Tuesday, April 6, 2010

American Idol - Top 9

THIS. Is American Idol.

John Lennon/Paul McCartney Songbook night.

I could not be more excited and if one person ruins one of these songs I'm inclined to throw my brand new TV out of the window. Actually, I'm not because I'm pretty fond of it but I might be really mad and inclined to fast forward through their performance.

Aaron Kelly ("Long And Winding Road") - I really tried to have a positive attitude about his performance tonight. And there were some bright spots but there are a bajillion more songs that this kid could've picked that would've fit his voice and personality more than this song. It was weird for me. I didn't really like at all. But he can still sing.

Katie Stevens ("Let It Be") - Okay, I can't even believe I'm saying this but -- That. Was. GOOD. For the first time in this competition, I actually liked Katie Stevens. That was current, honest and just plain good. She just stood up there and sang. No gimmicks. No messing around. She just sang. And she sang the heck out of that song. I would download that. And she looked great. Again, for the first time, I felt like she wasn't playing "dress up".

Simon has no clue what he is talking about with all the country talk.

Andrew Garcia ("Can't Buy Me Love") - Loved it. Perfect song. Perfect arrangement. No one else could've pulled that off. Had it been anyone else, I would've said it was cheesy and weird but this guy can pull that off in a good way. That should tell Simon Cowell something about Andrew Garcia's personality. I love love loved this performance and I think he's still on track.

Michael Lynche ("Eleanor Rigby") - Oh, how I love the melody of this song. I didn't really like the intro and I have to admit that I wasn't sure how this would translate to R&B, but Big Mike made it happen. And, the strings. Oh, the strings. I love them. I love them. I love them. This was awesome. He is such a good performer and such an honest performer. And I love his voice! I agree with what Kara said. He completely made that song relevant.

Crystal Bowersox ("Come Together") - I can't hear this song and not think of Chris Allen. Let's see if Crystal changes this.

Okay, Crystal Bowersox is like the break in the show where the professionals come out and perform and show everyone how its down. That's what this girl just did. She comes out every week and blows the competition out of the water. It's nuts! I don't even understand what she's doing on this show. She should be out there making records right now. She's incredible.

Yes, Kara. Bonnie Rait. Exactly.

Tim Urban ("All My Lovin'") - Couldn't have picked a better song for this kid's personality. Okay, I enjoyed this. It was definitely his best performance in the last few weeks. I agree with Kara that the guitar keeps him honest and true to himself. I just don't know how good it was to keep him on the show, relatively speaking. I'd love to see him again but I don't know who I'd send home besides Aaron, which won't happen, or Siobhan, who I haven't seen yet. And if the whole music thing doesn't work out, he'll not doubt get a job doing toothpaste commercials.

Casey James ("Jealous Guy") - I loved this performance. It was so raw and I can definitely hear this on one of his albums. I kinda want to go download it right now. Like, I don't even know what to say about it because nothing I say will do it justice. It was awesome.

Siobhan Magnus ("Across The Universe") - First I have to say, the glittery lips are out. of. control. But I have to say this was a good performance. It wasn't her best but it showed a sort of different side to her and I appreciate that. At the beginning, I loved her voice. Now, it's kind of starting to annoy me a little. Her lower register is getting a little nasal-y and I hate that. And I hate that I'm going to say this but I see shades of Adam Lambert in her.

Lee Dewyze ("Hey Jude") - Dear goodness, I might shed a tear. No one can understand how much I love this song and how many afternoons I spent riding around singing this song at the top of my lungs my senior year. The bagpipes guy was so unexpected and out of the blue that it was just awesome. His confidence was off the scale tonight. That little sly smile he has, I'm telling you, that is a tell that he is relaxed and in his zone. It didn't matter if he was pitchy or not, tonight wasn't about singing it perfectly for Lee Dewyze. Tonight was about a solid performance that ended that show and a memorable note. He performed tonight and was a star.

Okay, here's my top three:
1. Casey James
2. Lee Dewyze
3. Crystal Bowersox

Bottom three:
1. Tim Urban
2. Aaron Kelly
3. Siobhan Magnus

Going home? Probably Tim but I wish it would be Aaron. To me, Aaron just doesn't have anything interesting about him that calls out to me for a vote.

But...we shall see tomorrow.

At least the TV's life was spared tonight.

Walden. Out.

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  1. I'm so glad you agree with me about Aaron!! SO many are saying Tim shold go tonight, but I'd like to see him squeak through 1 more week so we can send Aaron packing!

    (Stopping by from Boomama's)