Friday, February 4, 2011

Praying For...

I'm sure you've noticed the blog makeover. I hope one day I'll be able to afford a complete makeover that makes it cute and me, but for now it's just this.

I've also added a "Praying For" section over to the side bar because I've been very convicted of my prayer life lately. It's not a secret here on this blog that my faith is the most important thing to me. However, my prayer life has left much to be desired recently, and that's not a good thing when prayer (my main communication with God) becomes less than a priority.

So, I've created this section as a reminder for me (and you) of what I should be dwelling on each day. Not money, not being tired, not how much I want to not be working. But I should be thnking about those around me and in this world who need me to be storming God's throne on their behalf.

So, I've started a running list and I'm going to keep those requests on the list until they are answered. If you have something or someone you'd like me to add to the list, please leave me a comment.

God has called us to come to him on each other's behalf (Acts 2:42), so why wouldn't we be adamany about that?


  1. I like this blog design. I even clicked out of my google reader to check it out. And great idea on the Praying For list! :)

  2. hi! I stumbled upon your blog and I noticed that you said something about a blog makeover. If you are anything like me you have noticed that they are all expensive. Sister to sister...I found this awesome website that has cheap premades that are adorable and are able to be uploaded and customizable. It is Hope that helps!