Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thoughts On Some Things

I'm completely defeated right now. I don't understand why I bust my butt to do my best at something and get it done on time when the people I have to depend on to get the project to its finality completely disregard what I say. Hello. You are an editor. Do some edits. When I ask for something to be changed. Change it. It's frustrating that I get blamed for something not being done on time when I have to depend on other people to help me get it done and they aren't doing their job.

I don't want to talk about the Mississippi State-Kentucky debacle that went on last night in Starkville, but I'm going to. Why? Because some things just can't go unsaid. First things first. From two weeks ago until yesterday, the behavior of the Mississippi State fans, in respect to calling Kentucky forward Demarcus Cousins, was uncalled for. Now, I think it's kind of a fun idea to get a player's number and call and say, "Hey, you're going down on Tuesday," or "Ready to get beat," or whatever. However, calling the kid and making racial and homosexual slurs or talking about the kid's family is really uncalled for and it makes the rest of the nation continue to believe the stereotype of Mississippi people that we have so long tried to move past.

Secondly, the officiating what atrocious (someone give me a benjamin because that's about how much that word cost me to type). From the time that State was up 67-60, the referees called 10 fouls on Mississippi State. TEN FOULS. How many on Kentucky? Zero. ZERO. There is no way that a team that ranks number one in least fouls made per game (13.6) can come out one night against the No. 2 team in the nation and get called for 28 personal fouls. NO WAY.

And while we are on the subject, I know how officiating can set fans off. I know. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Literally. And I have to say, that given the height of emotions and the atmosphere that was present last night, it's commendable to both teams that nothing got out of hand on the court. No punches were thrown, and not a lot of jawing. But the fans need to remember that line that can be crossed and do what the can, no matter what the circumstances or the outcome, not to cross it.

There is a statement made by my conference, the Southern Conference, that I think applies to all conferences and institutions. It says:

"The scoreboard will reflect the quality of the teams in competitions while the kind of support given by the spectators will reveal the character of the fans."

I think that speaks volumes about the kind of character that our fans allowed themselves to show last night. It was embarassing. When the officiating and behavior of fans overshadows the undeniable fight that your team showed, there is major problem that should be dealt with.

I'm even embarassed to say that I am a graduate of Mississippi State right now because that spectacle will be what people remember for a long while. When Mississippi State fans are grouped in the same category as Alabama fans (the nastiest of them all) and Ole Miss fans, when it comes to fans in the SEC, THAT is embarassing.

I just hope that people realize that when you are fan, whether its little league or professional sports, you are not only cheering on your team but you are representing them well. If you wouldn't want bottles and coins thrown at you, take a minute, sober up, think about how you would feel, and then don't do it. Not all emotions are meant to be acted upon, and anger and frustration is one of those. Believe me, I've learned that lesson well in my short 26 years of living. Acting on anger and frustration gets you nowhere...unless you need to bust down a door in an emergency. Then you're like Superman.

Lastly, and to completely switch gears, if you are a Christian (and even if you're not), I encourage you to find a chronological bible reading plan and go through it. I've only read through Genesis, Job and Exodus and am utterly dumbfounded at the truths that are being revealed infront of my eyes and in my heart.

The reason I said "if you are a Christian (and even if you're not)" is because I know that believers and nonbelievers read the Bible through two completely different scopes. There's a whole long explanation that I could go into but maybe I'll save it for another blog post. Let's just say it has to do with when the Holy Spirit indwells us and what he chooses to reveal to us.

Anyway, I encourage you to read through it this way because you are able to see the amazing story of redemption that is threaded throughout the Bible. And if I've already been able to see it through three books, I guess I should brace myself for the other 63 books.

I'm pretty sure my life, my heart and my entire way of thinking is about to be turn upside down.

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  1. I've been waiting to hear your comments about the game. I had a whole blog post about it all but I deleted it because it was not very nice. It was definitely not nearly as succinct and eloquent as what you wrote. I too am disappointed in State Fans. I'm also fuming at the article Pat Forde wrote. I had to let it go... Tough loss. I hope we can play UK at the SEC tourney and prove our sportsmanship and athletic ability.