Thursday, June 12, 2008

What do I do now?

Ok. It's June. June 12th, to be exact. And I have absolutely nothing to do at work. Yesterday, I did about 15 minutes of work and then surfed the internet and played games all day long. I even watched the first part of the Southern Baptist Convention online since my mom's church choir was doing a concert during the evening session. I know you people are like, "There's got to be something you can be doing." Nope. Not at all. See, although I'm ADD a good amount of the time, I've found that I actually get a lot accomplished when I have stuff to do. Considering that the past two weeks have been like this, well, I've exhausted all of my resources. Plus, the things that I could be doing are pending because I have to wait on other people to give me information.

I keep telling myself that I need to enjoy these days, because once August gets here, I'm going to be longing for one. I just looked at my fall schedule for volleyball and football and realized (again) that I don't have one weekend off until the middle of November. Yep, that's right. I'm either in Birmingham working a volleyball match or a football game or on the road with my volleyball team. And the bad thing about that is, beginning at the end of September, volleyball will play Saturday/Sunday matches instead of Friday/Saturday like we are used to. This means I really don't get a day off. I used to be able to enjoy my Sunday -- you know, go to church, have a good lunch, take a nap, watch a little football, whatever -- not anymore.

Anyway, I thought that I'd used this time of boredom to get a few trivial things off my chest. You know, just lame things that are apparent in this world, that have just really been getting under my skin. I shall list and number for easy reading:

1. Television Dating Shows (i.e., The Bachelor(ette), Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, One Shot With Tila Tequila, I Love New York). Ok, really? The Bachelor and Bachelorette are ok. They actually get the Katie Seal of Approval because it appears to be legit. I don't watch either show. Never have. I don't know why. Just not my thing. However, I'm going to submit my best friend Bethany for the next Bachelorette because she needs a good man and I think with my help and the help of the producers of this ABC show, we can "git 'er done".

Anyway, the latter of the above-mentioned list is really what gets to me. I do admit that I have watched Flavor (the one with Peaches and New York) and New York (the one with Juan "Pretty" McCullam). However, this was more for entertainment and laugh-factor rather than sheer, genuine interest. It's just laughable to watch people go on national television and complete fools of themselves and really see nothing wrong with it. (Although, I did somewhat enjoy watching VP McCullam get called out on national television about his sexual preferences, by his sister.)

Anyway, not only does this genre of entertainment make people look insane, it sends a horrible message to the world about dating. The world today views dating and marriage as a "trial and error" situation. Dating (and get serious) with one person, for however long, and then when it doesn't work out, throw them out and find a new one. It's sad to watch people put so much emphasis on the physical aspect of dating, rather than actually getting to know the person and building an actual relationship (i.e. friendship) first, above anyhting else. And then to make matters worse, Shot At Love, throws in the option of picking a girl or a guy. Like that is a decision to even be made.

Ok, I'm going to move on to the next thing before I get myself in trouble.

2. More people vote for American Idol that in the Presidential election. I have heard this statement made numerous times since the conclusion of the last American Idol installment. Hello, duh? Of course there are going to be more votes because: a) there is no age restriction on the voters of American Idol so at least half of the voting party is under the age of 18, and b) there is no restriction on how many votes a single voter can cast. There were people who votes 30 or 40 times for a contestant after the Season 7 finale. Of course, that is going to make a big difference and inflate some statistics. What I believe the people who are making this statement need to do is alter their words a little bit and emphasize the enthusiasm of the voters. If we, as a nation, could be as excited about electing a new president as we are about selecting the newest American Idol, I think we wouldn't have as many issues in with politics as we do today. The problem is, is that politics, basically, have become corrupt and most people just don't care anymore.

3. Does it have to rain in Alabama everyday in the summertime? To put it bluntly, I have no idea how we were in a drought last summer because it rained at least three times a week last summer usually starting at noon and lasting until about 5 p.m. It was usually stop-and-go but it would rain. That put a damper on my work last summer because I was teaching swim lessons the whole summer. If every one of my lessons had been privately set up by me, that would have been a big loss of a lot of money for me. But considering they were scheduled through the YMCA and paid for up front, I had no problems if something did get rained out. Anyway, this summer, the intensity seems to have been bumped up a little and instead of having a couple of showers here and there, God's just decided to prevent drought season by opening up the sky in the late afternoon hours and just pour bucket of rain down on the earth. The monsoon that came through yesterday afternoon was insane. It thundered and lightning-ed for about two full hours but no one raindrop fell, until, luckily, I had made my way back to my house from Target and was safely inside before the bottom dropped out around 6:45 p.m. The thunder was insanely loud and the lightning was crazy close to my house. I really believe that one bolt struck right outside my house in the street because it was so bright. Anyway, it's been forecasted to rain again today and then yet again tomorrow. I guess I just prepare myself everyday until September hits.

That is all for today. I hope to soon recap on my weekend with Bethany. We went to the Birmingham Zoo Saturday. I have to get pictures first. Fun times.

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