to hurt or belittle anyone. We are all God's children and everyone has their imperfections. I'd list all of mine but there is no amount of memory sizable to contain them all. This is how I waste my time when I'm bored at work. If you don't like what you read, don't read it. This blog is not meant to entertain the masses, just those who know me, want to know about my life and think I'm a funny girl. All inappropriate comments will be deleted. So, if you don't have anything nice so say, stay away from the comment button.

Now onto my newsflash...


This must be the month deemed for "coming out." First it was the shock of former comtemporary Christian artist Ray Boltz letting the world know who he truly was (read all about it here), now Season 2 American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken has come out of the closet. (I'll pause and let the shock sink in. Because I know this is utterly shocking news. Really? No? Ok. Read more here.)

Clay was my favorite on Season Two, next to Rueben, whom I just liked because he looked like a big Teddy Bear and his smile just lights up a room. Anyway, Aiken has a tremendous voice and I always thought that if there was a show called, "America's Next Top Broadway Star," the Clayster would be a sure-fire champion. I'm serious. I'm an avid Broadway fan and I know these things. I predicted Jennifer Hudson would be the next Effie White in Dream Girls. It may have been to myself, but that's neither here nor there. Anyway, the guy had his lady-friend birth a baby for him and he didn't even bother proposing first. Come on. Really? If that didn't give it away, I don't know what will.

Congratulations Clay Aiken. Such a load has been lifted, I'm sure.

On to the next topic...

Today, Sept. 24, is National Punctuation Day. Yes, folks. Really. (And yes, there is a website about it. Is there anything these days that doesn't warrant it's own website?) And I, for one, am ecstatic that there is such a day. I'm a writer. I proofread everything. Not only my work but emails, blogs and wait for it...text messages. However, there have been countless times when I hit the send/publish button and cringe because I've forgotten to proof my work. I hate misspellings, improper uses of words and no punctuation. (One day, when I was in a foul mood, no less, I commented on a complete stranger's blog and let them know that they had not used correct grammar, misused puntuation, left out some words. Horrid, I know.) I may not use capital letters all the time, but puntuaction is my friend. The characters are just fun to use. So, on this day, in honor of the great folks who thought is was a good idea to put a dot to declare the end of a sentence, let's strive to use correct punctuation. Or just use punctuation period. (No pun intended.)

Happy Punctuation Day! Grab a comma by the tail!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Welcome To The Blog World Daddy!

Everyone check out my daddy's blog, Walden World. He said he was inspired by his wonderful daughter...ahem...me...but I like to say that I'm continually inspired by him. He's my hero, in every way. Check him out. He's funny, wise, and inspiring.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mix Tape Tour

Before I get into this post, I just have to say, Heroes is the most inticing show ever.

Ok, now on to the post. Ask I mentioned in the post below, I've found a new blog to stalk. Clever Girl is hilarious and a little while ago she had a post displaying her ultimate mix tape. Go here to check out her mix tape and the explanation of why she took on this task. She, like I, has a huge connection to music. My life has been surrounded by music since, well in utero and before. So many songs have different meaning for me and there are many songs I hear that take me to a certain event or time in my life or remind me of certain people.

I, myself, have been known to create CD of songs that represent the fun had on trips, during certain year, etc., etc. Yes...lame-o. I know. Anyway, I thought I'd take my cue from Clever Girl and list what would be on my own "ultimate mix tape" if I were to ever make one.

(Note: I just spent an hour going through my iTunes looking for songs. This post is probably going to take longer than it should because I'm currently distracted by Heroes and The Hills.)

Clever Girl had 13 tracks are her mix tape. I'll have 13 plus two bonus tracks, if you will. Here they are in somewhat random order, along with a description of why they made it onto the list.

1. "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", by Judy Garland, also covered by Katherine McFee - This is one of my all-time favorite songs. It's tied for number one with "Signed, Sealed, Delivered". As a kid, The Wizard of Oz was always in the VCR. I watched it at least once a week and it's considered a national holiday to me when it comes on cable ever year. I wanted to Dorothy Gail from the time that I first watched that movie and my dreams came true in high school. My senior year, I gave up my soccer dreams (it was the first year of girls' soccer) and went for the role of Dorothy. I landed the role (not because my mom was the director) but because I was just that good. Ha. Only kidding. One of my lifelong dreams came true that year when I was able to stand on stage and sing this song like I'd always dreamed of. It was one moment in time. Really.

2. "Thank You", by Ray Boltz - This song was dramatized at my church the day I became a Christian, so it will always hold a special place in my heart, or on my mix tape, if you will. Although I was seven, the words and the meaning of this song came through as clear as crystal to me. Or so I say. Basically, what was going through my head on this day, was that I knew who God was, I knew what Jesus had done for me, and I knew I wanted to go to Heaven one day because that's where Jesus was. Jesus was my goal that day, and he still is today. Although, it saddened me to hear about the controversy surrounding Mr. Boltz last week, I know that this song didn't come from him, just through him, straight from the mouth of God.

