Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blog-Linkity Goodness 2.24.10

A few nuggets from the interweb. Click away.

1. SWAT Team. Jarvis Varnado is eight blocks away from breaking the all-time record for blocked shots. It could happen tonight against Alabama. Great article.

2. What's an edition of Blog-Linkity Goodness without something from Jon Acuff? Dude is legit and writes in a way that just makes me want to read his stuff over and over and over. This post is one part gross a thousand parts ugly truth sprinkled, okay maybe drowning, in a whole lot of God.

3. Some goodness written by one of my favorites, BooMama, over at All-Access. That quote for Beth Moore? Does it come in a yogurt flavor? Because all I want to do is pour a bunch of rainbow sprinkles on it and eat it all up.

4. This video had me weeping at my desk early this morning. Not only is the video good but this guy's voice is nutso incredible.

5. Seen this before. Except it was a frat boy in his boxers smeered with all kinds of unmentionable stinky things and hog-tied to a 2x4. And he had just gotten engaged.

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