Friday, August 28, 2009

It Pays To Be Lazy


Be lazy. Save the Earth. I knew it all along.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Random Musings

Why is it that I'm so surprised to see people I knew why back when "lovin' the Lord with all their heart" these days? I mean, it's obviously not who they were way back when, but why does it surprise me? I'm not who I was way back when. And praise the Lord, a change has a-come.

Lord, rid me of my soapbox.


My OCD has official gone up about 20 levels, according to the outer-body experience I had last night.

See, I do things a little differently, which makes people think I'm a smidge obsessive-compulsive.

Things must go back where you found them. The rule applies to everyone, except for me on occassion. But I try to lead by example.

The kitchen must be semi-clean before I can sleep soundly.

I eat skittles by the color. The color groups have to be even numbers. I separate the odds out into a separate pile and begin eating those two-by-two (symmetry is crucial to the consumption of Skittles). (What happens when you have an odd number of odds, you ask? Why, I halv-sies the last one, of course.) Then I start with either my least favorite color or the group with the least Skittles (depending on my mood) and make my way through the groups, two-by-two mind you, until all Skittles have been consumed.

Same goes for M&Ms.

I eat Peeps by body part.

I have to have no unread emails or items in Google Reader before I can leave my desk. And furthermore, I have to have no unread emails period when I'm at my desk. Otherwise, the little Miscrosoft Outlook envelope at the bottom of the screen taunts me.

But last night, I realized that I've hit a new low.

For 20 minutes straight, I hovered over my body watching myself sit in the bathroom floor, lint brush in hand, de-linting the rug. Although, the rug is my roommate's and she decided to wash it, I always take it upon myself to conquer the de-linting process. The roommate? She cares not.

I've done this three or four times before but I've never actually realized how ridiculous this actually was. I would roll the lint brush over the rug and then pick at each square until I was satisfied with the lint-to-rug square ratio.

In case you are still confused as to what the problem is, let me clarify:


(Apparently, I've watched too much Rachel Zoe Project.)

Don't be surprised when my next post is about how the new psychiatrist I'm seeing says that there's a connection between my lint obsession and the reason I collected wallpaper samples on our Sunday afternoon trips to Sears when I was little.


My friend Kumar just texted me and said he just met and shook hands with Julia Stiles on the streets of NYC while he was leading a group to their mission. Forgive me, Lord, for jealous abounds in my heart.


And this one is serious. I've talked about this before but it's become apparent to me in the last few weeks that I can't just kick it around like a soccer ball, playing with the idea of it. I've got to actually take some steps toward this goal if I want to actually do it.

I think I've reached the point that God's is now yelling at me that this is what I need to do and I don't so much like the "yell-y God voice." I like the nicer one better.

I need you guys to pray with me about my deep desire to do something bigger with my life. I talked last night with a friend who is going through the same thing, and we both agreed that we are at the crossroads where we know what we want to do but we don't exactly know how to get there. I'm in a little bit of a better spot than he is because I actually have a steady income and he doesn't but we both feel like our calling is bigger than what we are doing right now, but we aren't sure what steps we are supposed to take.

I was asked today if I could do anything in the world and get paid the same as I am getting paid now, what would it be? And my instant answer was to be working for, or ultimately running my own charity/ministry. I would also love to just be able to write for a small newspaper or magazine - personal interest stories or whatever. But I'm not sure where or how to start either of those.

So, I need you all to pray with me about the opportunities that God has out there for me. Pray with me that I will be sensative to those opportunities and not just push them off to the side when they come to me.

I struggle with the idea of not giving my all to something I'm committed to. I struggle with the fact that something may come up in the height of my job that I have now that may distract me from doing my best. And I struggle with knowing whether that is God's will or temptation trying to get the best of me.

Pray that I will trust God wholeheartedly to lead me in His way and to discern for me what is true and what is right.


And lastly, to end on a much lighter note, I'm taking this from Bryan Allain and I want YOU to answer a few questions. Given that I know about eight people read this blog, half of them being my family, I want to know a little more about you. Feel free to be honest, funny and clever. So, without further ado...

1. If I could do anything else for a living and make the $$ I make now I would be __________.
2. If I could remove one tv channel from existence it would be ________.
3. If I had to move more than 500 miles away, I’d move to _________ because _________.
4. When I think of Wal-Mart I think of ___________.
5. The one place on earth I’d like to visit before I die is __________.