3. "It's Gonna Be Me", by Nsync - Yes, I knew every dance move to this song and I'm not ashamed. However, whenever this song comes on, I don't think, "Hey, I knew every move to this song." I think about a certain group of high school guy friends (who shall remain nameless) that learned every move to this song to perform at a lock-in. It was actually pretty good. You should've seen the practices. I still think I'm a good dance coach.

4. (This is a three in one deal, a medley, perhaps.) This is what I call the Beffie-Kate medley..."Beautiful Disaster/Bless The Broken Road/I'll Be Missing You" by Kelly Clarkson/Rascall Flatts/Puffy and the Gang - These three songs take me back to road trips with my bestie Bethany, or as I lovingly call her, Beffie. Whether it was home to Pensacola or to the sticks to visit her grandparents and other family, these songs (and others) always take me back to rides in the "So-not-a Sports Car" aka the Sonota. Song long, Sonota. You'll never be forgotten. I'll miss our stops at the rest area between Pensacola and wherever we were to change clothes.

5. "Love Song For A Savior", by Jars of Clay - Stephanie Powell and I had a fun little text message convo about this the other night when I heard it for the first time in about 13 years at the Music Builds concert. This takes me back to youth group days at DMBC and our little band called Dead Yesterday, or as Melissa Wharton fondly named them "Pots of Mud" (a little play on the fact that they covered Jars of Clay). Anyway, this song brings back major memories that I will only recall with Stuff (Stephanie).

6. "Inspiration", by Chicago (or basically anything by Chicago, REO Speedwagon or Billy Joel) - These songs always remind me of family vacation. I'm not sure why, probably because I demanded that Billy Joel and Chicago by played over and over and over again until the tape (yes, I said tape) broke. Why "Inspiration"? I don't know. It's just my favorite. This is the music I fondly refer to as "beach music".

7. "Rainbow Connection", by Kermit the Frog - Yes, folks. You read that right. This is linked to my last memory of singing with my girls in high school. I miss those girls. We could harmonize with the best of them, and I pride myself on being the "light-skinned" one in the group. This, along with the National Anthem, should have been recorded and sold. We were a great group. Shout out to Robbie, Jessica, Kaleshia, Latoria and Ashley P.!

8. "This Is How We Do It", Montel Jordan - Sixth grade, Lauren Brown's grandmother's house, we stayed up "late" to watch this guy do this song on Leno, I think. It's the only thing I think about when I hear this song.

9. "Hand Jive", Grease - Lana Nettles and me and our crazy dance to this song, skipping around the Gulf Coast Community College gym doing the lasso move at cheerleading camp. Everytime.

10. "Hero", by Mariah Carey - The first song I declared I would sing on stage. I don't think that I've ever actually done this one on stage, unless my favorite stool counts as a stage and my MySony microphone counts as a real microphone. I believe this was fifth grade and I received this "single" tape from a friend for Christmas. I don't think it lasted until February. It was played at least 10 times a day.

11. "Bunny Hop", by Da Entourage - I always go back to Casey and I trying to do the fasts steps like the other girls out of the dance floor. I always failed miserably, eventually running over people.

12. "Love Shack", by The B-52s - I don't think that I know the real words to this song anymore. It's so engrained in my head as a Kappa Delta rush song that I just spit out the KD words whenever I hear it and don't even know it.

13. "Get Ready", by The Temptations - This song, and just about any Motown song takes me back to Colonel's Classics days. (If you don't know what this is, just ask.) Our sponsors were always putting Motown songs into our scripts and it seemed to fit our class really well. I just have flashbacks of our guys attempting the choreography. Bert, Austin and Drew can do a mean "Poison Ivy" and "Jailhouse Rock". (Yes, I know those aren't Motown.)

Bonus Track #1: "Ironic", by Alanis Morsette - Takes me back to the seventh grade lunch table. Bert was obsessed with Alanis and when the rumor went around about Alanis committing suicide, we almost has to commit him.

Bonus Track #2: "Macarena" - This takes me back to two places. Eighth grade and Spring Break Cruise 2005. Amanda, Katelyn and I ran some good crowd control.

Clever Girl Is Funny...

Please check out this girl's blog that I ran across today in my boredom at work. She is freakin' hilarious.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sports and Growing Up

With my job being in sports, you'd think I'd get sick of it. Actually, I sometimes think I should be sick of it, but nevertheless, I end up watching sports ALL WEEKEND LONG. This is nuts.

This is how my weekend went. The watching of sports started at around 2 p.m. on Friday when I had to stat my first volleyball match of the season. Although it's mandatory for me to be there, I actually enjoy watching volleyball now. (We are a hefty 11-2 this season. I'm so proud of my girls.) Anyway, I watched volleyball all day long. I got home at 11 p.m. and completely zonked in my bed. It resumed at 11 a.m. on Saturday morning as I immediately started watching Alabama/Arkansas on the TV and Miss. State/Georgia Tech on my computer as I was getting ready to go do another volleyball match. Yes, I multi-task. The day went on as I watch Alabama pummel Arkansas, Mississippi State lose again (we played well, but got out-coached. Somebody's gotta go), East Carolina lose in overtime, Samford volleyball completely annihilate Alabama A&M, and then I returned home to watch the end of Florida/Tennessee and a little golf (really? I never watch golf unless Ryan Moore or Adam Scott are involved.). An hour later, I was watching LSU/Auburn, Georgia/Arizona State, and Texas/Rice. Am I done yet? No...well for the night I was.

