Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blog-Linkity Goodness 8.12.09

I have been richly blessed today by the following links and couldn't help but share. As always, God knew what I needed to hear and sent it forth in Blog-Linkity Goodness.

This little gem by John at Stuff Christians Like was just the ticket to snap me back into reality. Like my Daddy always says, "Never forget who you are and whose you are."

This written by Shaun Groves was the most honest and well-written display of God's glory I have ever laid eyes on.

(Actually, I encourage anyone to go read Shaun's "Beggar's Fortune series. Especially if you or someone you know has or is currently battling depression. It's the most honest, insightful and God-breathed work.)

And if you've never heard of (In)Courage, please go check it out. It involves some of the most talented lady-writers you'll ever read and is a blessing all at the same time. So. Good.


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