Thursday, August 26, 2010

Poverty Is A Twin Sister To Ignorance

This video breaks me. And I can help but see the irony in this little boy's name.

Look For The Reason

For the past few days and a large part of last night, I've been preparing for my first road trip of the year with the volleyball team. I gathered everything red, blue and khaki in my closet, threw it in a bag last night and shipped out this morning, with books and various Apple products in tow, ready to take on this massive nine-hour bus trip to the northwest corner of Arkansas.

However, when I get to work this morning at 9 a.m., I find out that the departure time was changed from 10 a.m. to 8 a.m. last night and no one bothered to fill me in. I'm a little annoyed that I wasn't informed of the time change, but I'm not angry at anyone. I'm just disappointed that I'm not on the trip. I was excited about visiting an SEC school that I've never been too. I was excited about spending time with people that I actually like to spend time with. And I was really excited to get to see the team actually play. So I'm not angry at anyone.

At least not anymore.

After much thought (Because that's what I do. Something happens and I can't help but just sit and play it over and over in my head. So annoying.), I decided that I've got to change my whole perspective on the situation.

What if I wasn't ever supposed to go on that trip? What is there's a reason that I didn't make it? What if God's got something planned for me here in Birmingham, this weekend? Something that he wants me to be a part of, and experience. Something he doesn't want me to miss.

I have to think that's the case. Because The Big Man has yet to steer me wrong. God's been testing my faith recently and I know for a fact that the tests are about to get much, much harder.

So instead of sulking about missing a bus trip to Arkansas, I should look at it this way:

1. I'm not stuck on a bus for nine hours.
2. I get to sleep in my own bed. In my own room. Alone.
3. I don't have to share a bathroom.
4. I can eat and use the bathroom when I want to. (And where I want to. Eat, that is. I'm pretty sure there's really one acceptable option for the other. Unless you're a bathroom snob.)
5. I can watch Big Brother and Project Runway tonight and not have to wait until I get home on Sunday.
6. I won't have to worry about being back in town on Sunday in time to see NeedToBreathe for the fourth time in about 5 months. For free!

In the meantime, I'm going to ask God to help me see the good in the situation. To help me be sensative to those moments that he held me here for.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Do not read this book. I repeat -- Do NOT read this book...unless you want your life turned upside down.

I read this entire book yesterday. And yes, I worked an eight-hour day as well. Someone call the Guiness World Record people because I think this may have been a personal record for me. I've never, EVER finished a book in a day. Unless it was Dr. Seuss or Berinstain Bears.

When you go to this book's website, you are immediate confronted with this question:


Just like that. In big bold capital letters. And here is what follows:

"Do you believe that Jesus is worth abandoning everything for? Do you believe him enough to obey him and to follow him wherever he leads, even when the crowds in our culture -maybe even our churches- turn the other way?"

In Radical, David Platt invites you to encounter what Jesus actually said about being his disciple, and then obey what you have heard. He challenges you to consider with an open heart how we have manipulated a God-centered gospel to fit our human-centered preferences. With passionate storytelling and convicting biblical analysis, Platt calls into question a host of comfortable notions that are common among Christ's followers today. Then he proposes a radical response: live the gospel in ways that are true, filled with promise, and ultimately world changing.

That doesn't even begin to scratch the surface.

I'm going to tell you, I have a love-hate relationship with this book. Why? Because I love and hate every word of this book. It's doused with conviction. Every word stings hard and then wakes you up to the reality that fills our world today. It leaves your brain thinking, "Are you kidding? I can't do that!" And all the while, your hands and feet are set in motion to shake the world by a force that is too strong to resist.

What is that force? It's faith, conviction, the Holy Spirit. It's the incredible urgency that you feel when you truly understand what we are called to do and you truly see the physical and spiritual need around the world.

And this isn't the first time I've heard of this "Radical Experiment" thing. I've been hearing about it throughout the last year. Every Sunday from the pulpit. I've even participated in it. I leave worship with such a burden that I feel like I should sell my car right there and walk the 20 miles to home because what good is me having a car when there are people around the world that are dying, inside and out?

So don't read this book. I'm begging you. Don't.

You'll find none of the things that you think matter in this world - money, fame, success -- none of them matter when there are 4.5 billion people out there who haven't even heard the name of Jesus Christ.