I woke up this morning (Sunday) and took a little break. I watched 13 Going On 30 while I was getting ready for church. However, when I got back home, I immediately started watching the Red Sox/Blue Jays and Braves/Mets (Both were successes. Go Sox! Paps got his 40th save! Go Braves! You won a game!). At the same time, I was watching the Colts come from behind and blow it (The Panthers are legit this year. Payton's got to get it together!) and the Broncos win (Yeah!). Is that it, you ask? Not hardly, I answer. I started watching Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh play a little beach volleyball, a little bit of the Yankees game for the history of the matter (last game in Yankee stadium, Babe Ruth's daughter threw out the first pitch, too cute) and Dallas/Green Bay.

Sidenote: Tony Romo is great to look at but I think I get almost as much joy watching him get sacked as I do when John Parker Wilson and Eli Manning get sacked. But make no mistake about it, Eli getting sacked always brings the ultimate joy. It's just funny to watch them just fall and curl up in the fetal position.

So I'm still watching Green Bay trail Dallas; poor, poor Aaron Rogers. But I've mixed it up a little but by flipping back and forth between this game and the Emmys. So long story made short, you would think that I get sick of sports, and I would have to say that sometimes I do, BUT the point is, there is no escape. That's all there is to watch this time of the year, and I love it. No doubt, my TV in my office will be on Sportscenter when I get to work tomorrow. And I'll watch the same episode over and over again as they play it until I can quote every story. Gotta love ESPN during the day.

Ok, so changing the subject...I think I just realized in the past week that I'm actually growing up. I'm an adult. I've been one legally for four years now. And I've been thinking all day today that adulthood has it's pros and cons. Shall I list them? Ok.

- I get to eat whatever I want, whenever I want. (Not always a good thing.)
- I get to watch whatever I want on TV. (Don't jump to any conclusions people. From the above information, you already know the majority of what I watch. The rest is reality TV and FRIENDS and That 70's Show reruns. Oh, and Chuck, 24, and LOST.)
- I make my own money.
- I get to stay up as late as I want. (Not all it's cracked up to be when you have to get up early for work the next day.)
- I don't have to ask permission to go to the movies or concerts or out of town.
- I can drive wherever I want in my own car. (Ok, mine and my Dad's own car.)
- I don't have to clean my room or make my bed everyday. (However, I've started getting a little annoyed if it's not. Am I becoming my mother? I love you, Mom!)
- I can buy what I want whenever I want.
- Ultimately, I make my own decisions.

Cons: (May reflect the pros on occassion)
- I HAVE to make my own decisions? Help!
- Whenever I say something that I probably shouldn't have said, I can't just smile and make everyone forget about it. (This rarely works these days.)
- Paying bills. Where did all my money go?!?!
- Eating whatever I want acutally comes back to haunt me these days, unlike in my high school years.
- Dating gets harder and harder. You turn around one day and everyone around you is married or having a baby.
- Mom and Dad are three hours away.
- I don't get to see my sister everyday. Surprisely, that saddens me.
- I miss being as active as I was in high school. I HAVE NO TIME!
- Speaking of time, I have zero time for hobbies. I remember this thing I used to do pretty well. I think it involved a piano. I probably suck at it now. I haven't painted a picture, or at least finished one, since last September.
- All my friends live in different towns.
- Life is never as easy as it looks from the other side.
- Where have all my holidays gone?!?!

I'm sure there are some that I've missed but I say all that to say this: I wouldn't trade any of it. I truly believe, more than I ever have, that God has placed me in the position that I am in for a reason. He's brought people into my life and taken others out over the past two years for a reason, and I am a better person for it. I'm slowly but surely figuring out where I'm going and what He wants me to do and that's all that really matters. I will never know the whole plan but that's the good thing, I'm not supposed to. I think that would be a little scary. Major life information overload. And talk about spoiling all the fun.

Anyway, I'm pretty much just typing now and I'm not really sure what I've just written but I'm too tired to go back and read now.

I hope everyone has a fantabulous week! All four of you. Whoever you are.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Love Concerts!

I realized this last month when I went to see Dave Matthews in Memphis, but my love has been reaffirmed tonight after seeing four great bands in concert. LIVE is always the way to go if you want to take in some music. And outside is even better. It's not so loud and tonight's weather was P-E-R-F-E-C-T! Lower 60's. Great football weather. Even better concert weather.

Anyway, we went to the Music Builds tour with Jars of Clay, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, Switchfoot and...dun dah...THIRD DAY! It's was great. Really. And..I have pictures to prove it.

Jars of Clay started off and I forgot how great Dan Haseltine's voice was. Very unique. Robert Randolph was great and I really forgot how much I love that band. They are so fun, jazzy/bluesy, and soulful. Definitely my kind of music. They even played "When The Saints Go Marching In" and I felt like I was in NOLA (New Orleans). Switchfoot then came out and worked their magic. Their lights were really cool.