Like Bryan did, I'll go first in the comments.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

This Clears Up A Whole Lot

So, I read an article today that gave me insight on something that has intrigued me for years. Something that I could never find an answer for. Something that, until today, I'd resigned I would never understand.

Why was my sister always better at everything else?

(Let me pause to give a disclaimer. My sister was not better than me at EVERYTHING else. I have proven more than once that I can stuff more grapes in my mouth than she can. So, let's just make that clear. Plus, this is meant to be a sarcasm-filled humorous post and I have nor will I ever be envious of my sister's success. God made us different and gave us each awesome and unique talents to use for his glory. I will never be "enough proud" of my sister.)


This article states that studies have shown that "first-borns (and onlys) lead the pack in terms of educational attainment, occupational prestige, income and net worth." (Let's apply. My sister got better grades and gets paid more and don't even ask me what occupational prestige is. Because I don't know.)

(But we aren't going to talk about how I didn't study like she did and the fact that she's a teacher and deserves to get paid more and has had her job longer than I have.)

Although, they (who's they?) say that "birth order is significant in shaping individual success, but only for children of large families -- four or more siblings -- and in families where finances and parental time are constrained", I think there might be some truth to the study that applies to my sister and me.

Let's take a gander. Here's an except:


More conscientious, ambitious and aggressive than their younger siblings, first-borns are over-represented at Harvand and Yale as well as disciplines requiring higher education such as medicine, engineering or law. Every astronaut to go into space has been either the oldest child in her or her family or the eldest boy. And thoruhg history -- even when large families were the norm -- more than half of all Nobel Prize winners and U.S. presidents have been first-born.

I’m not going to lie. My sister is a go-getter. I am a dreamer. She’s gets things done. I just sit and think a cooler way to do it and then I never follow through.

My sister never went to Harvard or Yale. She went to Mississippi College (The Yale of Clinton, Mississippi). She was never an astronaut and I don’t think she ever wanted to be. She’s dreamed of being an opera singer since the day she could actually sing, I think. But if you could win a Nobel Prize for singing, she’d be a shoe-in. And she once said something along the lines of being a minister’s wife is like being a politician so I bet she could make a good run for president.


Middle children are more easy going and peer-oriented. Since they can get lost in the shuffle of their own families, they learn to build bridges to other sources of support and therefore tend to have excellent people skills. Middle children often take on the role of mediator and peacemaker.

I think since we don’t have a middle sibling, we share the qualities listed here. I’m easy going. She’s peer-oriented. We both have built bridges to other sources of support but know that our rock solid foundation is found in each other. We both have excellent people skills. We learned perfectly from our mother. Who learned from her mother. And we both often take on the role of mediator and peacemaker, depending on the situation.


The youngest child tends to be the most creative and can be very charming -- even manipulative. Because they often identify with the underdog, the tend to champion egalitarian causes. (Youngest siblings were the earliest backers of the Protestant Reformation and the Emlightenment.)

Successful in journalism, advertising, sales and the arts.

I wouldn’t say I’m the most creative, but I am quite creative and have realized lately that I can be very charming. And manipulative.That’s a hard word to swallow but I’ve been told stories. I always root for the underdog and while I had to look up “egalitarian” to make sure I knew what it meant, I would have to say that I’m a champion of peace and fairness, as long as it coincides with God’s Word.

And depending on who you speak to, I’ve been pretty successful in journalism and the arts. In third grade, I wrote my own song on the piano and won a contest for it. But I couldn’t sell cake to a fat kid.

"These are just general trends...the whole birth-order theory can be turned on its head depending on the child's personality, the age gap between siblings and the family circumstances each child experiences during his or her formative years."

However you want to look at it, my sister is awesome. And although I threatened to trade her in a few times when we were younger, those were all empty promises. I'd never get rid of her. And I'm sure she'd say the same for me. Maybe.

It's because of her that I got to sit at the senior lunch table when I was a freshman in high school. And it's because of me that she'll never look at Funyons the same way again.

Always the second mother.

Our favorite past time -- Dairy Queen

Always there to catch me.

