Friday, July 23, 2010

You Want Me To Put Bananas Where?!?!

There was a lady on Live! With Regis and Kelly the other day who was demonstrating home hair remedies with fruits/foods and other organic things. My thoughts? I spend all day working hard enough to get the food in my mouth rather than on my clothes and in my hair. Why would you think that I would voluntarily mash up bananas and smear them in my hair for a softer feel. My Aussie shampoo and conditioner work just fine, thanks.

P.S. Sorry for the complete lack of blogging. I spent all of last week (like Saturday to Saturday which hasn't happened in a while) at the beach and I'm still trying to crawl out from under my vacation hangover. But give me a few days and I'll give you a little peek at my cutie pie roommate, the thing I checked off of my bucket list and our kite-flying extraveganza.

Until then...

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