Third Day gets their own paragraph because...well...they just deserve it. These guys are awesome and Mac Powell could sing me to sleep anyday. I bet being his kid is great. They are such awesome people and truly give God the glory for everything. The preached the Word a little, not as much as they usually do, but I think that had a little to do with how the whole tour was set up. That's another blog for another day. Anyway, I don't think I sat down until Mac told us to, and then always stood back up once a good beat started going again. Anyway, it was great.

I feel like I should take a minute to praise God a little bit and thank him for the great things that I have in my life. Eyes to see and ears to hear such a great show. A brain to understand what is going on. Feet to stand on, dance on, and jump and down with. Hands to clap with. A job that allows me to afford to do things like this. Friends who are so much fun to be with. And the freedom to do all of the above.

Anyway, all was good and Lydia, I hope this report did it enough justice for you. You ask, I deliver. :)

Below are some pictures of the fun! I must go to sleep now. I've got a long weekend ahead of me. I love my job...I promise...

Christa and me after Jars and before Robert Randolph

Raymond, Dan and Kel

All of the bands after the last number; they covered U2's When Love Comes To Town. It was great!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday Fun...Yearbook Yourself!

I've heard about this site from several people but never really played around with it until this morning. I was procrastinating. I can't work when I'm hungry. Anyway, it's called Yearbookyourself.com, and it comes up with some pretty funny stuff. Check out Katie..."through the years."

1952...That's kind of believable.

1966...Judging by the poof, my sister did my hair this day.

1972...This one too.

1976...I think this girl is on the 1976 composite at the KD house in Starkville.

1978...Rockin' the 'fro!


1994...I think they just super-imposed my head on my cousin Jessica's body because there is definitely a picture of her just like this somewhere.

1996...Does anyone else think I look like Stephanie Tanner from Full House in this one? Loving the jean vest.

1998...Sorority girl smile! I seriously think this is a hybrid of my best friend Lauren and me. This is definitely believable.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Weekend In Numbers

What a weekend! I was in four cities in three days and I'm officially tired of being in my car. The good outweighed the bad though since I got to go to the State game (yuck) and see great friends (Chris, Casey, and The Kirks) and I got to see my parents and my sister, bro-in-law and nephew even though they were sick all weekend. I won't say much about the State game, mainly because I have nothing nice to say so I won't say anything at all. However, I thought it would be fun to give you my weekend in numbers. So, here goes...

1 - The number of volleyballs it took to obliterate my work laptop's screen.

300 - The number of volleyballs that I managed to dodge before number 301 came flying towards my computer like a scud missle.

87 (close estimate) - The number of power company trucks I passed on the way back to Birmingham Sunday.

200 - The number of kisses I stole from my nephew.

0 - The number of points Mississippi State scored on Saturday.

5 - The number of points Auburn scored Saturday. Yes, Auburn scored our safety people, not us. When you have a holding penalty in the endzone, it's an automatic safety. The penalty was on Auburn, so they, in my book, are credited with the two points. We have no offense. Wesley Carroll needs to grow a few inches, and to the guy who was sitting infront of me, no, it's not as easy as you think it is. Quit trying to coach from the stands.

10 - The number of hours I was in my car this weekend.

7 - The number of points Samford scored against Ole Miss. Hey, I'm just glad we scored.

This is the time in the blog that I would post pictures of my weekend fun, but considering I have a track record of taking my camera with me and then forgetting that I have it, you can guess how many pictures I got of my fun this weekend. Yep, zero.

Oh, well maybe next time.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Speaking of odds...

What are the odds that your laptop computer screen will be smashed by a volleyball flying at about 80 mph? I'm thinking 1,000,000 to 1 but last night I was the "1". Yep, that's right folks. My computer screen is done. This is two-fold. Fortunately it was my work laptop so I don't have to pay to get it fix, but unfortunately is it my work computer, that has everything on it. EVERYTHING that I need to do work this weekend.

I was pretty upset last night until I realized the Lord was taking care of me when I turned it on later last night to see if the cracks in the screen had gotten worse. Fortunately, it was the same and I can still use it. I'm able to see what I'm doing/typing and the shattered pieces are outside the the typical working area. Also I was pretty much done with all of my work that I had to do last night when I happened so I finished up and shut down immediately.

Note to University of Alabama athletic staff: Don't put media row on the endline at a volleyball game where during serve/receive there are not enough people on the other end to catch balls that could potentially break computer screens.

I'm so glad that after this match is over I'm off to Starkville to enjoy a little football...MISSISSIPPI STATE STYLE! Go DAWGS!

Oh, and go Samford! They are about to take on Ole Miss. I'm going for the upset.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Killin' Time...

I'm sitting in Alabama's volleyball facility trying to kill time before our next match at 5 p.m. This is the worst part of away games -- killing time. I mean my car is just outside and I could just jump in it and drive around but it makes more sense to just stay put.

We just lost to Alabama. I hate losing to Alabama almost as much as I hate losing to Ole Miss. In anything. Even rock, paper, scissors. I'm afraid I might have to deal with that this weekend too. Samford plays at Ole Miss tomorrow in football. Yikes. As much as I hate to say it, Ole Miss looked really good last week against Wake Forest. Oh, well.

