Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Love Sports...and Justin Timberlake

Did anyone see the ESPYs? I don't usually watch the whole thing...and especially not on the night it airs because I usually forget it's airing but I didn't want to miss this year's because Justin Timberlake was hosting. Yes, I admit I'm a JT fan. How can you not be? He's hot. Period. But he is also H-I-larry-O-U-S! He's been great on every SNL he's been on and this was no different. And he actually wrote most of what he did on the ESPYs. I won't go on and on. I'll just post a few videos of some of my favorite moments.

The first was a song that JT wrote with some other people and it was hilarious. Plus, who knew Greg Oden was so funny and talented.

This is another one. JT is a big Memphis fan since he's from Memphis and all. The whole show he kept on ragging on Memphis and Kansas' Mario Chalmers about the national championship game. (Kansas came back from being down 12, I think, and Mario Chalmers hit a three-pointer to send it into overtime before the Jayhawks won the game. Memphis would have won if they could hit free-throws. Luckily, not one Tiger could hit the broad side of a barn.) He's Justin giving the Tigers a few pointers on free throws.

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