Tuesday, March 9, 2010

American Idol Top 16 - Girls (Which is really Top 8)

Okay, seriously, Ellen is cracking me up with Simon right now in the beginning. Too funny.


THIS...is American Idol.

Katie Stevens (Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway") - The verse was really bad for me but when she hit the chorus, it surprised me. She can belt it but I feel like she is a one-trick pony. She can belt and her upper register is great but her lower is totally not there. And I just really didn't like this song for her. Ellen makes a point that she made the right choice with the young song but I still feel this wasn't a good song. I feel like she wouldn't done better with some Jordin Sparks or something like that. I also agree with Kara that she hasn't really found herself and that her voice is much older than she is. I just didn't feel her in it. I'm going to go out on a limb and say she'll make it to the top 12 but I might change my mind depending on what the others do.

Siobhan Magnus (The Animals' "House of the Rising Sun") - Can we first talk about how annoying it is that her name is spelled "Siobhan" and it's pronounced "Chavonne". So annoying. Just had to get that out there. Ok. This is a really brave open with the acapella here and I'm loving it. I'm going to go ahead and say that she is the dark horse. She's got an incredible voice and I love it because it's so surprising coming from her. I love her soul and reckless abandon with these big notes. I noticed her last week, but this week I'm liking her.

I totally agree with what Randy, Ellen and Kara said. If you didn't watch (Anna Little), sorry. They basically said she's "the bomb dot com."

Lacey Brown (Brandi Carlisle's "The Story") - This is such a great song, FYI. She hit her vibe right on the head here. I love her voice. She kinda sounds a little like Dolly Parton or Loretta Lynn with a little Stevie Nix tied in there. I knew Randy would say that would be boring but glad that he liked it. I'm glad he's not in a bad mood this week. Kara - "effortless singing" - tu chez.

Katelyn Epperly (Carol King's "I Feel The Earth Move") - I love love love this song. I love that she's playing the keyboard again. She's like a girl version of Matt Giraud (sp?). I love her voice too but it felt a little karaoke/cover-ish. It was a safe choice so, like Ellen said, I don't know that people will vote for that. Of course, I never vote because I never watch in real time and the voting is closed by the time I watch.

(P.S. Can someone PLEASE separate Kara and Simon?!?! It's getting a little gross and distracting. If I were Kara's husband, I'd be a little pissed off. There has got to be some massive pole-like column thing (technical term, of course) under that table to make Kara sit so close to Simon. Or maybe they are paying her 500,000 bucks more to sit that close.

Dede Howeveryouspellherlastname (Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon") - Still love her voice and her story. She reminds me of Brooke White for some reason. This was definitely one of her best performances. Actually, her best. I'd forgotten all about last week. She bounced back and stepped it up big time. This is her vibe. She's staying. Point. Blank. Period.

Paige Miles (Charlie Chaplin's "Smile") - I've loved this song since I saw My Girl 2. She is mega shaky here. This is one of those songs that you just sing. It's not one of those that you try to change it up too much with runs and stuff. I hate this because I liked her so much after last week. To me, she took like 800 steps backward. It makes me sad. Totally the wrong song for her. And for the competition. At this point, I think that it's all well and good to love a song and want to sing it but you can't choose songs like that on this show. I love "Sweet Caroline" and "Ants Marching" but I wouldn't go on AI and sing them.

Crystal Bowersox (Tracy Chapman's "Give Me One Reason") - Ok. I know I've said this about just about every song tonight but seriously it's like the theme tonight is the soundtrack to Katie's life. This song takes me back to sixth grade. And Waterland. I don't really know why other than I probably heard it at Waterland sometime. Really, why is she on this show? She doesn't need it. I don't understand why she hasn't made it up until now. Unless the makeover has something to with it. This chick is miles above every other girl and most guys in this competition. She will be in the final three, if not the final two and maybe the winner. SHE. IS. NUTS. TEAM BOWERSOX!! And she's so humble!

Lilly Scott (Patsy Cline's "I Fall To Pieces") - I'm not a country fan but again, I love this song. I love Patsy Cline. She's so classic. This is not my favorite performance of Lily's at all. I feel like she's pushing it a little bit. However, with that said, she's still one of the top three girls.

Tonight, my top three are Crystal, Lily and Siobhan with Lacey and Dede really close behind.

I feel like Katelyn and Paige are in trouble. However, I'll rather Katelyn stay over Katie just because I think Katie is so young and could use some time to figure out who she is as an artist and I don't think American Idol is going to help her do that.

So, there you go...

Walden. Out.

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