"Why don't you slide..."

Sorry, just singing. It's so loud, you can't help it. I might be deaf before the night is over. Then again, my dad would argue that it's no different than riding in my car.

I've been reading blogs of families with multiples (triplets, quads, quints, etc.). The Wilkinsons are statisticians so the mom shares some odds that came with her quint pregnacny, and then she shared this site of odds. I thought it was pretty funny so I thought I'd share some of my favs.

- Odds of getting canonized: 20,000,000 to 1
- Odds of being an astronaut: 13,200,000 to 1
- Odds of winning an Olympic medal: 662,000 to 1 (Tell that to Michael Phelps!)
- Odds that a person between the age of 18 and 29 does NOT read a newspaper regularly: 3 to 1 (Not surprising)
- Odds that an American adult does not want to live to age 120 under any circumstances: 3 to 2 (Really? I'd kill to live that long.)
- Odds of injury from fireworks: 19,556 to 1 (Yeah, ask my sister. Watch those ditches.)
- Odds of being killed on a 5-mile bus trip: 500,000,000 to 1
- Odds of being struck by lightning: 576,000 to 1
- Odds of being killed by lightning: 2,320,000 to 1 (Good to know these odds are better.)
- Odds of getting away with murder: 2 to 1 (ha!)
- Odds of dating a supermodel: 88,000 to 1 (Y' hear that, guys?)
- Odds of being considered possessed by Satan: 7,000 to 1
- Odds that a first marriage will survive without separation or divorce for 15 years: 1.3 to 1 (Yikes!)
- Odds that a celebrity marriage will last a lifetime: 3 to 1 (Interesting.)
- Odds of being born a twin in North America: 90 to 1 (I thought this would be more.)
- Odds of being on plane with a drunken pilot: 117 to 1
- Odds of having your identity stolen: 200 to 1
- Odds of dating a millionaire: 215 to 1 (Funny these odds are better than the supermodel ones.)
- Odds of finding out your child is a genius: 250 to 1 (Hopefully, if I have children, my child will be the "one" so that I don't have to pay for college.)
- Odds of catching a ball at a major league ballgame: 563 to 1
- Odds of becoming a pro athlete: 22,000 to 1 (Thought this would be lower.)
- Odds of finding a four-leaf clover on first try: 10,000 to 1
- Odds of a person in the military winning the Medal of Honor: 11,000 to 1
- Odds of winning an Academy Award: 11,500 to 1
- Odds of striking it rich on Antiques Roadshow: 60,000 to 1
- Odds of spotting a UFO today: 3,000,000 to 1 (Tell that to my Dad.)
- Odds of a meteor landing on your house: 182,138,880,000,000 to 1 (Good to know!)
- Chance of an American home having at least one container of ice cream in the freezer: 9 in 10. (My house is one of the nine.)
- Chance that Earth will experience a catastrophic collision with an asteroid in the next 100 years: 1 in 5,000
- Chance of dying in such a collision: 1 in 20,000
- Chance of dying from legal execution: 1 in 3,441,325
- Chance of dying from contact with hot tap water: 1 in 5,005,564
- Chance of dying from parts falling off an airplane: 1 in 10,000,000
- Chance of dying from ignition or melting of nightwear: 1 in 30,589,556 (Watch out ladies!)
- Chance of dying from a mountain lion attack in California: 1 in 32,000,000
- Chance of dying from a shark attack: 1 in 300,000,000
- Chance of contracting the human version of mad cow disease: 1 in 40,000,000 (No fear. Keep eating those hamburgers!)
- Chance of dying from SARS in the United States: 1 in 100,000,000

Until next time...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I totally forgot to mention...

In my last post about football, I completely forgot to mention that my Samford Bulldogs will be taking on Ole Miss (wow, that was hard to type without gagging) Saturday on the football field. It's a long shot that the Bulldogs could pull an upset, but let's just say I'll be cheering extra hard for the Pat Sullivan and the real red and blue that we can go into Oxford and take down the Rebels.

Go Bulldogs!

I got the photography bug...

Tricia and Amanda have shown off their photography skills in the last few days and they got me wanting to go take some pictures myself. I've been wanting a fancy-shmancy camera to do great artsy photos with for a while but Katie hasn't had a big girl job long enough to save up the $700-$1000 bucks it costs to buy one. Back in the summer, my Dad gave me his old film camera that he used to take pictures of us (and other things) back in the day and Sunday was such a gorgeous day, I thought I'd give it a go with some black-and-white and colored film. Keep in mind as you look at these photos, the flash is broken (so no flash - good for some pics, very bad for others) and I only had one lens. I'm hoping to search some pawn shops and eBay for a new flash, other lenses and other accessories. It was kind of fun using the old film camera (except not being able to see your pictures right after you take them). Anyway, enjoy!

I did a little playing with this one in photoshop.
(Color photos in post below.)

Photography Bug Continued...

Pretty yellow flowers that are all outside the Divinity School.

Kind of cool to see how the trees on the quad make a tunnel over the walkways.

