Thursday, February 11, 2010

5,000 Question Survey (Part 6)

501. If you could rename yourself what would your new name be?
I don't know. I really like the name Ruth. But I love my name. I wouldn't change it.

502. What is your Glam Rock name (the name of your first pet plus your street name)?
Sandy Wildridge.

503. Have you ever created your own 'what ___ are you' quiz?
Don't think so.

If you did make one what would it be about?
No idea.

504. What is your favorite song from the 70's?
I Will Survive

505. What do you feel like complaining about?
Nothing. I'm really, really annoyed with people complaining right now.

506. What do you feel like celebrating?
Not the ticket I just got for having an expired car tag.

507. Have you lost touch with anyone you should call?
There are probably a few people I should call, but I really don't like talking on the phone so I just text. The only people I make an attempt to call are my parents and my sister.

508. Deep in thought do you forgive everyone?
I don't really understand this question but I really try and forgive people. If not, the beef just eats away at me inside. I forgive but hardly ever forget. But I won't forgive whoever wrote this question because I totally doesn't make sense.

509. Can a person speak out against their government and still support their country?
People do it all the time. That's what freedom of speech is about. I can speak out against things that our president does or our Senate or House does but by no means am I going to stop supporting my country. My country is what gives me the right to do that.

510. What do you have faith in?
God - Someone greater than I am who is in control of all that I can't be in control of.

511. Do you believe your government has a file on you somewhere?
Is that what the IRS and the DMV do?

512. What (not who) do you care about?
I care about a lot of stuff but right now, I mostly care about the lack of interest we as a nation and world have for the people who go without so that we can live frivolously.

513. What is the worst thing that could possibly happen to you?
Losing my parents or my sister.

514. Who or what is really the absolute root and source of all evil?
Read Genesis 3.

515. What do you want to change about the world?
See 512.

516. Why did you decide to complete this survey?
Because I didn't really want to work on what I was working on at the moment.

517. Has anyone ever led you on?
Seriously. Being led on is inevitable in life.

518. What was the last thing you did against your will?
I don't think that has ever been a reality for me. Life is about choices so we don't ever really do something against our will.

519. What are your plans for the rest of today?
Small group bible study at 7 then home to watch the State-Ole Miss game.

520. How can you make tomorrow better than today was?
It's all about attitude. And if I don't have to come to work, that might make things better.

521. Would you rather date someone 4 feet tall or 9 feet tall?
Nine feet tall. I'm already short enough as it is. I don't need someone shorter than me. I like tall boys.

522. How often do you get jealous?
I used to get jealous a lot. Now, I just try not to waste my time.

523. What is the one thing you do that your friends wish you didn't?
You'll have to ask them.

524. Do you do any soul searching?
Every day.

525. Do you believe you have a soul?
Uh, yeah. What kind of question is that?

526. Would you rather have a child that is more confident or more curious?
That's interesting. I think curiousity builds confidence. The more you learn, the more you confident you become, so probably curious. I think I was a curious child.

527. Are you a slave to love?
We are all slaves to love.

528. If you were going to write a bedtime story for someone you loved what would it be about?
A little prince named William.

529. Does anyone understand you?
I don't know.

530. Do you understand yourself?
Most of the time.

531. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water: Which is your element?
I don't really know. I guess water.

532. Who influences you to be the way you are?
Christ, my parents, my friends, my pastor

533. What is one idea that you live by?
God created me to bring glory to His name. He's allowing me to be a part of that so why not live life in a way that does.

534. How can people act to make you want to get to know them?
I don't really know. There are some people who are just infectious. Pretty much anything that is not arrogant or negative, I'm attracted to.

535. Are you more delicate or tough?
I like to think I'm a good mix of both. When I need to be delicate, I will and vice versa. Today, I'm tough.

536. Would you rather be smarter or more beautiful?
Smarter. Beauty fades.

537. Have you ever had a surprise party?
Yep. My Sweet 16.

538. When are you at a loss for words?
Usually when I'm upset.

539. What is the worst time to be alone?
When I'm excited about something. Then I want to share it with someone.

540. What do your parents do that you will try never to do?
My parents have pretty much been great examples for me. There is nothing that sticks out in my mind that I want to avoid.

541. What gets you through the night?
Knowing that the sun will rise again and if it doesn't, I'll be in a better place anyway.

