Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Coolness In Video Form

I've seen this video before but today my new favorite blogger, Andy, featured it in his After-Lunch Breakdance (which, by the way, has become the highlight of my day).

If you've never heard the ALB go here and check (czech, as Dave Barnes says) it out and find a reason to laugh and love. He gives away free stuff everyday and posts funny, funny stuff. I like to think I laugh off the pounds that I've gained at lunch.

Anyway, so he posted the following video and, CGI or not, this is coolness in video form. Everyone knows I love surfing (and if you didn't know, hello, my name is Katie, and I love surfing. I will learn how one of these days) -- I know every word to Blue Crush and often imagine myself being Kate Bosworth's character. I mean she's a surfer who dates a football player. Really. But I digress.

Prepare to be amazed.

Also, I cannot leave with out giving Dave Barnes a plug. His new EP, You, The Night and Candlelight, came out yesterday. It's a Valentine's-esque EP with great remixes of some of his songs, covers of oldies plus some brand spankin' new ones. And this guy totally made over with a new look to promote the EP until Feb. 14 and well, you've just gotta go see what's going on over there. He's giving away iPods (iPod Touch, to be more precise) and there's some major hilarity going on over there. Videos. My friends, the videos. Funny stuff. And he's got a thing set up where you can send voice mails to your friends from him. I still haven't decided which friends to sign up for that one. I know my mom would love a voice mail from little Dave.

Anyway, if you've got a minute or two, or 30, go "czech" it out. It's sure to be good times.


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