Reed Chapel

Cool shadows at Reed Chapel

Not really a cool picture but I love that they have these all over the quad.

Bad, bad grainy picture (remember no flash). But it is cool to see how the students hang out on nice days.

It thought this was a cool view.

Mr. Beeson's statue. A very famous place for students to pose for funny pictures. If you can imagine.

A New Look, A Moment of Silence, and Workin' for the Weekend

So, I gave my blog a facelift last night. I had decided that my life was filled with too much black and white. I do everything in black and white. So, I gave my blog some color.

On another note, I just wanted to take a moment and remember those lost in 9/11. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when those planes it the towers. My prayers are with families still coping with this tragedy, even seven years later. It's not something you just get over. Praise God that he is in control of everything and praise him for all the heroes that put their lives on the line that day at the towers and on planes, and more recently in the war in the Middle East, so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we have here in America without being afraid.

On a happier note, I am workin' for the weekend. I've got a big weekend ahead of me and I'm so excited. It starts tomorrow as I head to Tuscaloosa to watch my girls (volleyball) play in the toughest tournament so far this year. They are 6-1 right now and had pretty much blasted everyone that they have played so far. This weekend is going to be tough because they are playing Alabama, Murray State and South Florida -- three of our toughest preseason opponents. I'm praying that they do extraordinary...and I know they will. They play twice Friday and once on Saturday. I'm so excited that their match is early on Saturday because that means I'm only an hour away from Starkville, so I get to make it to the Auburn game!

I'm way excited about this because 1) I get to see MY Bulldogs play at least once this year, 2) I get to see friends I haven't seen in a while, and 3) I'm meeting my mom after the game and driving her home so I get to see my Dad, my sister, bro-in-law and sweet William on Sunday. This is great because I am having to miss William's first birthday party on Halloween and I wasn't going to get to see my sister until Thanksgiving. It's tough living so far away from family and not being able to go home as much anymore. I'm so excited!

Then it's back to Birmingham for a week of prepping for our own volleyball tournament. Fun times!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Join the club...

So I've been pretty convicted lately about my service and my giving. I've wanted to give to an organization for a while but it was so hard for me to commit to on an intern's salary. When I finally got my big girl job, one of the things I said I was going to do was start giving and serving more. I'd promised myself that I was going to give to some charitable organization but kept putting it off until today. Today I took the plunge and joined this, the Mocha Club. It's an organization that is helping build Africa from within through monetary donations that go toward causes such as education, orphan care, HIV/AIDS, child mothers, job creation and Sudan regrowth.

Africa has been on my heart recently, as has been Honduras (since my visit there) and now Cuba, which is probably devastated by Hurricane Ike.

(Sidenote: Archie, one of my friends from our Honduras trip (he was our videographer and is actually from Venezuala), told a group of us one day about his heart for Cuba. His dream, and near-future reality, is to go to Cuba and lead a group to do mission work down there and get some discipleship in the works down there. Lord knows they need it.)

Anyway, since Dave Barnes promoted this at the first show I went to, it's been on my mind every since. I said to myself, and I think to Casey, that once I get a big girl check I'm actually going to start giving to this. I know it's $7 a month and I should have been able to give it up when I was on the intern salary but I'm just showing my selfish ways.

Anyway, if your heart is telling you to start giving, please check out my team at the Mocha Club by going to this link and let me know if you want to join by commenting and ask me to send you an invite. Or create your own team if you want to give to another cause. I won't be disappointed. I might even join your team too! You join mine, I'll join yours. (All little "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" action.) And it's easy to give. You give them your credit/debit care number and they take $7 out on the 15th of every month.
I wanted to give to more than one cause because so many of them mean so much to me but I had to just pick one. I chose education because it's just been a big part of my family. Both my parents are educators and now my sister has joined the ranks as well. Education is huge and is crucial for these kids on the road of life. Plus, it's fun. Yep. I said it. Learning is fun. I do it every day.

Anyway, so if you so feel called, join my team, Spreadin' the Love, because that's what we are doing.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Go, and make disciples of all nations...

Watch this. It's so great see a young man doing this on his spring break when he could be in Cabo or Panama City doing God knows what.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Katie's Thoughts On Politics

Let me preface this blog by saying...I don't usually comment on politics, usually because I don't care and I don't know much about it. I don't get excited about elections, maybe more about presidential but definitely not local ones. When all the commotion started with the Presidential race, I actually got interested.

For a while I never declared who I was voting for until Gov. Mike Huckabee played the Jesus card and I was hooked. To me, he was legit and sincere. I also like Fred Thompson but I think that's more becuase he was on Law and Order and was a good speech-giver. But after those two were pushed out of the race and John McCain had sealed the Republican nomination, I started to get a little scared. It meant that he, Hillary or Obama would be the next president and I didn't want any part of either. I've threatened to move to Australia if Hillary or Obama became president several times. No threats with McCain. I just wasn't a big fan.

