Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just Call Me The Bag Lady

I have a problem.

It seems that when I buy things, especially more than one thing (e.i., buy two get one free), stores want to give me things for free. And most of the time those free things are bags, totes if you will.

This would be okay if I did already have a mound of bags (totes, duffles, purses) already in my cardboard box of a room. There is no room. No room. At the inn in Bethlehem. Or should I say, in the place called Katie's room.

And don't get me wrong. The blame is not all on the sales clerk. It's mostly mine. I have a slight obsession. I don't need things to be free to acquire them.

However, imagine my delighted dismay when I went to Bath & Body Works to buy a new thing (tube, bottle, container?) of lotion because BBW is the only kind I will settle for. I usually only get one but they were having this buy two get one free thing and well, I just got my refund check, so I thought I'd go for it and stock up.

Well when I get to the cash register, the nice girl asks me to pick out a tote, to which I confirm that it was free of course.

So now this is what my room looks like:

I'm drowning in a see of baggage. Luggage? Bags. Someone throw me a life preserver.

The pink zebra-esque bag you see on the top was my free gift. It zips into a small 4x4 little clutch-looking thing. It's pretty cool. I'll probably never use it.


Did anyone see American Idol last night? And did anyone see the judges do the unspeakable and bring back Tatiana?

American Idol judges,

I think I'm speaking on behalf of America when I say, we made the right decision the first time around. We don't need you undoing things. We all agree that the girl can sing. However, some things are just not meant to be. And because of her annoying and overwhelming personality, Tatiana just isn't meant to be.

Utterly annoying in Birmingham,


I try not to think that producers of shows like this go to great lengths to make drama but I think last night the AI producers just showed their true colors.

(You might have seen this last night on Facebook but I feel it should be duplicated.)

Dear writers of LOST,

I thought this season would be a season of revelation. It seems as though I was wrong. Again. I am again, as they would say, "lost" and I would appreciate some help.

Dazed and confused,


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  1. Dear Katie,
    Just wanted to remind you that American Idol and Lost both are ot produce for you but to bring in the advertising DOLLARS. You are suppose to be "daaaaa-ed" and "lost". If not you would be watching shows like Moster Quest, Destination Truth, or Man vs Wild. All of these have genuine entertainment value and carry educations merrit. I suggest that you take out a subcription to TV guide and look for similiar shows of this quality.

    Just a rec,

    Mr. Chooses-better-programs-than-you