Thursday, March 27, 2008

V is for very exciting news!

Very exciting news abounds in Birmingham with Katie! I am officially a full-time employee of Samford University. (Well, effective July 1.) That's right folks. As of July 1, I will no longer be an intern scrounging for money and looking under random couch cushions for loose change. I was told last Thursday that my internship would become a full-time position, effective July 1. I will be the primary contact for all of the same sports, and maybe baseball. I will still be involved with all other sports as I have been before. I will be getting PAID finally. No more $800 a month. Finally, the Lord has answered my prayers. I've definitely learned what Proverbs 3:5-6 means and that being patience really does pay off.

I'm so excited to be staying in Birmingham. I absolutely love it and I've made some incredible friends and have found a great church.

Now, next on the list is to find a new place to live since my roommate and I were told that we had to be out of our Samford house by August 1.

Now onto another note...Mississippi State basketball. The Bulldogs should have won on Sunday. There is no way around it. Bad calls by the refs and Jamont "Butterfingers" Gordon cost us that game. All of the chips fell our way in the second half of that game -- we hit three-pointers and free throws and Memphis didn't. I don't care if Jamont Gordon had 21 points and nine rebounds. You CANNOT turnover the ball three times under your goal and win a basketball game. It is not going to work. You HAVE to protect the ball against teams like Memphis. Now, I do think that Memphis is overrated and not as good as people think but I do think they are a good team and definitely deserved to be a high seed. With that said, they will never be a national champion if they can't shoot free throws. Every team will pull the "Hack-a-Dorsey" with five minutes to go in every game until Memphis improves their free throw percentage. Plus, I do not like John Calipari. He doesn't treat his players well. He calls them names that I don't think even Bobby Knight would ever think of calling a player. And...he's a thug coach with a thug team.

I know I didn't include a picture in this post and I know that's kind of breaking the rules but I've broken more rules in this game and circumstances don't allow me to upload any pictures anyway.

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  1. congratulations! that sounds like the perfect job for you.