Thursday, February 26, 2009

Randomness In My Head Pt. 2

1. Praise the Lord! My friend Raymond announced tonight that he "asked Jesus into his heart" on Sunday.

Confession: I knew on Sunday but couldn't congratulate him when I saw him because he wanted to wait and tell everyone at bible study tonight.

I'm so excited that he's a part of the family now! PTL! A star is born!

2. I never knew that reading random sentences from a book out of context could make me cry...from laughing so hard. It's even funnier when you think about it in the context of someone randomly reading them during a bible study.

3. I just realized how much I hate being talked over or interrupted while I'm talking. I loathe it. You'd think I'd be used to it since I'm the youngest but no.

4. Maybe that's why I come from a loud family. You have to fight to be heard as a Stone.

5. Have you guys heard of Landon Pigg? This guy is great. Go to iTunes and check him out. Or MySpace. He's great. I just downloaded about every song he's ever recorded. Good stuff.

6. Pico de gallo is my new obsession. It's so incredibly good.


  1. Who is Pico de gallo? Some guy you met??? :)#

  2. LOVE Landon Pigg! Falling in love at a coffee house was the first song of his I downloaded. He's so great!