Live long and prosper. (I'm very sure that is what we are doing here. We learned at a very early age. Star Trek and Planet of the Apes.)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Favorite Vacation Spots

So Kelly's Korner does this weekly thing of Show Us Your Life, and this past Friday was "Favorite Vacation Spots". And I was totally going to join in on the fun since this was actually one that wasn't geared towards "married folk" and I totally forgot.

So I'm doing it now.

I have two favorite vacation spots. And they are completely different. One is a long-time favorite, and the other is a recently acquired love.

1. Ft. Walton Beach, Fla.

The El Matador {also know by the Walden Clan as Pedro's Retreat (don't ask. long story.)}

We L.O.V.E. the El Matador. And I really think we've probably been there for at least 7 out of the last 10 summer vacations. It's close enough to Destin to enjoy all that's there but far enough away from of all the hoopla that is Destin. And the picture above features "our pool".

See there are two pools at EM. One is always, ALWAYS crowded with kids and obnoxious guests. The other one is serene and not so much crowded. It's "our pool".
And the best thing about EM is that it's at the beach. My favorite place in the world. I absolutely. love. the beach. It's so relaxing and I just love being around the water. I don't know what it is. I just love it. And I love how God is so apparent in the surroundings. There's just something about being that close to God's creation that makes me so happy.

Now, the second place is the farthest thing from relaxing. It is...

2. New York City (especially Central Park)

I love the hustle and bustle of NYC. I love what it represents -- the history, the present, the future. The mixture of cultures and well, BROADWAY of course. Broadway is where God looked down and said, "Let there be singing of show tunes and choreographed dancing." And then he smiled and saw that it was good.

But one of my most favorite places in NYC is Central Park. I've always me intrigued by Central Park. All that nature is the middle of the concrete jungle. It's just so cool. And I've always wanted to go to it.

So, this summer, on my third trip to the Big City, I actually got to go. Somethings worked to our favor on our mission trip and Mom, Dad and I got a guide tour/lazy afternoon in the Park with our tour guide/new family member Kumar. And I instantly fell in love. It's such a magical place. Really. There's a castle and all.

Here is some photographic evidence, put to a sweet little tune.

Now, this will probably be my last one of these "Show Us Your Life" thingies because the schedules says that the next few weeks all have something to do with babies or weddings or cooking -- three categories that don't really show off the fullness of my life. Ha.

Until next time...

Blog-Linkity Goodness 8.17.09

Donald Miller, author of great books like Blue Like Jazz and Searching For God Knows What, has a blog. And this post from the other day spoke to my heart because self-pity is something I struggle with constantly as a single girl. Read it. Now.

Do you like free stuff? Books, Chik-fil-a, t-shirts? Go here. The Church Of No People is here to hook you up.

I hesitated to share this but you can't deny that the man has a point. What do you think of first when you see these icons?

Tyler Stanton's installment of Irrational Communication today was spot on for me. I am guilty of every single one of these when it comes to showing concern in conversation. I get it from my momma.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Last night at 1 a.m., I got into a little spiritual battle with Mr. Doubt and Mrs. Worry.

Now, if any of you know me, you know that I'm not really a doubter or a worrier. And I've basically said so in most of my writing. I just don't bother worrying that much. Some people take it as apathy, but it really isn't. It's just me trusting that God is who he says he is and that there's nothing I can do to change the circumstances.

But last night was rough. Satan attacked me big time and a wrestled hard. Until I tagged God into the ring. And he set me free. He finished the fight and chased my enemies away.


So today when I was sitting in church, God reminded me of my fight. He reminded me that he's always faithful in my weakness and that there's no need for me to worry or doubt him.

He used my favorite thing that he uses to remind me. A song. Actually two songs.

And I wanted to share a couple of lines of each with you.

The first was Matt Redman's "Never Let Go". It declares:

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
Your perfect love is casting out fear.
And even when I'm caught in the middle of the storms of this life,
I won't turn back I know you are near.
And I will fear no evil,
For my God is with me.
And if my God is with me,
Whom then shall I fear?
Whom then shall I fear?

Oh, no, You never let go,
Through the calm and through the storm.
Oh, no, You never let go,
In every high and every low.
Oh, no, You never let go,
Lord, You never let go of me.

