Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Crisis Averted...

This morning my life came to a schreeching halt as I came to the final stage of my morning preparation routine. I'd just finished blow drying my hair and went to turn on my CHI Flat Iron (arguably the greatest invention known to man), when my most dreaded nightmare became a reality -- at last, the CHI had breathed its last. Sad day for all.

A little background on Katie's love affair with the CHI:

I've always had straight hair. Never a curl unless made to do so with sponge rollers or hot curlers. I've had a slight wave for the past 10 or 12 years but nothing that could be solved with a little heat. All through middle school and high school, and some college, I just used the standard curling iron. After all, I was taught that a little curl always looks better. Except, Katie isn't one of those curly hair, hairspray poof girls like her sister is. Anna can pull it off. Katie...not so much. Anyway, until my senior year, I had no desire for the flat iron. I didn't even really know that they existed. Yet, one faithful day, my senior year, my KD House roommate Tricia Hopper Butts introduced me to the art of hair-straightening. I've been a fan ever since.
I immediately ran out and bought the cheapest straightener I could find, a Revlon, from Walmart. I worked okay for the first year. Then the CHI entered my life. It served me well for three, almost four years, and yet, I exhausted all of its energy. So this morning when mine when caput, I had a moment of silence...and then asked my best friend Casey what she did when hers died. She said she got a cheaper version of the CHI at Sally's Beauty Supply and that it works just as well. I thought this couldn't be possible.

So I grabbed my hairbrush, stuffed it in my purse, and headed down the street to Sally's. I got there at 8:55 and realized that they didn't open until 9:00. So I waited. Yes I did. I was not going to work all day with crazy non-smooth hair. No sir. It has become my trademark. All my friends always croon over how smooth and shiny my hair is. I couldn't let them down.

So at the stroke of 9:00, I got out of my car, headed to the door and went to make my purchase. I searched for the GVP (Generic Value Products) Straightening Iron (It says on the box, compared to the CHI. It was the only one that said it so it has to be true.). I purchased it for half the price of my CHI. The GVP was $69.99. And I got it on sale -- $10 off! Happy day!

I took my purchase, headed to the office and immediately got to straightening. My hair is smoother than it was before, or at least than it has been in a year. I'm sure my CHI hadn't been getting as hot as it used to for a while, but wow, what a difference.

All in all, crisis has been averted. I now have a straightener that works and I'm breathing a little easier. Ahhhhhh...

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  1. I dread the day my CHI dies, but I glad to know there is an equal alternative out there! Hope you are doing good. Keep in touch!