Wednesday, April 21, 2010

American Idol - Top 7

First, a few notes:

1. I can't believe I'm blogging AI at midnight but I did take a nap this afternoon due to a headache so I'm still pretty awake.

2. College is an interesting thing. I miss it and I don't. Exhibit A: I just spent the last three hours talking to three precious, sweet, funny college girls about college life. Let's just say drama is fun to listen to but I don't ever want to read (or write) that chapter again.

3. Mom told me today that Mrs. Jane (Dave Barnes' mom) sent a text informing her that "10,000 Children" would be featured on "Idol Gives Back" tomorrow night. So excited!

Ok, now...

THIS. Is American Idol.

Casey James ("Don't Stop") - I liked this performance. This was a good song for him and it reminded me a little of the "Power of Love" week. I think this is his vibe all the way. However, when Casey gets on stage, I forget that it's a competition and just feel like I'm watching a musician do his thing. For me, that's great. But I don't know how that affects the vote for him. I do feel like he needs to bring a surprise sometime soon though. Of course, I don't think that performance deserves a vote-off though. He's just been consistently good for the past several weeks.

Lee Dewyze ("The Boxer") - Ok, this was not his best vocal of the season but what made this performance great for me was his passion and honesty was up front for all to see. The connection was totally there and he put his whole self into that song. The vocal got better as the song went on, and I don't really think this song fit his voice but in that, he made the song his. Randy said it. Lee Dewyze is an artist. Point. Blank. Period.

And I think I'd like to retract my proposal to Casey from last week and extend it to Lee. He is just precious.

Tim Urban ("Better Days") - It's crazy how much he reminds me of Kris Allen. I wasn't blown away by this performance but I wasn't wanting to fast-forward through it. I feel like that's what it's going to be like for most of the night. Tim Urban has definitely grown over this competition and come into his own even in the last few weeks. I like what Kara said -- this was the right way to go but it wasn't the best execution.

Aaron Keys ("I Believe I Can Fly") - Somehow I knew that this song was going to be sung, I probably would've put 48 cents on the bet that this kid would be the one to do it. And can we get the kid to NOT roll his sleeves up EVERY show?

This. Was. Not. Good. In my opinion. I feel like he always chooses songs that are too big for him. The vocal was not good and I felt like was back in eighth grade because a kid that can sing, probably even better than Aaron (which is saying a lot) sang this at the talent show and it was nutso good. This? Not so much.

Siobhan Magnus ("When You Believe") - I was ready to see Siobhan go last week but I think this week she earned another chance with me. Although the arrangement was kind of sketchy, I thought she tackled this big song like a pro defensive lineman. The middle was also a little weird for me but, I liked the beginning and the end. I do have to agree with Kara on the fact that it was a little musical theater-ish. But I think that's just who she is. She's a dramatic and original person. I still just hope she doesn't go down the Adam Lambert road.

Michael Lynch ("Hero") - Big Mike can sing. No doubt about it. I just don't know what I thought about this performance though. I felt like maybe Randy and Simon have been onto something in the past weeks when they talk about the drama in the performance. This felt very dramatic. However, I don't think it deserves being sent home. I hope he'll be back next week because I don't know if I've mentioned it but Big Mike can sing.

Crystal Bowersox ("People Get Ready") - Y'all I don't know who originally sang this song but I loved when the Christian band "Newsong" covered this. I still rock out to that song. It's amazing.

The open was brilliant and I've only heard 30 seconds of this and I'm in love. I'll say it again, this girl is miles above every other contestant on this show. So, I'm just going to stop typing and just listen.

My DVR cut off before they got to Simon's comments and I'm curious to hear what he had to say.

Ok, let's wrap this up.

Best of the night: Crystal
Worst of the night: Aaron
Should go home: Aaron or Tim
Probably going home: Aaron

We'll see...

Walden. Out.


  1. I love your AI comments, Katie. Priceless.

  2. Simon said Crystal was in another league.

    I was ready to wave goodbye to Siobhan (about 3 weeks ago actually) but I think now we're just ticking off the mediocres and waiting to get to Lee, Crystal and Casey at the end.