Sunday, June 14, 2009

Birthday List

A month from to today (July 26, for those of you who don't feel like doing the math), the author of this here blog (me, again for those of you who need a clue) will turn 26. I will turn 26 on July 26. Ha. I never actually realized that. This may call for an outlandish spectacle of birthday celebration complete with water slides and bouncy houses and disco mixes and all-you-can-eat cookie cake.


For those of you (all 4 of you, who are mostly family) who are finding it hard to find the perfect gift for your favorite blogger (or family member) who brings plenty of sunshine and entertainment to your lives on a daily/weekly basis, have I got the solution for you.

I give you.

The List Of Ten Perfect Birthday Gift Ideas For Katie:

1. A flip video camcorder. I could do some serious damage with this in NYC. Or just on a regular day.

2. The Oceans Trilogy. Nothin' says romantic comedy like stealing a bunch of stuff.

3. Tony Dungy's new book, Uncommon.

4. Any of the remaining seasons of That 70's Show on DVD. That would be seasons 2-8 for those who are taking notes.

5. This bedding set from this outrageously-priced delight.

6. A ticket or two to the Mississippi State home games against Florida and/or Alabama.

7. A subscription to Sports Illustrated.

8. iTunes gift cards are always good.

9. A date.

10. World peace.

I think that about does it. Now get to shoppin' folks.

*** Disclaimer: All parental units of the author of this blog are hereby exempt from inclusion in this mandate. Unless the really feel like being overly generous. I mean, a trip to NYC and payment for parasailing at the beach are perfectly fine birthday presents if you ask me. All siblings of said blogger must think long and hard though about NOT abiding by the list. ***

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  1. Impressed.!! I like the list of ten birthday gift ideas. These are really perfect for Katie.