Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Overheard Lines

Today was a sad day. My nine-dollar sunglasses from NY&Co. broke and I had to throw them away. They were in no way fixable without a) my dad being here to fix them for me and b) without being able to visibly see that they had once been broke before.

So I went to Walmart after work to by some cheap-o's to get me by until I can find a more permanent replacement.

As I was browsing the sunglasses, trying to find a pair that didn't cover my whole face or that were at least dark enough that my retinas would still be in tact when I looked directly into the sunlight (because I also look directly in the sunlight), I overhead this conversation.

Redneck #1: Welp, I guess that don't have 'em.

Redneck #2: Have wut?

Redneck #1: Ankle bracelets!!!

Um, excuse me? Maybe because those went out of style in like 1996! Really people.

I'm finding more and more evidence that I in fact really do like in Alabamar. (That is not a typo.)


  1. people looking for ankle bracelets should be directed to qvc because they have lots of stuff that went out of style a while back--quacker factory holiday sweaters, for example--and the scarier part is that they have ankle bracelets that are a foot long.

  2. Oh, be giving of those with less than you. Less stylist, less brains, less shopping sense and yes your are in Alabamar. DON'T FOR GET IT.