Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Things I Miss From My Childhood

I've been reminiscing recently about things from my childhood I really miss. I don't really know why but I sometimes get in these nostalgic moods where all I do is dream of the past.

Anyhoo, here's my list:

1. Billy Puckett (few will know who this is and what this means, but that kid forever changed my five-year old view of life)

2. Cold pizza for breakfast at LB's house and watching Muppets Take Manhattan in the green chairs.

3. Coca-Cola as a treat.

4. The days when Papaw picked us up from school and took us to the gas station to get junk food.

5. Being escorted across the street to my mom's school by Thomas Earl.

6. Kickball in Mrs. Parrott's class.

7. Music class with Mrs. Reed. And the recorder. And glockenspiels.

8. Backscratches from my daddy. I think still owe him upwards of about 3,000.

9. Playing restaurant and school with my sister.

10. Grandma's cooking.

11. Going to lunch at school on days when Grandma was subbing in the caf. I loved getting to see her when I didn't expect it.

12. Sandy, Cleo and Speck.

13. The time I found a dog in the gutter and begged mom to take it home. And I named it Gutter.

14. Saturday's a the Y pool. And the Phillips 66 gas station.

15. We (heart) Yogurt.

16. Old school Chuck E. Cheese. With the real talking characters.

17. Baton and tumbling.

18. Taco night.

19. Sister's homemade biscuit pizzas.

20. Dad's Mr. Pendelton story.

There are a lot more I could list but that would take days. Days that I don't have.

What are some of your favorite childhood memories.


  1. The GOOD Saturday morning cartoons.
    Trips to Grandma's house…she had a train that ran parallel with her home so we would run to the front room and count the engines.
    Playing school…I was always the teacher! Haha

    So many more…I think I have a new post to do! Yippeee!! :D

    And we are one day closer to baby each day just like we're one day closer to death each day…. :D

  2. Having my Katie far asleep in my lap.