542. Do you really want to live forever?
In this life? No.

543. Do you often experience powerful emotions?
I'm pretty sure I've proved myself as a passionate person so probably any emotion I feel is a powerful one these days.

544. What could make you so happy right now that you would cry and laugh and sing?
Cookie cake.

545. Who is your favorite visual artist?
Hmmm...the guy who created Dennis the Menace. I love those cartoons.

546. What would you like to protest against?
I really don't like protesting.

547. What or who do you support?
There are a lot of people and things I support. Too many to be specific.

548. If you found out you were pregnant today, would you have an abortion?
Absolutely not considering that if it were to happen to me, it would be the second coming of Christ, I'm sure.

549. Do you like picking out greeting cards or would you rather write your own?
I love going to Hallmark and picking out the Fresh Ink square cards.

550. Do you like to be thought of as mysterious?
Yes. I think that it makes you more interesting.

551. What is the most magical thing that has ever happened to you?
Hmm... the first time I realized I was in love maybe?

552. How would you tell your friend his or her fly was open in public?
So, hey. Your pants are unzipped.

553. Does a good friend tell you you've got something in your teeth or pretend not to notice it?

554. The world has many secrets. Have you learned any? Will you share it?

555. Are there any bands you like so much that you want to get their music video collection on DVD?
Not so much music videos. But I would love to have a John Mayer or Ben Harper concert on DVD. I just love listening to them jam.

556. What do you need advice about?
The next step in life.

557. Have you been half-asleep and have you heard voices?
I've heard them calling my name. Is this the sweet sound that calls the young sailors? The voice might be one and that same.

558. Do you have a good luck charm?

559. Should animals have the same right to life as people?
God gave us the animals for the purpose of nutrition. It's called the food chain.

560. What is your least favorite body part?
The mid-section right now.

561. Do you enjoy British comedy?
Monty Python is one of the funnies things I've ever seen.

562. Are there ever happy endings or does nothing end?
There are happy endings happening all the time.

563. What is your worst trait?
That's hard. I'm my own critic so I choose not to answer this.

564. Is the world more beautiful because of love?
Love makes things more beautiful.

565. What is the essence of you?

566. What really inspires you?

567. Have you met your soul mate?
Thought I did. I was wrong.

568. Is everyday a special occasion?
In someone's life.

569. What sound would you rather hear than any sound in the world?
My sister sing.

570. Of the following which word best describes you:



polite: this one

quick thinking:

571. Do any commercials make you want to break your TV?
Pretty much all of them but right now it's the negative political ones. It makes me not want to vote for either candidate.

572. Have you ever lost your religion?

573. Do you want to share your life with someone?
More than anything.

574. Where ARE the wild things?
Under my bed.

575. Would you rather have a child genetically related to you or an adopted child?
I'll take either one.

576. If I had a birthday party would you come?

577. What seemingly impossible thing is POSSIBLE?
Climbing Mt. Everest.

578. What song do you love to sing out loud?
Have you met me? I sing everything out loud.

579. Have you ever run through the woods naked and played in a stream (you should)?
Can't say that I have.

580. Have you ever taken long solitary night walks?
No. I don't walk alone at night.

581. Is there more to you than anyone knows?

582. Can you make tonight the night that you do the things you always wanted to do?
Nope. Too busy.

583. Would you rather watch life on TV or LIVE it?
Can I do both?

584. What keeps you chained down?

585. What is the nagging feeling in the back of your head?
There's more.

586. Do you celebrate yourself?
Yep. With cookie cake.

587. Does everyone get the same opportunities in life?

588. What would you consider to be better than sex?
Cookie cake.

589. What evil is necessary?

590. What's your favorite one hit wonder?
MMMBop by Hanson

591. What would you do anything for?
I've have to agree with Meatloaf and say Love.

592. Do you celebrate the full moon?
I don't throw parties or anything but it's pretty to look at sometimes.

593. Have you ever gone in the water at the beach at night?

594. Are you ordinary?

595. What makes people want to hang out with you?
Ask them.

596. Have you ever felt like you've been a little bit too good to someone?
Oh yeah. There are few people who got a lot more nice from Katie than they should have.

597. What book did you like that you had to read for school?
Night by Elie Wiessel

598. What book should everyone have to read in school?
See 597.

599. Do you like the store Old Navy?
Take a look at my closet and answer that question for yourself.

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