None of them know the love of a Father who works everything out for the good of those who love him. A Savior who looks at us in our sin and calls us, "My beloved," because the eyes of Jesus see no sin. A Lord who rules over all, protects us from all and is just in all his ways. A God who desires to see his glory and his name be exalted above anything throughout the universe because to desire anything else would be to deny the very nature of who he is.

So just stay away from the book.

This book leaves you broken -- for yourself, your loves ones and people you don't even know. It lights a fire in your soul that urges you to give up everything -- for some, material possessions; for some, entire careers; for some, both -- for the cause of Christ.

We all, at some point in ourselves, walk around wondering what our purpose in life is. We read book after book, seek advice, rack our brains and still come up with no answer. This book says that everything you ever wanted to know about what your purpose in life is supposed to be is found in the Bible. Specifically in Matthew 28:19-20.

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

So if you want your entire life flipped upside down, be my guest.

If not, don't read it.

I dare you.

This Makes Me Want To Go To Walmart And Bust A Move

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

5,000 Question Survey (Part 11)

1001. What has caused you to reinvent yourself or reevaluate who you are?

1002. Name three annoying bands:
(Do they have to be bands?)
Taylor Swift
Demi Levato
The Samford University marching band

1003. Have you ever been to a foam party (a big dance floor full of soap foam that people dance in at a club)? If yes did you get into the foam?
No. I missed that swap in college.

1004. Who do you take for granted?
I think I take friends for granted a lot.

Who makes you feel taken for granted?

1005. Short, knee, or ankle skirts?
Any of them. Depends on the occasion and the style.

1006. Do you wear a hat?
Rarely. I do at the beach or if I'm running outside.

1007. Did you watch Sifl and Ollie on MTV?

How about Liquid Television?

The Maxx?

1008. What do you like that is NOT part of pop culture?

1009. What music makes you feel:
Sexy? This.
Passionate? is.
Violent? the.
Romantic? dumbest.
Sad? question.
Happy/joyous? ever.
ecstasy? in life.

Different kinds of music make me feel different things but I don't know that any music makes me feel violent or ecstasy.

1010. Who's your favorite cartoon character?
The Powerpuff Girls

1011. Does break dancing impress you?
Definitely. I sometimes wish I could do it.

1012. Are you a smooth operator?
Not really.

1013. Would you rather be a police officer or a criminal?
Police officer.

1014. Do you believe that government decisions should be made based more on economics or more on social reform?
I think it's got to be a mix of both. You can't spend money you don't have and also you shouldn't give people money who are just going to turn around and blow it. Instead of helping the wealthy, we should be taking care of the needy. But also if we are taking care of each other like we should, there would be no need for welfare and food stamps and universal healthcare.

1015. Why do 'they' spend money to sterilize needles that are going to be used to give lethal injections?
Who knows.

1016. This summer have you
Been to the beach? yes
been to the movies? yes
Played mini golf? no
Gone for a walk? yes

1017. Would you rather lay in bed all night talking or have sex all night long?
Right now, I'd rather talk. Maybe it'll be different when I've found someone to marry.

1018. Have you ever eaten tofu?

1019. Who needs a brain?

1020. Who needs a heart?

1021. Does the moon have an affect on your mood?

1022. Do you feel pressure on Friday and Saturday to have fun, go out and party?

1023. Many people will say that the Harry Potter books are pure fluff with no literary value. Do you agree?
I disagree

1024. Is Harry Potter comparable to The Chronicles of Narnia and the Lord of the Rings?
Sure. I'm not a big Lord of the Rings fan but I think Harry Potter definitely fits into the same category when it comes to literature that has been a staple in children's lives.

1025. What are you doing next Wednesday?

1026. Why do so many people think Elvis is still alive?
Because they. can't. let. go.

1027. What couldn't you live your life without?
God and my family

1028. Are your hands cold?

1029. Is your heart warm?
I'm sure it's somewhere around 98.6 degrees

1030. Palm trees or snow storms?
Palm trees. Definitely.

1031. What bands would be great if only the singing was edited out?
I don't know.

1032. What fantasy book would you like to see made into a movie?
I don't really read fantasy and the ones I have read have already been made into movies.

