Thursday, July 8, 2010

Go, Go, Jonah

For some reason (God's timing), I've just started to grasp what God has been doing in my heart over the last year and a half. What that is will entail a completely different blog post but for today, I wanted to share the message from my church last Sunday. I'm sad I wasn't there to hear it in person, but that is why God made the internet, right? God. Not Al Gore.

Anyway, the message was about Jonah. A familiar story to everyone, yet I don't know that a lot of us really understand the story past Jonah getting swallowed up by a big fish. I know I didn't.

I feel like God has been calling me to make some grand and specific changes in my life for the good of His people all over the world and for the glory of His name. Yet, I've been running away and hiding because I really didn't understand why He wanted me to be involved. I didn't realize that it's not that he needs me, but that He wants me to see His glory just as much as those who don't know Him. Needless to say, God has completely burdened my heart, given me a sense of urgency and the confidence that I need to depend solely on Him for what my next step should be.

If you have about 107 minutes to spare, please watch this video, or even go download the FREE podcast from iTunes. You won't regret it. If you don't want to spend 107 watching the video, at least watch the part from the 8:43 mark to 15:40 (the song was written by the people on the stage). It's great. Hilarious. Entertaining. And educational.

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  1. Ok, I've been such a blog-reading slacker lately but I promise to do better! I LOVE the new design :) ... although, not sure if it's even new anymore because it's been so long since I dropped by!

    So glad to hear from your life!!