Tuesday, May 11, 2010

American What?

For the millions and millions (read: two or three) of you out there actually care what I have to say about American Idol, there will not be a recap this week.

However, I'm sure Casey James looked incredibly hot, Lee Dewyze humbly outdid himself again, Crystal Bowersox rocked the heck out of a song, and Big Mike did a Brian McKnight/Luther Vandross-esque version of some song.


I just spent the past four hours with a six-year-old I've never met, playing "Star Wars" and "Shoot Me Ten Times And I'll Shoot You Ten Times And Then Change The Rules Of The Game Whenever It Benefits Me".

And then we watched "Coraline." Which, I have to say, was pretty freaky and weird, even for my 26-year-old self.

So frankly, I'm pooped. And still trying to figure out if I won or lost that last game of "Shoot Me". Since the rules changed about 18 times.

If only that were applicable in life somehow.

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