Tuesday, March 18, 2008


"Upset" and "under the weather". Two phrases that could've not been more true of this weekend. And it all had to do with basketball. I know I'm going to break some rules of the "Alphabet Game" in this post, but hey, I've broken a lot before so why stop now.

Let's start with upset...

This refers to every single opponent Georgia has faced in the last four games. What a competitor Georgia became this weekend. They definitely deserved to win that championship, especially having to play two games in one day. That's tough, especially in a conference tournament and especially in a conference like the SEC.

This also refers to me on Saturday night when my Bulldogs completely tanked in the last two minutes of that game. First of all, if we had hit all the free throws that we missed, we would have won that game by at least eight. There is no excuse to be a team like we are and to have the players that we have and not hit free throws. No excuse. Free throws and defense win championships. Point. Blank. Period. That's it. Oh, and Charles Rhodes. When the game is on the line, keep your friggin' mouth shut. You ain't in Jackson anymore.

Under the weather....
Ok...every person in the Georgia Dome Friday night -- literally. I had two friends eating at a restaurant just down the street at the same time the tornado hit downtown ATL. They said that the wind was wicked crazy and stuff was flying everywhere. They had to move hotels because the windows in their hotel room imploded during the tornado. My friend Chris and I were watching the game and he noticed that the TV was getting fuzzy but I kept saying that it had nothing to do with the cable. Then play stopped, everyone was looking up, scaffolding was swaying and then my TV when to black. Chris called a friend that was there and got the whole story. And of course, I texted my Bethany (best friend) and had to make sure she was okay. She was there working in the suites with Colonnade Group.

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