Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So I completely forgot to post yesterday's Holy Week readings from Annie and I feel so, so bad because it was oh, so good! Yesterday was an interesting day though. On top of a 13-hour work day, I got news that Dad had a mild heart issue and had a stint put in but he's doing great now. We'll not great, what with all the poking and proding going on. But great, considering the circumstances.

So here I am, asking for prayers and posting yesterday's and today's readings. Enjoy a little Jesus.

Tuesday's reading:
1. The authority of Jesus questioned
Matthew 21: 23-27
Mark 11: 22-27
Luke 20: 1-8

2. Jesus teaches in the temple (Warning: This is a lot.)
Matthew 21: 28-23: 39 (22:41-46 should be titled "Jesus shuts everybody up".)
Mark 12: 1-44
Luke 20: 9-21: 4

3. Jesus’ feet anointed
Matthew 26: 6-13
Mark 14: 3-9
John 12: 2-11

Wednesday's reading:
The plot against Jesus
Matthew 26: 14-16
Mark 14: 10-11
Luke 22: 3-6

I'm continually amazed at the words that I'm noticing in these readings that I've never really taken note of before. Like in Luke 22:3, "Then Satan enter Judas". Wow.

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