Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blog-Linkity Goodness 10.26.10

Here are a few links I've found interesting recently.

1. This has to be the greatest capitalization of the dumbest reality TV move ever. Mad props to Bachelor Kasey (or the person who approached him with this idea)! Click here for a refresher of the dumbest reality TV move ever.

2. This post of Annie's I really loved because a) I love surfing and 2) I can totally relate.

3. I haven't heard much from Andy Merrick in a while but like always, when he comes back, he comes back with a bang. I may or may not have read this post four times today already.

4. In six days, it'll be November. Which means it's officially acceptable for me to listen to Christmas music. And I can't wait to purchase this. And this.

5. I guess when your job is done, your job is done. His reward awaits him in Octopus Heaven. Also, please look at the writer's headshot and tell that doesn't look like a police mugshot. I dare you.

6. I'm sure this comes in handy at some point.

7. And lastly, I also may or may not have watched this video (and this one) about seven times. I can't get over just how humble this guy is, but I guess after all that he's been through and what God has pulled him out of, there's no other way to be. I strongly believe that God does great things through people who constantly point back to him and since we are talking sports, I'll just mention a few names -- Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy (and here), David Tyree and Kurt Warner.

I'm not talking prosperity gospel, I'm talking about a God who uses people for His glory and people who live their life to make His glory known throughout the world.

That's inspiration enough for me.

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