Tuesday, March 23, 2010

American Idol - Top 11

THIS. Is American Idol.

Billboard's #1. Who wants to be Aaron Kelly sings Rascal Flatts?

And really? You bring Miley Cyrus in to "mentor" the Top 11 on Billboard's Top 100. Wow.

But I love that she's sitting by Adam Shankman. He's one of my top five favorite gay men on TV.

Here we go...

Lee Dewyze ("The Letter") - I love this kid to death. He's got a Danny Gokey vibe and y'all know I love me some Danny Gokey. His confidence tonight is so great and I love this arrangement. As I've said before, it really doesn't matter what he sings, I'm going to love it.

I love Ellen's pen analogy. She's funny.

Paige Miles ("Against All Odds") - This is an obvious choice for her. It's a belting song. She's a belter. There you go. For the first 30 seconds of this song, I felt like I was at the middle school talent show. I give her props for pushing through this throat issue but, honestly, this. was. not. good. Pitchy and airy. And you could tell that she knew she wasn't doing well at all either. It's like she just gets progressively worse throughout this whole process. I know that she can sing. I know she can. But this whole voice this is not helping her. She needs to see a doctor about it.

Tim Urban ("Crazy Little Thing Called Love") - Ok, first, I never knew Queen did this song. That's just random.

Ok, this was good. But not great. I liked seeing him move around a bit and get into his personality more. But as upbeat as this song is, it was boing. It's the same melody over and over and it was a little karaoke.

It still was better than Paige.

And Simon has a point with the song choices. People are just choosing songs because they are "fun" and "different" and they "like them". Seriously. Those are not criteria for people in the music industry. They have to be smarter than that.


Janis Joplin and Aerosmith are next. Let me guess of Crystal and Aaron which one does what. I was wrong on the whole Rascal Flatts thing but if Aaron comes out and sings "Don't Want To Miss A Thing", I will go run screaming into the ocean.

Aaron Kelly ("Don't Want To Miss A Thing") - Okay, this kid has too much makeup on and...is that lipstick he has on? Are we trying to fuel another Adam Lambert here? And someone somewhere owes me some amount of money. And I won't go run screaming into the ocean because it's probably just a wee bit cold. So, you called my bluff on that one.

Mark Chesnutt version. Somewhere Hollie is choking on her cookie cake because I actually knew that little piece of country music trivia.

This was so very predictable and there wasn't really anything special about it. It was good. But I guess I'm a little biased. Remember, I'm not a fan. He reminds me of Billy Gilman. Anybody?

Crystal Bowersox ("Me And Bobby McGee") - I love that everyone else just signed her guitar and Miley wrote on it like she was writing in a yearbook. "Stay Sweet. Stay Cool. LYLAS!"

Ok, first. She looks beautiful. Second, she just kicked that song's butt. Period. Nothing else to say. Amazing.

Mike Lynche ("When A Men Loves A Woman") - His voice is smooth as silk and although he's a great performer, it's so genuine. You can tell that he loves what he is doing and feels what he is singing about. He's so good.

Randy's so right. He needs to sing "the I-don't-know-what out of who you are" every time. He knows who he is.

Andrew Garcia ("I Heard It Through The Grapevine") - I don't know what to think about this. I want to love it because I love him and I love what he stands for. The song didn't work with the kind of voice he has. I don't know what it but this wasn't it. He's so original and different than any other person. I hate that they keep comparing every performance of his to "Straight Up". I feel really bad for him.

I think he knows who he is as an artist. I just don't think that kind of artist thrives in this competition because it is so structured.

Katie Stevens ("Big Girls Don't Cry") - Finally, she sings something from this era! I totally bought this even though it was pitchy. For the first time in this competition, I actually like her. She can sing, no doubt. This was just a good fit for her. I bought her as a pop/R&B singer right here.

Casey James ("The Power Of Love") - Oh. My. Goodness. This seriously is one of my top 5 favorite songs. I heard this for the first time, not when I first saw Back To The Future, but when I heard it as the finale for a Colonel's Classics show when I was about 10. Then I heard it again when I went to Universal for the first time about three months later and rode the Back To The Future ride. One of my all-time favorite rides. It just has a lot of great memories attached to it and I love the melody and lyrics. Okay, thus ends my tangent.

Back to Casey. Not much to say. LOVE. LOVE. LOVED this performance. This was a great song for him. I don't know what they are talking about. He smiled and had fun. And let go. Isn't that what they've been asking everyone to do?!?!

DiDi Benami ("You're No Good") - She rocked this song. This was the perfect song for her. It fit her voice. Yeah, it was a bit pitchy but I don't think it was THAT pitchy. Kara does has a point. It did feel like she was playing a character. Simon is way out of line.

Siobhan Magnus ("Superstition") - This is going to be interesting.

Oh my gosh, she is so weird. BUT she is so good! She is a completely different person on the stage than she is in her packages. It's so weird. But this girl can sing and she can perform. She sometimes toes the line of being Adam Lambert-esque, which is really bad in my book. But she's not quite as annoying.

For me, Paige and Tim are on the line tonight. It just depends on how the people vote. I don't know some people will say Andrew Garcia is going home but I think most people are still holding out for another "Straight Up" moment. Going on vocal performance, Paige is going home but we shall see.

Walden. Out.

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  1. As Miley was signing the guitar I was thinking, "Isn't Crystal already better than Miley?" Someday she'll probably get a good laugh at that signature.

    Paige needs to go. Tim too but since only one can go I vote for Paige. That song was completely out of key.

    I like Crystal and Lee the best. Casey too but he's kind of the same every week. Good but the same.