Tuesday, January 11, 2011

About Last Night...

Just in case you were living under a rock (or snowed in with no electricity), Auburn won the national championship last night in the Tostitos BSC National Title Game in Glendale, Ariz. And yes, you heard it right. Brent Musburger did say, "This is for all the Tostitos," just before Auburn's kicker nailed the game-winning field goal. Lame? Probably.

I have an interesting point of view on this national title game, not because I'm a girl living in the South, and we all know that we Southern Belles love us some college football. My view point comes from that of a girl living in Alabama. The heart of Alabama, people.

Now, I'm from Mississippi. I understand rivalry as much as the next person. The only thing that I could possibly love more than a Mississippi State win is an Ole Miss loss. I LOATHE the RebelBears more than my worst enemy. I think "fire of a thousand suns" would be the appropriate phrase to describe my hatred for them.

However, my approach towards rivalry is much different than than of my Alabama/Auburn comrades. My approach is to 1) chuckle at the dumb decisions TSUN makes on a daily basis (offensive coaching staff makeover when there were obvious defensive deficiencies this year), 2) say the appropriate rivalry-related things during games, but 3) to just try to ignore them like they never were there in the first place.

What good is it going to do to sit around and pine and hem and haw over "that other team" 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year? Nothing. All it seems to be doing to my friends of Crimson and White and Burnt Orange and Navy loyalty is skyrocketing blood pressure numbers and unnecessary doctor's bills. Not to mention that it's just annoying.

So, I say that all to say this. Last night, even those I had (literally) no dog in the fight, it was a lose-lose situation for me. Auburn loses, the Barners (Auburn fans) whine for the duration of the year and the Tiders yell about "The Bear" a little louder. Auburn wins, the Barners continue the obnoxious bragging until the end of time. The Tiders continue mourning "The Bear" and talk about how Auburn cheated and they will be stripped of their title in due time.

This is what I put up with on a daily basis, people.

Nevertheless, Auburn won. The SEC claimed its fifth-straight national championship and its six in seven years. Alabama kind rules in football right now considering back-to-back Heismans and national championships. And I guess since I'm technically a citizen of the state, that cool and all.

However, my win of the night was these wicked sweet unis that Oregon donned.


Technically, those are the wrong pants and the ones they wore last night was even cooler. But y'all, I've never seen a cooler helmet and the sheer fact that the yellow socks and shoes made them look even more like actually ducks on the field was, well, it was just priceless.

Here are my thoughts on the unis (ignore the third and fourth):

Oregon, for the win. Or loss. There's always next year.

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