Tuesday, March 2, 2010

American Idol Top 20 - Guys

I've decided I'm going to blog my opinion on AI this season. It probably won't go past tonight but we'll see.

Here goes...

Big Mike - Love this guy. I agree with everything that the judges said tonight. He was a completely different person on that stage tonight. Although, I didn't think last week was THAT bad, he definitely stepped it up this week. And he is definitely a performer who commands the stage.

John Park - No doubt that this guy can sing. He showed it in his initial audition but I think that he's losing himself now here in Hollywood. I kind of feel like he's pushing himself to be something that he's not and so he's not singing like John Park. He's singing like he thinks people want him to sound and it's coming off kind of unauthentic. I agree with Randy that it was definitely the best vibe for him but it was pitchy. But way better than last week but I just don't think he'll be back next week.

Casey James - Ok, first can we talk about how he bought and restored his own house? My goodness, the things you can do if you aren't help captive by the DVR masters. His guitar is a pretty color blue and he's not bad looking either. This guy could sing the phonebook and I'd buy it just because he is so authentic and believable. The vocal (as Randy just said) wasn't that great but he's just so infectious.

And can we talk about how bad Kara's hair looks?

Alex Lambert - Ok, first this kid has got to change his last name because he's three letters too close last year's runner up and that doesn't conjure up good thoughts for me. And I love that he made up his own language in sixth grade. That's just so nerdy that it's cute. I love the tone of this kid's voice. And I think this was a good song for him. The guitar also helps. He looks more comfortable with it. But we have GOT to do something with that mullet!

Todrick Hall - I loved the way he changed the song up last week but I think it came off wrong. He's definitely innovative and I appreciate that. I loved his audition and the song he wrote. he was actually one of the ones that I remembered. This week, I just didn't really like this performance. I don't know what it is. He was pitchy and I just don't think I like that song. I agree with Randy that this kid just needs to sing. He's trying to do so much more with it than he should. That's one thing I've learned from listening to my sister and my mom. Just sing the song. If you're good, you don't need to show out.

Jermaine Sellers - I like this guy but there's just not much to say about him. He can sing but so can everyone else on the show and there's just nothing special about him.

I agree with what Kara and Simon.

And Jesus is my homeboy too, J.

Andrew Garcia - Ok, before this guy even starts singing. I love him. His rendition of Paula Abdul's Straight Up in Hollywood week was insanely ingenius. This dude is mad talented. And I can't wait to here him.

First, I love this song. And I love his voice. There is nothing else to say. He and Casey James are in the same boat as far as I'm concerned. I'll be surprised if they don't make it to, at the very least, the top 5.

And can I just take this time to say that I wasn't so sure about Ellen coming on the show, but I've been pleasantly surprised with her. She's definitely giving the people's take on it and I like that a lot. Plus, you've got to admit, she's funny.

Aaron Kelly - Again, this kid can sing. He just reminds me of a David Archileta/Clay Aiken combo and that's kind of annoying. He's definitely got a country vibe hidden in there somewhere because we heard it last week and you could kind of detect it this week. Kara made a good point. You definitely know when he steps on the stage that you know what you are going to get. He'll be back next week.

Tim Urban - He's precious. This definitely a better song for him. This is his vibe. However, I just don't think he's as good as the others. I like him over John Park but that's not helping him anyway. Two people gotta go home this week. I see him as a performer making the college circuit. Actually, I see him leading worship at Campus Crusade. I know that's weird. Ellen had a good point. I'd love him on Glee. I'd like to see him back next week but who knows.

Excuse me while I put my eyes back into my head after what Simon just said. Tu chez, my British friend.

Lee Dewyze - I LOATHE this song. I won't go into all the reasons why but I would be fine not ever hearing again. But with that said, this guy has an interesting voice. I like it, but he gets pitchy a lot because he pushes too much. I think it he can learn some control, he'd be great. He's been in my top three guys for a while. I definitely liked last week's performance better but I totally like him. He's cute too. And he's got that cute Chi-CAH-go accent.

My top three guys:
Casey, Andrew and Lee with Big Mike and Alex in a very, very close second.

Can't wait for the girls tomorrow. I hope Crystal is feeling better. She's definitely my favorite girl.

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