But after watching Sarah Palin (Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain's pick for a running mate) address the delegates last night, I've got too much running through my mind to not put it in writing. I don't usually watch the Repulbican National Convention and I definitely didn't watch any of the Democratic National Convention, but I've been intrigued but McCain's pick and I wanted to hear what she had to say. I guess you would say that I've increasingly become a McCain supporter. He's got the right stand of most of the issues I care about, he's a war vet and he's a believer. He took a gamble asking Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate, and I think the jury will be out on how great that decision was until November 5 (the day after the election).

However, I'm a fan of Gov. Palin. She's a tough cookie and definitely appealed last night to those who could give a rip about what other people think. Her speech was witty and full of truth, although she took several cheap shots at the opposing party (which I thought hit the nail right on the head). She made very good points, opened the nations eyes to a woman who has experience dealing with energy resources and praised our military forces instead of belittled them.

However, I think my favorite thing about her is the way that she has dealt with the so-called "controversy" surrounding her family with her teenaged daughter being pregnant and her having just given birth to a Downs Syndrome child.

So many people, i.e. the media and celebrities, are chastising the Palins because her is pregnant at the age of 17. Let me remind the public, all 4 of you reading this, that the Palins are no different than any other regular person. Being a public figure or governmental official doesn't automatically mean that a person can't make mistakes or has to be perfect in the public eye. We are not the judge. The only person in history who is able to judge us is God/Jesus Christ, because he walked this earth, upright and blameless, facing temptation many times, directly from Satan himself three times, and turned away. He took all the sins of those who had passed, are living, and are yet to come, he took them upon himself and defeated them by walking right out of that tomb after the third day, laughing in the face of the devil.

We don't derserve or have the right to judge the Palins. Bristol Palin and her fiancee' are taking responsibility for their actions. They knew what they were doing, they knew the consequences of their actions and no one is forcing them to get married (Joy Behar), and this young man is not sacrificing his life to take care of his responsibilities. That's called being a man. That's what men do. They take responsibility for their actions, come what may. He's not "not being allowed to life his life because he's having to married the girl he knocked up," he's choosing to live his life by the path that life has taken him on. The couple is choosing to accept the gift God has given them and learn, instead of making it go away and pretending nothing happened.

I'm not saying abortion is not heart wrenching. I've never had to go through that experience, so I couldn't imagine what that person goes through. But just like you choose to live your life the way you want to by getting rid of that person inside, God chose to give that person life inside you for some reason, and you are denying that child life by aborting them.

Her eldest son is about to be deployed to Iraq. Her youngest was born with Downs Syndrome. He was a "surprise" or a "mistake" as some would say, but he has undoubtedly been a blessing to that family. Adversity strengthens a family. That's one strong family in my eyes.

I want to point out some interesting things I've observed and have discussed with my Dad throughout this whole process. I'll list for easy reading:

- Obama's mom was white and 16 when she had him. Why are we chastising the Palins and why is he being heralded as the first African-American candidate? He's half-white. Doesn't that mean he's mixed-race? Mulatto?

- Why did Obama refuse to wear a flag pin at the beginning of the presidential race but now proudly sports one? And why can't he answer a question without going all the way around the world, and still he can't give a straight answer?

- I love how Hillary talked negatively about her opponent when she was still in the race, but once she's out of contention, she's praising him and supporting him to get her supporters to vote for him? Flip-flop much?

- My Dad and I talked last night about how we'd almost rather Obama win because nothing would get done with a Republican president and Democratic Congress because most of the Congress wouldn't want to work with the Republican president. However, I still don't know if I would want to take that gamble and have Obama run our country.

- The Democratic National Convention was a freaking red carpet affair. The good ol' boys showed up to the Republican National Convention. No red carpet. No flashing bulbs. Just Mike Huckabee on the electric guitar and crazy protesters outside.

- Gov. Palin rarely mentioned Obama by name, maybe once or twice. She mostly referred to him as "our opponent". Very clear. Sort of tongue-in-cheek.

- She also made a good point. He's written two memoirs but has never written a major law or reform. Tu chez, Gov. Palin. Tu chez.

But...in all of this...here's the kicker...

God is in control. He's got a plan and it is unfolding in front of our eyes. He's going to be glorified, no matter who gets elected. Good or bad. This God is the same God who rose up leaders like Moses and King David, made Esther queen (she ended up saving her people group from being obliterated), wise King Solomon and Billy Graham. He's the same God who rose up Pharoah from the book of Exodus and Pontius Pilate, Hilter, Stalin, Bin Ladin and Sadam Hussien. And God has received the glory and is still receiving the glory from all the things those people have been associated with.

We don't need to worry about who is running our country. God is ultimately in control. He's working out a plan. We don't often understand the things that may happen in that plan. Often, we may not even see the good things from that plan in our lifetime, but if we are faithful to the One who is faithful to us, who brings us through those hard times, strengthens us and shows his power in our weaknesses, we have nothing to fear.

God is good. Amen? Amen.
And no, I'm not moving to Australia. Unless God wants me to.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

He speaks again...

Once again the Lord spoke to me pretty loudly today. It came in this devotion that my dad sent me. My dad sends devotions out every day. I usually get something out of most of them but rarely does one slap me in the face and make me think, "This is me," like this one did today.