The other song was Hillsong's "Desert Song." I remember my friend Lacey blogging about it one day but I don't think I'd ever heard it until today. The words spoke so true to me. Especially the chorus and bridge:

And I will bring praise
I will bring praise
No weapon forged against me shall remain

I will rejoice
I will declare
God is my victory and He is here

All of my life
In every season
You are still God
I have a reason to sing
I have a reason to worship

I really felt like I needed to share this post today. I'm not really sure why besides the fact of letting you know that spiritual warfare is a really real thing. Even though what I experienced last night wasn't life-threatening or whatever, it really is real. I've seen if first-hand with those that I hold dearly. It's scary and mean and not something to take lightly.

If you feel like you are being attacked, call out. Call out to God and He. Will. Rescue. You.

And He will never, ever let you go.

Friday, August 14, 2009


One of my student workers introduced me to these videos and I'll never ever be the same. The second and third one are all done by the same guy (if you can't tell already).

Right 'Round To Public Embarassment

My morning routine changes from day to day because I don't really have a set time that I have to be at work. I usually try to be there by 9 a.m. on a usual day, 8 or 8:30 on a day that I may have an early meeting or need to leave early, and 10 on a day that I just really don't give a flying fart because I've been there every other day of the week including Saturday and Sunday.

(For being a Baptist college, Samford doesn't really adhere to the whole "Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy." At least where athletics is concerned. But I digress.)

But one constant is GMA (Good Morning America) and LIVE with Regis and Kelly. If I'm not watching them at home, I'm watching them on my office TV.

Now, up until my college years, as far back as I can remember, I was a TODAY Show girl. I watched the first 15 or 20 minutes in the morning with my dad before school every morning as we ate breakfast. Of course, that was after George of the Jungle or The Flintstones or Gilligan's Island was over.

But it never failed that at 7 a.m. on the dot, we'd flip to channel two and there it would be, The Today Show. With Bryant Gumbal...and Katie Couric. And then it was...with Katie Couric...and Matt Lauer. (Imagine me saying this in my TV announcer voice. And then point and laugh.)

I'm serious. I was hooked. Katie Couric is the reason I wanted to go into broadcasting. (Not to be confused with that fact that Robin Roberts was the reason that I wanted to be in sports. But that's another tale.)

My dad used to tell people I was going to be the next Katie Couric. And I swore I would. But then life took me on another road. I'm fickle like that, I guess.

Anyway, TODAY was my thing. I watched the Towers fall with Matt and Katie. I even studied their every move during that time. It was crucial. If I was going to be a serious anchorwoman, I needed to know stuff like when something tragic happens to your country and you are wearing pink or yellow, you immediately go change into something grey or black at the next commercial break. That's a serious fact.

But then I moved to the KD house. My NBC was horrid. Squiggly lines, snow, blackouts. It was the cable, not the station. I'm sure of it. So I started watching GMA. No big deal. Just a temporary substitution. I was determined not to get attached.

And then Katie got a colonoscopy on national television. An event which started the crossing of an invisible line of television ridiculousness that should've never even been approached. And there was no looking back.

I mean seriously, Katie left and and they added Kathie Lee. Why don't they just ask people to never watch the show again?

Anyway, my point to this whole post is that I watched TODAY this morning. Only because Flo Rida was on. He was the musical act on today's Toyata Concert Series.

I began over at ABC watching GMA. Their musical guest was Kenny Chesney. And since Kenny was my first-ever country music concert experience, I figured I should pay my respects and give the brother a listen, instead of changing the channel like I usually would. Except, I've heard the song he was singing over and over and over again. And really, when it comes to country music, I've got to take it in stride, people. It can get a little overwhelming.

So halfway through the song, I flipped to TODAY. Just to see what was on. And there he was. Flo Rida in all his original name-creating glory (he's from Florida, people), singing 'Right Round.

And this is where I have to hand it to the country fans once again because they were somewhat subdued compared to what I saw on TODAY. Both crowds looked similar in size and demographic (the demographic part being nonexistent because I guess when you give people the chance to be on national television and then add in a major celebrity, they come out of the woodworks, y'all).

However, I was appalled by some of the stuff that I saw. And none of it had to do with Flo Rida or TODAY and had everything to do with the manner in which people absolutely CANNOT control themselves when they are given the chance to make a cameo on national television.

Lemme 'splain.

Oh, hello, 48-year old woman dancing like a 17-year old high school student and dressed like a 21-year old who just bought her first alcoholic beverage legally (without the use of her fake ID).

