Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Back to Life

Well, hello blog readership of two. Katie is back in action. I've been away from my speedy internet and forced to use dial-up for the past six days due to my special trip to Jackson this weekend. The Walden family had a slight crisis to take care of that somewhat haulted life for a bit, but after many prayers, a lot of communication and some great professionals in the medical field, our world is spinning again and things seem to be calming down a bit.

So...I guess I need to pick the Alphabet Game back up. I hate that I broke the rules and didn't post for about six days but I think there's probably an exception in this case.

I think my next letter was "I", so I is for iPod (for lack of a better idea)....

I have an iPod Nano (1G I think, not nearly big enough for me) and I carry it everywhere I go. This was the greatest thing ever for me because of all the CDs I have, I only like to listen to certain ones. So, before the iPod, I would just make CDs of certain songs that I wanted to listen to so that on road trips I wouldn't have to keep changing CDs. It's been great for road trips as well because it drowns out yelling and snoring and crazy noises on buses. So here's to you Apple Computers, creator of the iPod, you've made my life complete. Except maybe I'd like an iPhone next...if I can manage not to drop it every 20 minutes.

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