Thursday, February 12, 2009

LOST and Found

This post is for my Dad.

These are my predictions according to last night's episode:

1. After watching The Express this weekend, I thought maybe Charlotte just had leukemia. Now I know the island killed her.

2. Charlotte is Charles Widmore's daughter, a fact that I derived from what she said about growing up on the island and then going to England and never seeing her father again.

3. Miles is the son of the Darma video guy. Remember the first episode of the season and him feeding the baby?

4. Locke is Jacob.

5. Sometime before the end of the season, every person that died in the past four season will be alive again.

6. Daniel Faradday's mother is somehow connected to Charlotte. Actually I think Charles Widmore has a lot of illegitimate children on that island.


  1. All very good thoughts!!!!Another thought I had- when Charlotte told Daniel he was the scary guy that told her not to come back to the island, do you think it convinced him to not say anything to her at all when he is eventually flashed to the time when she is a child on the island? Sometimes I have to not think about it all- it makes my head hurt!

  2. My Predictions:

    1. Daniel Farraday's mother is that woman with the gun during one of the flashes.... remember... he helped with the bomb.

    2. Remember the episode where Desmond had to go back in time to get Penny to pick up the phone at a certain time so that he would have a "connection." People on the island with no connection are the ones with the nosebleeds. That is what killed Charlotte (I guess).

    3. So would that make Charlotte and Penny sisters? Hmmm.....

    4. I don't think Locke is Jacob.

    5. Remember in seasons 1 and 2 when survivors would be in the woods and they would hear "chatter"?? I think that is caused by the time travellers talking during flashbacks. Get it?