Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Sky Is Falling...Oh Wait, That's Dollar Bills

This is what happened after my Samford baseball boys beat Alabama last night in extra innings, 14-13! We did a promotion to get fans there; we dropped #1000 cash from a helicopter after the game was over. This is what it looked like.

(Look closely. You may see me holding back a few football players with my evil stare. They cower in fear at that stare. It didn't so much work for the drunken frat boys, but those football players, they fear the 5'3" passive-aggressive monster that is "Assistant Sports Information Director Katie". They know that I hold their future in their hands. Stats and all.)


  1. Katie - Thank you so much for the sweet comment and encouraging words on my blog. I am so grateful for friends like yourself.

  2. bet it is a sight if i could see it.