1033. Do you avoid risks and if possible stay at home?

1034. What SCI-fi books do you read?

1035. Would you be on that who wants to marry a millionaire show as a contestant?

1036. Who's the best secret keeper you know?

1037. What is your favorite myth?

1038. Is it easier to live when you're evil?
Probably. There's probably not as much consideration to the conscience.

1039. Have you ever belonged to a sorority or a fraternity?
Yes. Kappa Delta.

1040. Would you want to join one?
I'd do it again.

1041. If your friend were doing dangerous drugs would you tell their parents?

1042. Would you rather be a unicorn, mermaid/man, or a sorceress/er?
I think probably a mermaid. Although being a sorcerer(ess) like Harry Potter would be pretty sweet. That invisibility cloak would come in really handy.

1043. Are leather pants sexy?
Absolutely not.

On you?
Not at all.

1044. Did you tell someone you love him or her today?
Not yet.

1045. Have you ever given blood?

1046. Have you ever been thrown out of someplace?
I've been thrown out of class. Once. In grad school.

1047. What do you daydream about?
My future.

1048. Are you a miracle?
I think we all are.

1049. If America is one nation under god then are atheists citizens?
Yes. We all are under God's rule whether we want to be or not. And one day we will all bow down befor Him, some on their own accord and some by force.

1050. Should they be?

1051. If you could pick any rock star to replace the Ozbournes in their reality show, whom would you pick?
This is a dumb question too. Why would you replace someone on their own show.

1052. What are your feelings about Mel Gibson's movie The Passion of Christ?
I loved the movie. It's hard to watch but it gives a great depiction of the events.

1053. What did you think about the last episode of Sex in the City?
I've never seen all of the episodes but that last one is really my favorite.

1054. What is your favorite movie with Adam Sandler in it?
Big Daddy

1055. What is your biggest problem?

1056. Have you ever been arrested?

1057. Can musicians be held responsible for influencing people to behave badly?

1058. Do you believe that there are subliminal messages embedded in some TV shows, movies & music?

1059. Is there anything that you believe should be banned for any reason?

1060. How often do you eat too much?
all the time

1061. Have you ever descended into pure madness?

1062. Would you want to?

1063. Do green m&m's make you feel sexy?

1064. If you died tomorrow, what mark would you have left on the world?
I hope a good one. One that reflects the glory of God.

1065. What movie would you NEVER want to see?
Anything with Freddie Kruger in it.

1066. What annoys you the most about yourself?
That I absolutely suck at waking up in the morning.

1067. How do you feel about capitalism?
It's okay.

1068. How do you feel about socialism?
Not so much okay.

1069. How do you feel about communism?
Hate it.

1070. Has anyone ever tried to injure you?

1071. Has anyone ever tried to kill you?

1072. How do you know when it's time to break up with someone?
When you just don't feel it anymore.

1073. What is your opinion of the Janet jackson/Justin Timberlake superbowl exposure incident?
It was dumb and stupid and given too much attention.

1074. What's the most annoying sound?

1075. Who was your childhood hero?
My daddy

1076. With nearly 100 channels why is NOTHING ever on?
One of those mystery's of life.

1077. Would you adopt a stray kitty wandering through your neighborhood?
No. I'm not a cat person.

1078. Describe what you look like:
5'3", short brown hair

1079. Describe what you ARE like:

1080. What bad habit do you have that affects other people as much as it affects you?
I don't know.

1081. How did you party new years eve 1999?
I'm sure I was partying with my youth group. I was a sophomore in high school.

1082. Does second hand smoke bother you?

1083. Have you ever:
Dumped a drink over someone's head? yes
Dumped a drink over your own head? yes
Bit someone? yes
Torn at someone's clothes? no
Made out in the bathroom? no

1084. Which Lord of the Rings movie has the best ending?
I've never seen the ending to one of those movies.

1085. Do you have any interesting scars?
I have several scars from when I had chicken pox when I was four years old. Some are annoying. Some are cool. I also have a scar from when I busted my finger playing skee ball.

1086. Is it better for people to change and evolve their ideas or always be consistent?
If it's a constant back and forth, no. If it's a steady evolution, yes. You're surroundings and atmosphere will always be changing, some times you have to change with it. However, some things should never change.

1087. Warped tour, Lollapalooza or Area concert?
I don't know what any of these things are.

1088. What are you missing in your life?
A man.

1089. Do you ever know when someone is thinking about you?
Not really.

1090. What could you make a sculpture out of that's in the room with you right now?
I probably could do something fancy paper and scotch tape.