I read the Bible everyday. My dad gave me one of those One Year bibles that has a passage from the OT, a passage from the NT, a Psalm and a verse from Proverbs to read every day. This has definitely helped me get into the Word everyday. However, most of the time, I read and then just move on with my day. I rarely really sit and think about what I just read. I mean, I comprehend it but I don't really allow it to really sink it.

Also, when I read this it really hit me that big ol' God wants to just hang out with me everyday. He wants me to take time and just hang. After everything that he does for me and with everything that he has in his hands (which is my no means a burden to him), he wants to just hang out with me everyday. I pray. But I truly long for that prayer life in which I find the time to pray in a "deep, fervent, consistent, persistent way." A life in which "I turn my prayers into conversations with that keep flowing throughout the day, an on-going communication where I never say 'Amen.'"

Read this and I hope you'll be blessed.


Then he returned to his disciples and found them sleeping. "Could you men not keep watch with me for one hour?" he asked Peter. Matthew 26:40

Read this devotional as a prayer:

Help me, Lord, to develop a strong prayer life.

I know you desire intimacy with me, and you want me to watch with you and pray (Matthew 26:40). Yet, I never seem to find the time to pray in a deep, fervent, consistent, persistent way.

What draws me to my knees the most is when I have a problem, when I want something from you, when I need your help.

I'm flipping through my calendar, stressing with commitments, and you just want to hang out - with me. Help me turn my prayers into conversations with you that keep flowing throughout the day, an on-going communication where I never say "Amen."

Keep me close to you, no matter what it takes. I'm not sure I really want to pray that; I have bruises and scars from "whatever it takes" discipleship, but, then again, I confess the crush of these moments have taught me to throw myself on the stone before the stone falls on me. And that has moved me closer to the love that compels my obedience, closer to becoming one with your heart. So, I'm asking that you change me until my deepest want is to be with you.

With this I pray that you will create me worthy of my calling and that your power will fulfill every good purpose you plan for me and energize everything I do in faith. My prayer is that your life will emerge in my face and in my hands, in my thoughts and in my words. I know your grace will make it so (paraphrase of 2 Thessalonians 1:11-12).

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Olympic Dreams

This is an article that was in the Birmingham News today, written by John Archibald. I love it for two reasons: 1) it pokes fun at the mayor of Birmingham for thinking we could EVER host the Olympic is the "Magic City" and 2) it mentions people I know (Josh and Carlos! Go for the gold!) and highlights the great things going on in Birmingham. Please enjoy...

Birmingham has true Olympians

The whole nation has had its laugh, at Birmingham's expense.

Funny. Funny.

Even the world got a snicker out of the city's dubious quest for Olympic glory.

"We need to start thinking big," Mayor Larry Langford told The New York Times, presumably with a straight face, as he sold the city as a host site for the 2020 Olympics.

So what if we don't have the resources, the mass transportation, the hotel rooms, the credit or the sports facilities to keep an SEC championship, much less an event that is the focus of the entire world?

We need to think big.

Yeah, yeah. Watching Langford on a national stage is like watching one of those tiny tot singers on "America's Funniest Home Videos." Sure, they are cute, for a minute. But you'd never hire one as your wedding singer - or to star in a Super Bowl halftime show.

Think big? Why not just think?

A city, a person, a politician cannot maintain credibility without embracing the laws of physics and the confines of reality. So forget Langford's plans: archery at Oak Mountain, canoeing in the Cahaba River, tennis at George Ward Park and shooting at - well, just follow the chalk outlines for that one.

Birmingham has an Olympic dream, but it is not Larry Langford's hallucination.

Birmingham's dream is on its way to China now, a contingent coming from Lakeshore Rehabilitation Center to represent the United States in the Paralympics, which begin Saturday.

If you want to know about thinking big, look at the 15 people from across Alabama who still work to overcome obstacles, even as they train to take on the world.

If you want to know about thinking big, look at these men and women:

Ron Williams of Birmingham survived bone cancer, but lost his left leg below the knee. He has since won cycling medals at two different Paralympic Games. He wants to make it three.

Mortimer Jordan grad Josh Roberts took up wheelchair track and field events only a year ago, but he was selected to compete in Beijing.

Competitive shooter Mike Dickey of Trafford shot a perfect score to earn a spot on the U.S. team this year.

Jennifer Schuble represents the U.S. on the cycling team. Carlos Leon, who lives in Birmingham, competes in the discus and shot put, as does Birmingham's Scott Winkler.

Two-time Paralympian Bryan Kirkland leads the U.S. wheelchair rugby team against the world, while 18-year-old Joel Wilmoth becomes the youngest member of that team.

Stephanie Wheeler, Alana Nichols, Jacob Counts and Mary Allison Milford will compete in basketball, Mallerie Badgett in track and field.

Aimee Bruder, a 4-foot-10 swimmer with cerebral palsy, has competed in five Paralympic Games. Jen Armbruster began losing her sight at age 14 and was completely blind by 1992, but she serves as the captain of the U.S. Goalball team.

That is already bigtime.

Birmingham does not need to compete for the Olympics to feel good about itself. All it has to do is look at the strong and courageous people it sends to Beijing. John Archibald's column appears Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Write him at: jarchibald@bhamnews.com