Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So Much To Include, I Don't Even Have A Title For It

Instead of breaking this post up into several mini-posts, I thought I'd just combine all the things I've been meaning to blog about into one gigantor post. Why not?

First things first...

GO DAWGS! I was so excited for the Mississippi State Bulldogs on Sunday I could've peed my pants. But I was in the middle of the latter half of a softball triple header and well, time doesn't allow for such accidents.

Ladies and're SEC Tournament MVP.

And for the record, as I was googling for the above photo, I found this...

That's Emily Howell Stringer, people. No doubt she is praying over the Bulldogs. I just thought it was funny that I googled "Mississippi State 2009 SEC Champs" and found this. Is this a sign for things to come for our football pups? I sure hope so.


Here are my favorite quotes of the week:

Me: This is the best Philly I've ever had.
Baseball Player #1: That's what Craig Ferguson said. Including Philadelphia.
Me: Hmfmmm? (Confused with my mouth full.)
BP #1: It says it up on the wall over there.
Me: (reading off the wall) "The best Philly Cheesesteak I've ever had...including Philedelphia. - Craig Ferguson
Me: I wonder when he came to Birmingham.
BP #2: It was probably a Wednedsay.

Washington head Coach Lorenzo Romar: "You win the SEC conference tournament, it seems like you'd be better than a 13-seed." (Scared much, Mr. Romar?)

Rick Stansbury: "Only thing I know is, we don't have to worry about sitting on the bubble. We busted that bubble."

Jarvis Varnado: "I never thought that I'd be sitting here SEC champs and a MVP. I just thank God for it."


Has anyone seen Jimmy Fallon this week? I love Jimmy Fallon. He is so humble in his humor. He laughs at himself. So cute.

Anyway, he's been honoring the Chattanooga men's basketball team this week for their "accomplishment" of getting a 16-seed in the NCAA tournament. He's "rooting" for the underdog and has put together a couple of shorts to go along with them.

Check it out.


And this. Good stuff.


And finally, the fam minus my bro-in-law (because you know, he's got to tend to Jesus' business) came to visit me over the past few days. They came in on Sunday afternoon, got to see me doin' my thang at softball and then I got to take the day off on Monday to hang out. Then we had lunch on Tuesday before they left. Good times.

Dad's hugs did not disappoint, mom smiled a lot and of course, I was funny enough to make my sister laugh a good bit. It's what I do. The nephew is as precious as ever and as soon as I figure out how to get the pictures I took with my fancy new Canon Rebel camera off the camera and onto the computer, I'll upload and show you just how precious he is.

One of the highlights was watching the little dude and my dad ride the carousel at the Galleria. Then he wanted to ride again, so I joined the boys and rode myself.

My name is Katie, I'm 25 and a half, and I rode a carousel on Monday with a bunch off kiddos. And it was the highlight of my week.

Thank you very much.


  1. ait was a good time. I wish Ross had been able to come but we will do many more things like this. I'm proud of you.

  2. and that's Matthew Keith behind Emily- Joanna Baker's husband and Starkville native.