Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I is for IDOL!

American Idol! So I just finished watching the girls' competition and I thought that I would just weigh in on what my opinion is on the contestants so far this season.

My fav girls so far are...

Carly Smithson - Her talent is effortless. She has an amazing voice and doesn't try to be something she's not or doesn't try to go over the top to prove who she is. She's incredible! 'Nough said.
Brooke White - So cute! I love her! I have since her audition. Her talent is also effortless and there is just something about her that make you just love her. She's the good girl and doesn't mind letting people know that. I think she's humble and has her feet planted on firm ground. She reminds me alot of Sheryl Crow. I love Sheryl Crow -- minus the whole toilet paper thing.

I have several favorite guys and they are...
The Davids:
David Archuleta - He had talent and maturity beyond his years. His version of Imagine on Tuesday night was one of the best versions of that song I have ever heard. I love that song! He's only 17 and I think he will be in the finals, from what I've seen already.

David Cook - He's easy on the eyes. I have to admit that I didn't really take notice of him until this week. His performance Tuesday night rocked the house and it was one of the best of the night. Did I mention he's easy on the eyes?
David Hernandez - He's cute too and it's kind of the same story as David Cook. I didn't really take notice of him until this week. He has an amazing voice, very soulful. He rocked too!

Michael Johns - He's Australian. I just want him to stay so I can listen to him talk. He's got a good voice too. (His pic wouldn't upload...sad.) my not-so-favs:

Let's start with...
Danny Noriega - He's so annoying. I don't know what it is but he annoys me to know end. He can really sing but he's got too much attitude. He reminds me of someone who annoyed me the same way in high school.

Amanda Overmyer - Speaking of annoying...she's way over the top. I think she's got legit talent but tonight's performance was H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. Bad. Bad. Bad. Really bad. It crossed the line with me and she's got to go. I'm officially annoyed.

Alaina Whitaker - I like her. I really do. But...she's too much of a Carrie Underwood look-a-like. Whenever she is on, I feel like I'm watching Season 4 again. She's legit though. She's got talent and she'll be making records after this. Country, no doubt. (Google didn't love her enough to have a decent picture.)

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