Tuesday, May 18, 2010

American Idol - Top 3

THIS. Is the Top 3.

Top 3? Seriously?

I feel like we just started. And now it's almost over. At this point, I don't really care who wins. They are all good, so I'll end up buying all of their albums. But let's face it, it's going to end up being Lee and Crystal standing up there next weekend unless half the population forgets how to dial a telephone.

Casey James
Casey's Pick: "OK, It's Alright With Me" - Love this song and it's perfect for him. I thought that was really good. Let's face it, Casey James isn't always going to hit every note on pitch but that's okay (and alright with me) because he's got such charisma. However, it still sounded good and he looked comfortable and had fun.

Kara and Randy's Pick: "Daughters" - I really, really hate that I'm about to say this but I was tempted to fast-forward through this performance after the first 20 seconds. I didn't like it at all and I felt like every note dragged and was flat as a result. I give him props for trying to put his own spin on it and I like the whole vibe on him, but I felt like Casey James had checked out of the competition.

Crystal Bowersox
Crystal's Pick: "Come To My Window" - I LOATHE this song. But I'm also not a big Melissa Ethridge fan either. With that being said, I did like the spin she put on it tonight though. There was a little hint of a bluegrassy/country feel, and I (not a country fan) surprisingly liked it. However, I don't think it was her best performance. I still don't think she's had a great performance since she did "People Get Ready" several weeks ago. However, I think that's still the kind of artist that she wants to be and I like that feel. And she was straight-up artist tonight on stage.

Ellen's Pick: "Maybe I'm Amazed" - Besides the part that said, "Maybe I'm a man but maybe you're the only woman who could help me understand," this song was a perfect fit for her and a redeeming moment for me from the last round. It was fantastic. And it was good to see her move around.

Lee Dewyze
Lee's Pick: "Simple Man" - Lee Dewyze, you are a simple man. And I simply love you. Will you simply marry me?

Ok, now that I got that off my chest. This is what I love about Lee Dewyze. Like his fellow contestants, Lee goes out on that stage and puts all of his heart and soul into his performance. But there is just something about him that lifts him above the other two in the that category. I don't know if it's his humility or if he's just naturally more talented, or maybe it's the gigantor crush I have. Who knows? But this kid is a winner.

Simon's Pick: "Hallelujah" - Oh. My. Wow. One of my top 10 favorite songs ever in life. Excuse me while I weep. My dear friends, that is what you call a moment. Lee Dewyze just had a moment. And if he has three more of those next week, he. will. win. this. competition. Amazing. And Simon smiles.

Best of the night: Lee Dewyze on "Hallelujah"
Worst of the night: Casey James on "Daughters"
Should go: Casey
Will go: Casey

Walden. Out.

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