Wednesday, February 20, 2008

G and H

Believe it or not, I had a hard time coming up with something for the letter "G". That's why I didn't post yesterday because I was at an absolute loss of what to post about. I mean I could've done the easy thing and posted about God but I've done that many times lately. What am I saying? You can never post enough about God.

Anyway, as I was sitting at my desk this morning it hit me. Gummi Bears. Haribo Gummi Bears to be exact. These are the best GB's ever made. Trust me. I have a friend who research it and did a project on it in college. It's a proven facts. I love GB's to start with but they are even better in TCBY yogart. Yummy! They get cold and then when they hit your tongue they start to melt and get chewy. Yum! Yum! So today, G is for gummi bears!

H is for Honduras. I've been back from my week trip to Honduras since mid-June but not a day goes by when I don't think about going back. I still keep in touch with one of the young girls that helped us everyday and translated for us. We keep in touch through Facebook, no less. Funny, huh? She is 12 years old and a stud Christian already. Her name is Ariana and she is awesome.

I had to post a picture of the Bandera de Hondura (Honduras Flag), though, because I can't see it or talk about it without thinking of my buddy, Julio, who taught me what the flag looked like, and with the help of Archie (our videographer), what the colors and stars meant. Julio was such a precious soul and I wish I could've brought him back with me. He was so patient with the language barrier and wanted to teach me a new Spanish word and learn a new English word everytime I turned around. He was such a picture of Jesus to me and I will never forget his sweet face.

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