1091. Do you believe in the lost city of Atlantis?
Not really.

1092. Have you ever read The Little Prince?
I've seen the movie.

1093. This is Mr. fish <>< What's the best picture you can make on your keyboard?

1094. What did Mr. Octopus say to Mrs. Octopus?
Nice legs.

1095. Let's see if I'm psychic. Write a yes or no question here.
Do you like blue?

1096. Write another yes or no question.
Do you like red?

1097. Think of just one more yes or no question.

1098. Type one question that can be answered with a color (example: what color is my car)
What color is the sky?

1099. Think of a number between one and one hundred & type it down.

1100. If you could be any color crayon, what would it be?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Turning Indicator

Dear fellow drivers,

I have for you today, a word of the day. See below.

Turning indicator - Also called: blinker -- a device for indicating that a motor vehicle is about to turn left or right.

I hope this clears things up.

If not, I'll be happy to give lessons. For free.



Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Burden's Getting Lighter

I think the burden that I've been feeling throughout the last six months is getting lighter because the vision for my purpose and my future is getting closer. Not because I can see it, but because I'm trusting the gut feeling called "God".

I just had to share John Acuff's post from today's Stuff Christians Like. It completely touched my heart and I felt like God told him to write that post just for me. Which he probably did.

I usually link to the post but I feel like, for some reason, that I should just include the whole post. No plagarism. All the credit goes to Jon Acuff.

Below is the post in it's entirety:

#831 Building benches instead of frisbees.

My dad uses his feet like hands, much like a gorilla opening a banana, when he loses frisbees in the pond at the disc golf course.

He’s not above stripping down to his shorts and diving in to recover discs. The pond is dark brown and is populated with turtles, snakes and frogs. If his disc lands in it, he walks around with his bare feet feeling in calf deep mud for it. Just typing that last sentence made me squirm a little.

But the course we played in Atlanta didn’t have that problem. There was no pond, just 18 holes of awesome spread across a massive park called “Wills.”

It did have a problem though.

Because the course was so spread out, it was hard to find your way from hole to hole. Some were literally a 1,000 yards away from each other so navigating the course was difficult. Or it used to be. Everything changed when a Boy Scout got involved.

He was earning his Eagle Scout badge. He was installing yardage signs that pointed the way between the holes. My dad and I ran into him one morning. He and his father were digging holes and dropping the poles in. When they told us what they were doing, the father said something that years later stuck with me. He said:

“He’s doing it for his Eagle Scout badge. Sure beats building a bench.”

On the surface, that’s not so profound. That doesn’t really leap off the blog does it? But the more I reflected on it, the more I realized it challenged my understanding of God.

See the truth is, I’m not completely sure God wants me to have fun. Like people who believe the first thing God will do if they turn over their lives to him is make them be missionaries in Africa, I’m not always convinced he wants me to really enjoy what I do.

When I sometimes imagine “doing the work of the Lord,” I imagine sweat and tears and hard work and being obedient and disciplined and self controlled. Turns out, in my head, I serve a God who makes me build benches.

But what if I’m wrong?

What if you’re wrong?

What if we’ve all been wrong?

What if God doesn’t want more benches?

What if God wants you to build signs for Disc Golf because he knows you love that game?

What if God wants you to write books because he knows you love that?

What if God wants to unearth all those things you’ve hidden because you thought you weren’t talented enough? What if he wants you to roll around in the joys you thought were too silly or stupid or not spiritual enough?

I don’t think that’s impossible. A friend of man argued as much when he told me his opinion about Matthew 11:28-30. Here’s what those verses say:

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

My friend felt that when we find our purpose. When we surrender and are obedient to the Lord and find the thing he has uniquely prepared us for, the burden feels light. It feels easy. We’re in the zone. We could run a million miles or feed a thousand mouths or sing a 100 songs depending on what we’ve been called to do. We’ve got the entire universe of God pushing with us and there’s a sense of freedom and momentum there that is difficult to describe.