"What's that you say? You're going to put me, a scantily clad 48-year old on the FRONT ROW?!?! So that the whole nation can see me and wonder why? why? why? Okie-dokie. As long as I get to touch Flo Rida and dance inappropriately in front of him on national television. You got it."

And then they panned over to the 5-year old boy who was getting his groove on. At this I was impressed. And the senior citizen with the orange mounty hat. I. had. no. words. (Except when I told myself that that woman could very well be my mom in 30 years.)

Then they showed the TODAY Show talent rocking out. The young girl who definitely knew she could dance yet was modest about it. Matt Lauer tapping his toe. The other guy boucing up and down. And then this Hoda woman. Kathie Lee's sidekick. Dancing and singing along like the apocolypse was tomorrow.

I just have no words. Except obviously I do.

But there are no more.

So let's play a game.

I've embeded the video and the first person who correctly points out all of the weird and inappropriate things in this video gets a special prize from me. (Hint: There is no correct answer and there is no prize.)

Just enjoy.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blog-Linkity Goodness 8.12.09

I have been richly blessed today by the following links and couldn't help but share. As always, God knew what I needed to hear and sent it forth in Blog-Linkity Goodness.

This little gem by John at Stuff Christians Like was just the ticket to snap me back into reality. Like my Daddy always says, "Never forget who you are and whose you are."

This written by Shaun Groves was the most honest and well-written display of God's glory I have ever laid eyes on.

(Actually, I encourage anyone to go read Shaun's "Beggar's Fortune series. Especially if you or someone you know has or is currently battling depression. It's the most honest, insightful and God-breathed work.)

And if you've never heard of (In)Courage, please go check it out. It involves some of the most talented lady-writers you'll ever read and is a blessing all at the same time. So. Good.


Monday, August 10, 2009


Today I received news of something was so frustrating and so unfair that it literally made me want to toss my cookies. I had so much bitterness built up against this situation that I was angry in light of someone's happiness.

Today is one of those days when I have so many words that I could say/type but I just don't think wasting the time and energy and blog space on them is worth it.

Instead, today I'm resting in the hope that God has given me through is promise to always take care of me, to always give me what He knows I need when I need it, and that he will always, ALWAYS work things out for my good because I love Him. And he loves me.

Today, I'm thankful for his new mercies every day, for his strength in my weakness and that He holds all things together and makes my biggest decisions for me.

Today, the final chip of the old Katie has at last fallen. The new Katie is ready to do this thing called life. With the only person that really matters - God.

The book of Ruth has spoken truth to me in so many ways in the past month. And today was no different. In the midst of my bitterness I thought of Naomi and the words that she spoke at the beginning of the book:

"Don't call me Naomi; call me Bitter. The Strong One has dealt me a bitter blow. I left here full of life, and God has brought me back with nothing but the clothes on my back. Why would you call me Naomi? God certainly doesn't. The Strong One ruined me." (Ruth 1:20-21 The Message)

I was so bitter thinking God has surely forgotten who the victim in the situation is. How unfair it is for someone so undeserving to be getting something that I justly deserve.

But then God said to me in his oh-so-matter-of-fact way: "Who are you to say what is fair and unfair? Who are you to say someone doesn't deserve what I have planned for them? And who are you to say that I have forgotten you, that I don't have better things in store for you, that I don't love you?"

Ruth 1:20-21 is not the final word in the book of Ruth. God worked things out for the good of Ruth and Naomi. Naomi had lost all of her family. No offspring to carry on the family name. She had no way to provide for herself either. She had two needs: family and food.

Of her two daughters-in-law, Ruth made the decision to stay with her mother-in-law rather than go and find a new husband and start a new life. The first picture of amazing love in this book.

"Don't force me to leave you; don't make me go home. Where you go, I go; and where you live, I'll live. Your people are my people, your God is my god; where you die, I'll die, and that's where I'll be buried, so help me God—not even death itself is going to come between us!" (Ruth 1:16-17 The Message)

Most of you know how the rest of the story goes. Ruth meets Boaz. Boaz shows Ruth, the foreigner, mercy and lets her work in his field. He gives her more food to take home than anyone close to Boaz ever would. Need #1 taken care of. We find out Boaz can save Naomi's family by marrying her, things work out and the deal is done. Need #2 taken care of.

