Wednesday, May 12, 2010

American Idol - Top 4

Ok, I know I said last night that there wouldn't be a recap but y'all, those duets deserve some love. Can tonight's results show just be a bunch of duets by the Top 4?

So now that you are sitting at the end of your seat, let's get to my comments. Shall we?

Lee Dewyze ("Kiss From A Rose") - Ok, this is one of those songs that takes me back to sixth grade and a waterslide at Waterland. I'm not really sure why, but my mind has a tendancy to hear a song and associate that song with what I was doing at the time I heard it.

I really like this song and I was a little afraid for Lee with this one at the beginning because he has such a gritty tone and Seal, well, doesn't. So I knew the high notes would be a little trying. But we all know that Lee is an artist and precious and can basically just smile at a brick wall and make it fall in love with him. I'm glad that they didn't say anything about his confidence because he totally had it last night. So, in three words, I liked it.

Michael Lynche ("Will You Be There?") - The movie Free Willy was okay the first time I saw it and then the next 400 times I heard this song, I wanted to throw myself off a ferris wheel. However, Big Mike has an amazing voice so I wasn't immediately headed to the top of that ferris wheel just yet. I have to agree with Kara when she said that he's just so consistently good that tonight's performance was just predictable. It was still good though.

(At this point, every single one of them are good and artists in their own way and I see them all having great careers in the near future. And, with all the negative talk about how this season wasn't as talented as the last few have been, I think that this final four is the strongest talent-wise that we've seen in a while. Sure, Lee and Crystal are miles ahead of the other two. But really, all of them are so talented and likeable that it really could come down to who has the bigger fan base.)

Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox ("Falling Slowing") - I can say that I've ever heard this song before or even seen the movie but I'm tempted to add it to my Netflix queue. There are no words for how amazing this duet was. None.

Casey James ("Mrs. Robinson") - I thought this was a weird choice for him, and not for the reasons that the judges panel did. Like Randy, I would've thought that Casey would have picked a Bon Jovi song or something. But I guess that would have been predictable. With that say, I liked the performance and they way he changed the melody up a little. But I felt that he wasn't really confident (here I go) in the song. Or maybe it felt like he didn't eally want to be there. His body language and facial expressions after he finished his song and was waiting for the judges comments didn't send good vibes. Maybe he's just getting a little burnt out.

Crystal Bowersox ("I'm Alright") - Crystal is good and will always be good. For me tonight though, I wasn't really into the performance. Usually, she captures my attention and nothing can distract me. But I got a little distracted during the performance by my iPod Touch and that's not a good sign. I still give her props for making that song very original for her. She put a nice "Crystal-ized" touch on it.

Michael Lynche and Casey James ("Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?") - I think that I can safely say with the rest of the world that the duets were the best of the night. I've always thought this song was uber-cheesy but I actually liked this Big Mike-Casey version. And Casey sho' nuff showed off his guitar skillz.

Best of the night: I didn't particularly like one solo over the other so I'll just say the duets.
Worst of the night: Ellen's remark after Big Mike and Casey's duet.
Should go: No one!
Will go: Casey or Mike

Walden. Out.

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