Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sing Off

If you're not watching this show called "Sing Off" on NBC, then you'd better have something serious going on.

Y'all, these white boys from Oregon (On The Rocks) just rocked some T.I. and Rhianna. Rocked. It.

There's also a group from Nashville called Street Corner Symphony. But really, they are reppin' Mississippi because the Lister boys, Jeremy and Adam, are from Madison.

Committed is from Huntsville. That's in Alabama, y'all. And they are basically reppin' God because well, that's why they are named committed. They said they are committed to God first, each other second and music third. And there are some kind of good.

Then there's this other group, I forget what they are called. But they have a female lead singer who is insanely talented.

So, watch it.


Because I said so.

Have I ever led you astray?

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