To other people, what we are doing will look difficult. They will not always understand. I felt that way writing the Stuff Christians Like book. Another blogger quit his job and stopped writing his blog while he wrote his book. He didn’t have any kids either. I on the other hand, kept my full time job at, kept writing the Stuff Christians Like blog, kept playing with my two kids, kept freelance writing for Chick-fil-A, kept writing for North Point Community Church, stayed plugged into my men’s Bible study and kept filling my wife’s bucket with attention and time. How?

The yoke was easy. The burden was light. I was doing the thing uniquely created for me. I wasn’t flailing against a park bench I was never designed for. I was serving the God “who satisfies your desires with good things, so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.” (Psalm 103:5)

Life gets twisted when you try to build someone else’s bench. Life gets painful when you disrespect your gift or talent or calling because it “doesn’t count.” The devil is desperate for you to discount the thing God has called you to. The devil wants you to take on some other burden that isn’t light or easy.

I don’t know what God has in store for you. It won’t necessarily be easy. That Boy Scout was sweating as he dug those Disc Golf signs. Stuff Christians Like whips my butt some mornings. But that Boy Scout was smiling as he sweated and so am I because we’re not building benches.

Long live the God who doesn’t need our benches.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And Then I Argued With NeNe From Atlanta About Whose Hair Was Real

Last night I dreamed that Jacqueline from the Real Housewives of New Jersey and her husband were building a house next to the house I used to live in in South Jackson. Basically, we had an extra acre or a hundred to spare in our backyard so the Laurita's took us up on our offer and started building their latest version of Buckingham Palace.

Caroline then suggested to her that she hire me as her nanny, and then her son Albie proposed to me. To which I replied, "I'll have to think about it."

Then I accepted a position with The Bachelor Pad to be the bachelors' "voice of reason". Basically, they would tell me who they were thinking about voting off and I'd tell them they were all idiots for being on this show anyway. Get a REAL job!

Then Rachel Zoe walked in and started spouting phrases like "This is bananas" and "I'd die." And Heidi Klum told her she was "Aut".

Hmmm. Maybe I've been watching too much reality television.


Friday, August 6, 2010

5,000 Question Survey (Part 10)

901. Would you rather have a candle scented like blueberries and creme or butterscotch pecan pie?
Blueberries and crème. Please and thank you.

902. Which ones are fruits and which are vegetables:
Banana – fruit
Cucumber – vegetable
Tomato – fruit
Apple – fruit
Carrot – vegetable
Eggplant – vegetable
Cherry – fruit
Pumpkin - vegetable

903. Does it annoy you when people talk loudly on their cell phones in public?
Although, I know I might do it occasionally…yes. Put there is absolutely no reason to talk on the phone in a public bathroom. Save it for the hizzle, my dizzle.

904. Is love a commitment to one person, or can you love more than one person at the same time?
There are many different kinds of love that a person can have. However, the romantic love that is a relationship between a man and a woman, I think that you can only truly LOVE one person at a time.

905. Cover or original:
Smooth Criminal: Michael Jackson or Alien Ant Farm? That’s a toss-up. I’ll go with MJ.
Blue Monday: Orgy or New Order? Never heard it.
I Want Candy: Aaron Carter or Bow Wow Wow? I don’t know this one either.
Love Song: 311 or The Cure? The Cure
It's My Life: No Doubt or The Talking Heads? No Doubt

906. What is the most uncomfortable feeling?
I would think pooping your pants.

907. Do you like Maroon 5?

908. Would you ever go on a blind date TV show?
Absolutely not.

909. How much of your wardrobe is dry clean only?
Very little.

910. Who's arms would you like to crawl into?
I’m kinda in love with Jacob Black from Twilight right now.

911. What the hell is your problem?
You don’t want to know.

912. Look around you. What is the most beautiful thing you can see?
A picture of my nephew.

913. What is the most beautiful thing you can't see?
Probably sunshine outside.

914. Take a deep breath. Yawn deeply. Do you appreciate the things most people take for granted, like breathing?

915. Do you appreciate breathing more when you have a cold and you're all congested and can't breathe right?

916. Is congestion a positive thing because it helps you to appreciate breathing?
No. It’s still gross.

917. How is your life like a work of art?
Ask God.

918. Do you feel that your life influences and is influenced by many other lives?
I think every life has an influence on another life whether you believe it does or not.

919. Has a smile ever made all the difference in the world to you?
Most definitely.

920. Have you ever looked at a tree and considered how the roots could be miles long, trailing and entwining with other roots underground, all of them holding the soil together?
Actually, yes.

