Monday, August 3, 2009

I'll Take The Birthday With A Side Of Broken Glass

I realize that it's been a little over a week since my birthday and I've already posted once about my birthday but it was a premature labor on my part considering that I posted about it before the birthday celebration was even halfway over.

I told you guys about celebrating with the family and the goodness that is cookie cake.

So, there, I received Cookie Cake Numero Uno. And brought about a third of it back to Birmingham with me.

I also told you about coming to work on Monday and having a cookie cake sitting in my chair waiting on me. I present to you, Cookie Cake Numero Dos.

We took it to lunch, yet still, I ended up going home with half of "the goodness". Can you see the sarcastic tears filling my eyes? (Also translated as: I was elated and couldn't wait to get in a room alone with the rest of that cookie cake.)

So Monday night, I went to dinner with people from my small group to...Red Robin ( the commercial states).

Enter Cookie Cake Numero Tres.

And now I must confess something. Red Robin has great burgers. (Not the confession.) But I think I have an obsession with sides. (Confession.) I believe I could make a whole meal out of sides. French fries (especially with ranch dressing), fried dill pickles, onion rings, rolls, chips and queso, caesar side sald. I will take all of the above over a main course. Or as my main course.

I'm going to confess something else. I order a burger. And it came with fries. And Raymond ordered an appetizer of onion rings for the table. Oh. my. word. I could only eat half my burger. You know why? Because I filled up on onion rings. And fries with ranch dressing. (And let's not mention lunch where I cleaned my plate of burger, fries with ranch dressing and cookie cake. And the fact that my fingers want to type "friends" everytime I go to type "fries". Why? Because fries? They are my friends.)

Oh, and I was like the fifth birthday in the whole joint and while I don't mind being sung to (I'm a Leo, and the youngest. I like-a the attention), the songs they were sing were LAME-O! And I know beggars can't be choosers, but seriously, I could've made up a song on the spot and it would've totally been better. Some just aren't as talents as others I guess. (Insert sheepish grin here.)

So, I told the table, jokingly mind you, that I didn't want to be sung to if it was going to be lame. That what I really wanted was for the lights to dim, a disco ball to drop and for 50 Cent to burst out of the kitchen singing, "Go Shawty, it's ya birfday."

Turns out, Fitty called in sick that day, so I had to settle for the standard restaurant song. Yet, someone must've gotten to the waitress because my song was the best in the place. No lameness to be found.

After I was presented with my complimentary ice cream sundae, I wolfed it down (because desserts count as sides) and we were off to the house to partake in the weekly Monday Night Movie and Cookie Cake Numero Tres. (Of which, I was left two-thirds. So basically, with all the pieces of three cookies cakes I had left, I had one and a half cakes. Needless to say, I had cookie cake for breakfast and dessert for the rest of the week.)

As we made our move to get out of the seating area, I was the last one out and as I placed my hand on the table to assist in my getting up, the table was obviously not as stable as it appeared. The table tipped and a glass fell off and broke to which I, always wanting to leave my mark on a place, yelled "Mazel Tav!" And proceeded with my departure.

We got to the house, opened the Katie movie vault and decided to watch The Perfect Storm, a movie which I had forgotten how long it was and how intense it was. I'm pretty sure had I been hooked up to a heart monitor, there would have been definite concern for my health.

Nicole (Smith), Me and Lisa

Tweedle Dee (Josh), Tweedle Dum (Raymond), (Nicole) Starkey and me

And Dan felt left out of the picture-taking because he was getting his water while we were taking the pictures. So he thought he deserve his own picture.

All in all, the night was a blast. Good food, good times, good friends. I wrapped up the birthday celebration Tuesday night with my b-fry Kyle and dinner at Red Lobster in Tuscaloosa.

There are only two things that can get me to Tuscaloosa. Seafood and buddies.

The end.

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