At the end of the book, we see Naomi fulfilled. Smiling and happy, surrounded by family and friends. She no longer asks people to call her "Bitter". She's resting in the hope and blessings that God has given her.

And the best part is that Ruth's family tree extends out to one of the greatest kings our world has ever known -- David. And you who David's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandson is?


Let than marinate a bit.

(P.S. If anyone knows of a good-looking guy that is available to be an arm charm on Sept. 5, let me know. I pay in Skittles, which we all know is the candy equivalent of a million dollars.)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Check It

I've just finished updating my mission blog with pictures and video montages/slideshows from my New York trip. Check it out!

I'll Take The Birthday With A Side Of Broken Glass

I realize that it's been a little over a week since my birthday and I've already posted once about my birthday but it was a premature labor on my part considering that I posted about it before the birthday celebration was even halfway over.

I told you guys about celebrating with the family and the goodness that is cookie cake.

So, there, I received Cookie Cake Numero Uno. And brought about a third of it back to Birmingham with me.

I also told you about coming to work on Monday and having a cookie cake sitting in my chair waiting on me. I present to you, Cookie Cake Numero Dos.

We took it to lunch, yet still, I ended up going home with half of "the goodness". Can you see the sarcastic tears filling my eyes? (Also translated as: I was elated and couldn't wait to get in a room alone with the rest of that cookie cake.)

So Monday night, I went to dinner with people from my small group to...Red Robin ( the commercial states).

Enter Cookie Cake Numero Tres.

And now I must confess something. Red Robin has great burgers. (Not the confession.) But I think I have an obsession with sides. (Confession.) I believe I could make a whole meal out of sides. French fries (especially with ranch dressing), fried dill pickles, onion rings, rolls, chips and queso, caesar side sald. I will take all of the above over a main course. Or as my main course.

I'm going to confess something else. I order a burger. And it came with fries. And Raymond ordered an appetizer of onion rings for the table. Oh. my. word. I could only eat half my burger. You know why? Because I filled up on onion rings. And fries with ranch dressing. (And let's not mention lunch where I cleaned my plate of burger, fries with ranch dressing and cookie cake. And the fact that my fingers want to type "friends" everytime I go to type "fries". Why? Because fries? They are my friends.)

Oh, and I was like the fifth birthday in the whole joint and while I don't mind being sung to (I'm a Leo, and the youngest. I like-a the attention), the songs they were sing were LAME-O! And I know beggars can't be choosers, but seriously, I could've made up a song on the spot and it would've totally been better. Some just aren't as talents as others I guess. (Insert sheepish grin here.)

So, I told the table, jokingly mind you, that I didn't want to be sung to if it was going to be lame. That what I really wanted was for the lights to dim, a disco ball to drop and for 50 Cent to burst out of the kitchen singing, "Go Shawty, it's ya birfday."

Turns out, Fitty called in sick that day, so I had to settle for the standard restaurant song. Yet, someone must've gotten to the waitress because my song was the best in the place. No lameness to be found.

After I was presented with my complimentary ice cream sundae, I wolfed it down (because desserts count as sides) and we were off to the house to partake in the weekly Monday Night Movie and Cookie Cake Numero Tres. (Of which, I was left two-thirds. So basically, with all the pieces of three cookies cakes I had left, I had one and a half cakes. Needless to say, I had cookie cake for breakfast and dessert for the rest of the week.)

As we made our move to get out of the seating area, I was the last one out and as I placed my hand on the table to assist in my getting up, the table was obviously not as stable as it appeared. The table tipped and a glass fell off and broke to which I, always wanting to leave my mark on a place, yelled "Mazel Tav!" And proceeded with my departure.

We got to the house, opened the Katie movie vault and decided to watch The Perfect Storm, a movie which I had forgotten how long it was and how intense it was. I'm pretty sure had I been hooked up to a heart monitor, there would have been definite concern for my health.

Nicole (Smith), Me and Lisa

Tweedle Dee (Josh), Tweedle Dum (Raymond), (Nicole) Starkey and me

And Dan felt left out of the picture-taking because he was getting his water while we were taking the pictures. So he thought he deserve his own picture.

All in all, the night was a blast. Good food, good times, good friends. I wrapped up the birthday celebration Tuesday night with my b-fry Kyle and dinner at Red Lobster in Tuscaloosa.

There are only two things that can get me to Tuscaloosa. Seafood and buddies.

The end.