Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Saturday was my birthday. I turned 25. 25! I'm a quarter of a century old...which my mom said just reminded her that she was over half a century old. I shut up after that. Anyway, I ended up turning my birthday into a five day celebration. However, even though I carried my camera with me everywhere I was, I completely forgot that I had it. Therefore, nothing was photo documented. Unfortunate, I know.

Thursday, my friend Chris came through town on his way home to Columbus for a weekend with his family. He didn't come for my birthday but I like to say he did. Ha. Anyway, we ventured out to the Barons game (Thirsty Thursday!) since they were playing the M-Braves. It was the first time for me to see the M-Braves in action. Maybe next time I'll see them at their home field. Anyway, we met a bunch of my friends from work out there and we had a good ol' time. Some more than others. After the M-Braves blew their five run lead and let the Barons bat around in the sixth inning, and after seeing Van Pope throw fits in the infield like he did in high school, we decided to leave and go home. 

The next day I got many "Happy Early Birthday" wishes from folks at work before heading to Madison around 2 p.m. to start the Jacktown celebration. When I got home, I changed clothes and immediately went to meet Casey, Lauren and Joey, and Drew and Neal, some of my closest friends for dinner at Sal and Phil's in Ridgeland. I'd never been there before. I told Casey that I wanted seafood and I wanted to go someplace that I'd never been to. So, she suggested Sal and Phil's. Fantastic choice. Good fun and fun times catching up with old friends. It did my heart good.

Saturday was family day, and I woke up to cookie cake, which was the number one request from me to my parents. Oh, so good! Then my parents and I went shopping. (More like Mom and I shopping and Dad hanging out in Best Buy and PetSmart. I ended up getting a cute dress and a great coat, then we headed out to meet the other half of the family (sister Anna, bro-in-law Ross and baby William) at Sal and Mookie's in Fondren, a great pizza and ice cream place owned by a great friend of the family. Mom had a couple of gift cards (she has a gift card for every restaurant in Jackson because she teaches all the rich kids). William was my date and he was definitely excited to see his Auntie KK. 

Sunday, we went to church and then Mom, Dad and I went to eat at Olive Garden, one of our most favorite places. Mom had another gift card...surprise, surprise. After that we went home and Dad built me a shelf for my closet in Birmingham while I vaccumed out my car because it was so nasty. 

Monday was my birthday celebration at the office and my coworkers took me to O'Charley's (my most favorite restaurant) for lunch. It's so fun to be able to celebrate and work with such fun and awesome people. And when I got home from work, Kel had decorated my door and told me that my gift was a ticket to the Third Day/Switchfoot/Robert Randolph concert in September. Yay! I can't wait! I did get a picture of the door.


I also wanted to post some cute pictures of our 4th of July beach trip that I just got from my sister this weekend. Here's a little collage (a couple of them aren't from the trip but they were just too cute not to share).


  1. Katie,

    Thank you for your kind words about Sal & Mookie's! It is truly a blessing to be able to provide special memories to great folks on special occasions!


    Jeff Good, Dan Blumenthal and crew...

  2. ok...so i missed your birthday. happy belated birthday! i am so glad you were born, katie!

    thank you for all of your encouragement. you don't know how much it means to me. i am just so excited about what God is doing right now. i wake up every morning excited to see what the day holds. thank you for your sweet words, katie!!