Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Weekend That Was - Part 1

So, now that it's been a week, I think that I've waited the appropriate amount of time to tell you guys about my last weekend. Don't you?

It really was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. It was jam-packed full of fun stuff and I spent a lot of time with some great friends.

We'll start with Friday when my friend Lauren and I went to Workplay Theatre to see Ben Rector and Dave Barnes.

Enter monsoon rains.

Seriously, it had been predicted that the storm coming through would be one of the worst storms Birmingham had seen in years. I think someone missed the memo from God about the weather because although it did rain a whole lot here, and thunder and lightning, I think the worst missed up by about 50 miles.

However, come hell or highwater, Lauren and I were going to make it to that show. Because Lauren had never seen Dave in concert. And really? That's just a sin for someone her age.

We ran into a dilemma as we arrived to the venue. What do you d
o when it's pouring down rain outside and you don't want to take your umbrella inside, but your hair will instantly curl/frizz the minute a drop of rain hits your head?

You improvise. Paten pending, folks.

We did make it inside slightly dry and it was a great show. We ran into some people we knew, and made new friends.

And we documented the cuteness before we started sweating like beasts.

Ben performed.

(My apologies for the blurriness.)

Then Dave came on.

This is the third picture I've gotten with Dave in the past four years. I think I'm good on the picture front now.

They ended the show with an unplugged version of "Greyhound" which was pretty awesome, although someone yelled from the back, "You're copying NEEDTOBREATHE!" I tried to record the whole thing but my camera cut out. Here's what I have.

So the evening ended and Lauren and I headed home. I had a big day ahead of me for Saturday. It was Raymond and Kelly's wedding. And it was going to be outside. And there was a 90 percent chance of severe thunderstorms.

Stay tuned...

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