Friday, April 25, 2008

Long Time Gone

Ok, so I must catch up. Work has been crazy busy the last few weeks and I can't believe I have NOT ONE sport to cover this week, that is, unless I choose to go score a little baseball on Saturday, which I may do just because. Anyway, I must recap what's been going on.
Two weekends ago, my best childhood friend, Lauren Brown, or as I like to call her, LB, married another good childhood friend, Joey Pape. It's amazing how you can sit next to someone in your first and second grade class picture and then end up marrying them almost 20 years later. It was a beautiful ceremony. Of course, my mom sang. I wish LB's mon, Mrs. Madonna, could have been there but I know she was looking down on the whole shindig, smiling as she always did.

Here a pic of me and the couple at the reception:

Last weekend I got to go to the OVC Tennis Tournament with my tennis teams in Nashville. Fun times. I wish I could've done a little bit more in Nashville because it's one of my favorite cities but I had fun getting to actually cheer for my team this time. It was fun because I've actually built relationships with the coaches and some of the girls and a few parents.

Both of my teams won the championship! The girls pretty much manhandled everybody and the guys' final match came down to one of our best players. He had to go to the hospital after the match, if that tells you anything. It was so fun to see it happen though. The guys have gotten so close to a championship for the past three years and finally got it this year. Fourth time is a charm! They were very close to winning the regular season title this year too but lost their last match to the other team that was undefeated too.

Our girls one the regular season again this year and then won the tournament title this time. They were close last year but lost in the finals. However, they did win the tournament title two years ago. But this one was special because there are only two seniors on the team and they have been doubles partners for the last four years. There rest of the team is freshmen so I'm excited to see how they will be next year. We did have the conference freshman of the year.

So now we are going to the NCAAs. Well, I say we...I hope I get to go. It's Mother's Day weekend so that's a bummer but it depends on where they go on if I get to go or not. If they go somewhere close, then I'll get to go but if they have to fly, I won't go. I'm excited either way. We will find out Tuesday when the selection show airs.

Here's a slideshow of all the pictures I took during the finals.

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