921. Do you notice the little things in life?
More now than ever.

922. Do you feel, as Jung did, that deep down, underneath our individual personalities we are all the same?
Kind of.

923. Do you feel a great oneness with the universe?
Not right now.

924. When was the last time you decided to really enjoy yourself?
On my birthday.

925. When was the last time you set yourself free and acted without caring at all what someone else thought?
On my birthday.

926. Have you ever held someone and appreciated how delicate and fragile all life is and felt that they were even more precious and beautiful because one day they would die…and so will you?
Not so much the dying part, but I think about that every time I hold my nephew or hug my daddy.

927. In ten years someone else might own your house and the room you are sitting in now. Someone else might be standing right next to where you are sitting now. So that means you could be standing right next to someone but you can't see him or her because they are ten years away. Ever look at life like that?
Not really.

928. When was the last time you:
Soaked in a bubble bath – it’s been years
Read a good book outside – last week
Held someone's hand – this weekend
Felt truly joyful – this weekend

929. What do you bring to this world that no one else can?

930. Do you feel that you are part of every living thing in this world and that all those things are part of you?

931. Are you more afraid of death or not completely living?
Not completely living.

932. What was the last thing you wanted to do but didn't or couldn't do?
Fly to NYC on a whim.

933. Why don't you try and do that thing now?
Because I. Is. Po.

934. What is the most wonderful thing happening right now in the world?
I don’t know about in the world but right here in my heart…God’s work.

935. Name 7 things going on around you that you normally wouldn't notice:
1. Michael is talking on the phone.
2. Michael is printing tickets and the machine is uber annoying.
3. Don’s phone is ringing now.
4. Zac is typing like a fiend.
5. Someone is watching Fox News.
6. I can here Michelle all the way down here in my office. (Which isn’t all that unusual.)
7. There goes Michael on the phone again.

936. Name three things you hate:
1. Smoking
2. Dipping
3. Negativity

937. Name one GOOD thing about each of those 3 things you hate.
There is nothing good.

938. What do you tend to see in black and white, rather than in shades of gray?
I tend to see a lot of things in black and white. I can see both sides of the coin though.

939. Admit three things you do that you are ashamed of but shouldn't be.
1. I’m not really ashamed of a lot.

940. What qualities make a person “good” in your eyes?
Trust, compassion, conviction

941. Do you have any of these qualities?
I believe I do.

942. Are you willing to do what it takes to achieve what you want to?
I think you have to be.

943. Name one bad quality about someone you love.

944. Name one good quality about someone you hate.

945. Are you pro life or pro choice and why?

946. If you are pro life write a reason someone might be pro choice. If you are pro choice write a reason someone might be pro life.
I think most people say they are pro-choice because there are extenuating circumstances that may cause someone to think about aborting a pregnancy.

947. Can you see the beauty in?
A bumble bee: yes
A man skating: yes
A woman combing her hair: yes
A box of tissues: yes
Yourself naked: yes
Light: yes

948. What are you most afraid of?
Losing the people I love most and not succeeding in life.

949. Whose life would you REALLY NOT want to ever have? Why?
Kate Gosselin

950. Can you come up with a reason why you might want their life?
Those kids.

951. Name one thing that is beautiful about your body.
I have pretty awesome legs I think.

952. Name one thing that is ugly about your body.
The innertube around my waist.

953. Name one thing that is beautiful about your mind.
My imagination

954. Name one thing that is ugly about your mind.
Some thoughts

955. Who was the last person you were rude to?

956. Are your elbows soft?
Not today

957. Are you ticklish?

958. Are you awkward or graceful?
Depends on what I’m doing.

959. Do you wear glasses/contacts?

960. If you wear contacts what's the longest you have ever left them in your eyes?

961. What's going on where you are right now?
Craziness over people buying tickets to our season opener and the ticket machine is messing up.

962. What is your favorite thing to touch?
My dog, Randi.

963. What is your favorite kind of incense?
I don’t do incense.

964. What relaxes you?
Music and painting.

965. How much time have you wasted?A lot.

966. How do you afford your rock and roll lifestyle?
I don’t.

967. What does teen spirit smell like?
Teen spirit.

968. Do you mostly listen or hear?

969. Look or see?

970. Do you comprehend all the things you read?
No. I re-read a lot.

971. Is it necessary to be repetitive in order to be creative?

972. Do you control your attitude or does it control you?I mostly control my attitude. Occasionally it gets away from me.

