Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Idol - Top 6

At this point, I could tell you right now that Crystal was going to win, I'm going to marry Lee Dewyze and we'll all go on tour with Casey James so the rest of everybody else can go home. However, I'm sure the American Idol people have paid a whole bucketful of money to put on 10 more shows so here we are tonight.

The music of Shania Twain. I guess this is replacing country week. Hollie will be way upset.

But let's get to it!

THIS. Is American Idol.

(I'll bet $6.48 that Aaron Kelly does "From This Moment".)

Lee Dewyze ("Still The One") - I mean really, I hate to say the same thing over and over every week, but this guy just keeps impressing me. I wasn't sure how this was going to work out but then again, it's Lee Dewyze and he's been working it out for several weeks now. He made it his own. I can totally hear that version on the radio.

Michael Lynche ("It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing") - This is one Shania song that I don't think I've heard before, but this actually sounded like a Brian McKnight song. And it sounded like a song that Big Mike would have on an album. Whatever happens in this competition, Michael Lynche will be making records. He's marketable, he's a great singer and he's an honest performer. I'd buy his music.

Casey James ("Don't") - This was a perfect song for him. I don't think I've heard that song before either but it sounded like it came right off his album. And it sort of sounded kind of like the band The Verb or The Verbpipe, depending on what generation you are from. I hope the judges liked it.

Crystal Bowersox ("No One Needs To Know") - I love this song and I was hoping that she would sing it because I think she's the only person who could pull it off. This was good, and I was glad to see another side of her. I don't think it was her best performance but also don't think she's had a bad performance either. I like Ellen's analogy, saying this performance wasn't your favorite is like asking which color of the rainbow you like the least. My analogy would've been it's like asking which part of the cookie cake is your least favorite.

And can we talk about how precious her boyfriend is?

Aaron Kelly ("You Got A Way") - Okay, I've said that this kid can sing before. But this week I feel like he was very, very throaty. And that is not good for a 17-year old kid. Because if he keeps singing like that, in about three or four years, his vocal chords are going to be ripped to shreds. With that said, it was pretty pitchy for me and it was predictable. I'm tired of hearing him sing ballads and watch him sit there/stand there and sing. It's getting old.

I'm actually voting tonight so that maybe I can get this kid kicked off. I'm sorry for all the Aaron Kelly fans but he doesn't really belong in a competition with people like Casey, Lee and Crystal.

Siobhan Magnus ("Any Man Of Mine") - I can tell you stories of singing this song at the top of my lungs in my car or doing a line dance to it in the small quarters of my friend Paige's room but I won't. However, I love this song. And it does seem to fit Siobhan. I didn't think this was bad, but I'm still not a Siobhan fan. I think it was better than Aaron.

Best line of the night: Ellen - "Way to pull the Shaina Twain into the station."
Best of the night: Lee Dewyze
Worst of the night: Aaron
Should go home: Aaron
Will go home: (probably) Siobhan

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