Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Feel The Excitement...

Oh, yes. Excitement abounds for Katie right this moment. I just found out that two of my favorite shows are starting back within the next week and it's all I can do to not pee on myself from excitement.

It's not the head-is-about-to-explode kind of excitement that may come with a new season premiere of say 24 (Jack, must I wait any longer?) or Chuck (I miss him everytime I pass a Best Buy or Circuit City. Please come back!) or The Office (I've started to think that they could do a show about my office), but it's excitement nevertheless.

My favorite reality show is coming back with a new season of "fierce and fabulous" fashion. Yes, folks. That's right. Project Runway is back. The season premiere airs next, Wednesday, July 16, at 8 p.m. CT. (Hopefully, it won't interfere with So You Think You Can Dance. I don't think my finger can take the manic flipping on channels that will ensue.) I'm crazy excited because it gives me the chance to live vicariously through people who have the incredible talent I wish I had. I hope it doesn't disappoint.

The other show that is premiering is not something I'm proud to be excited that it's starting back but I got hooked last season with sweet but atheistic James being the master of the veto. Yes, that's right. Big Brother 10 will begin this Sunday. I'm way excited, and yet sad at the same time, because I no longer have the wicked cable package that gives me Showtime so I can watch Big Brother After Dark. I'm a little weary of this season because I found out that there will be a gay cowboy on the show. I hope there's no Brokeback Mountain action. Just kidding. Yikes, that was harsh. Anyway, there's a 70-something Marine also on the show. I think he will probably end up being my favorite.

Consequently, any hopes for my cutting back on the TV watching have all been flushed down the toilet. OH WELL!

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  1. I LOVE PROJECT RUNWAY TOO!!!! i'm so glad to find someone that i may possibly discuss this show with. it's great!

    i also love the new blog banner....good work!