973. Are your relationships mostly passion or conversation?

974. Do you do what needs to be done regardless of the consequences?
Most of the time.

975. Is money how you keep score?

976. Who can you do everything or nothing with and still have the best time?

977. Just because you're angry does that give you the right to be cruel?

978. What is maturity and where does it come from?
The ability to accept life as it comes to you and reacting appropriately.

979. Who is the maturest person you know?
My sister

980. Who is the most immature person you know?
There’s a coworker that comes to mind

981. If there was a fire and you could only rescue one thing from your room (all people and pets have escaped on their own, even goldfish) what would it be?
My computer along with my external hard drive

982. If you could, what 3 albums would you force everyone to remove from his or her CD collections?
1. I don’t really know.

983. Does Marilyn Manson scare you or bore you?

984. What do you think of the Insane Clown Posse?

985. What's the best movie about high school?
10 Things I Hate About You

986. Do you like Michael Jackson better in the 80's 90's or today?

987. Is choosing a different store to shop in from most people really making a statement?

988. What's the riskiest thing you've ever done?
Going 100 mph.

989. Have you ever ridden in a car while the driver had been drinking?

990. Who needs to get a life?
Perez Hilton

991. Do you write on yourself with milky pens?
Uh, no.

992. What should be different about high school curriculum?
More reading.

993. Right now are you exactly the way you want to be?
Not yet.

994. Who can save you from yourself?

995. Are you a responsible person?
I think so.

996. "It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious."— Oscar Wilde
Do you agree?

997. How many greatest hits albums do you own?
Maybe five.

998. Are you at risk for A.I.D.S.?

999. Do you want to have it all?
No way.

1000. Do you collect green pictures of dead presidents?
Money? I wish it was that easy.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Someone Call The Authorities

...'cause this blog neglect is out. of. control.

I know there's only about four of you that actually read this baby, but that's four folks that care what I have to say (or are just really bored), so I apologize for the blog neglect lately and for the upcoming neglect as well.

It seems these days that my mind is going much faster than my fingers are willing to type, so therefore, by the time I sit down to write about the things that I've been thinking about, my mind tells my fingers, "Dude, you should've kept up with the train."

I did have a few things I wanted to share today though.

As always, for easy reading and aesthetic pleasure, a list:

1. If you love The Bachelorette (like me) and you are slightly obsessed with Aly and Roberto (like me), you'll either love or hate this joint-post by Bryan Allain and Tyler Stanton. These guys present, "15 Life Lessons From The Bachelorette". You can thank me later. My favorites? 1, 2, 3, 5, 12, 14...well all of them really.

2. I posted on Twitter earlier today that if I could be half the writer that Donald Miller is, I would consider that a blessing. Y'all, the man has some serious skillz. Emphasis on the "Z" meaning I'm serious about the serious part. If you've heard of him, you'll know he wrote Blue Like Jazz, Searching For God Knows What, A Million Miles In A Thousand Years, Through Painted Deserts. All good stuff. They always leave you wanting more.

He's an expert on story, and has some great insight on God. So, it's no suprise that Don's (see, it's so good that I feel like we could be on a first-name basis and comfortable to shorten his name to Don) blog is a bright spot in my day.

I have my Google Reader tuned in to bring me the latest and greatest from his blog every day. I've really been enjoying his stuff lately. Especially his Lucy series, blog posts "written" by his lab Lucy and this one and this one.

3. I know this might be a little cheese-tastic to some of you, but for those of you who read this little space of the internet and know what's going on in my brain right now, I think you'll understand it. This scene from Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit is really resonating with me right now.

4. This guy just sang what America was thinking.

5. And finally...

Never give up.

Remember people. You can do anything you set your mind to. All you have to do is:

1. Believe in yourself. No, really believe. See that time you didn't believe hard enough because it didn't work...there you go. 30th time is the charm.

2. Formulate a plan of action. Like believing that no matter how many times it takes, you WILL crack that board over your head. Come concussion or forehead-to-spine stitches. Just believe.

3. Follow through. Follow through...all the way to the ER.