Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Dad's The Cooooolest

Ever since I was little, I've proclaimed my dad the hero of my life. It's never been more true before than it is today.

In exactly nine minutes (as I type this sentence), it will be my daddy's 29th Father's Day. That's a lot of plaster hands and hideous ties. Ya know what I mean?

Anyhoo, I know that anyone who knows me gets so sick of hearing me talk about my dad. Because I do it all. the. time. Whether it's something that he's taught me, a funny story or what he thought about the last movie he saw, I'm going to gladly share it with anyone I know. Or don't know, for that matter. 

Y'all, I can't get enough of my daddy. He's the bestest friend a 25-almost-26-year old girl can have. It's true. My dad has undoubtedly become (and always been) my most favorite person, my best friend and my confidant. 

He's the one I go to when I just need to bounce some ideas off of someone and he's definitely the one that I go to when I need some major life advice. Back when I went through the "quarter-life crisis", Big Bob was the one who heard me out and offered sound advice and made me really think about what I was doing. 

My most favorite memories of my dad from when I was little were our fishing trips, the back scratches (of which I'm pretty sure I still owe him approximately 10, 572), and sitting on the second pew in church cuddled up to him. My most favorite memories lately are our theological discussions, uninterrupted talks about nothing on the phone and our "two-for-one" movie outings.

My dad's been through a lot in his life, more than anyone like him should have to. But I strongly believe that all of that has made him the man he is today. A man who serves his God with everything that's in him, makes no excuses, and loves those in his life in spite of himself and with a love that only comes from God himself. 

He's my hero.

He's taught me what desperation for God is and has displayed that in so many ways. He's taught me what sacrifice is and what standing up for what is right looks like in all aspects of life. He makes no excuses. He loves my mom and has never done anything to make her, my sister, me or anyone else think otherwise.

He's my hero.

He always tells me he is proud of me. He was so proud to say that he was a "cheer dad" and he loves telling people what I do (even though most people think that I run the whole athletic department at Samford and am best friends with Pat Sullivan). He has often introduced himself as "Katie's dad" or "Anna's dad" and loves it (I think) when he's referred to as Libby's husband.

He's my hero.

I love the way he wells up with pride when he watches my mom sing, when he gets tears in his eyes (who doesn't) when my sister sings and the way his faces lights up with a smile anytime I'm trying to make a joke. 

He's my hero.

I love love love to tell people that he played football at Mississippi State. And that he held the state record for shot put until a few years ago. And that he lead the Peeple's Junior High soccer team to a district title. 

He's my hero.

I love telling people how the place he works is his mission field. I know what a strain it puts on him but I know that he puts everything he has into making a difference in those kids' lives. I know how his heart breaks for those kids and believe that he's passed on a just a little bit of that compassion to me. I pray for him and those kids everyday. 

He's my hero.

I made a list a while back in my journal of the things that I love about my dad. I did a list back on Mother's Day for my mom, and I thought it only appropriate to do the same for my dad.

Things I Love About My Dad:
- The way he fueled my love of forehead kisses.
- The way I get dizzy when he hugs me.
- Our very random talks about sports, politics, technology and religion.
- The way he always says, "Don't you worry about it. I'll take care of it."
- When he told the guy I went on my first date with: "Be careful with her. She's the child of a King...and me.
- His consistent reminding me of "who I am and Whose I am."
- His humility and his faith.
- That he played football at MSU.
- The way he recounts, so detailed, the day he became a Christian.
- How fondly he speak of his most special friends. 
- The way he loves my mom.
- His thoughtful secret gifts.
- His smile and his laugh.
- The way he cared for Papaw until the end, and the way he cares for Grandma.
- The way he cared for my cousin in a troubled time.
- His sincere interest in every one of my Stone cousin's lives.
- His love for his dogs.
- The way he makes sure every guy in the room knows I'm single. He's been know to start Sunday School lessons with the line: "Have you met my daughter Katie? She's the pretty one in the second row. And she's single, guys."
- The way he embarrasses me with that line.
- "Cheer dad"
- The fact that we are Facebook friends.
- His jokes.
- His daily email devotional and the long list of people that receive it.

I'm sure I could name more but at the risk of this becoming the marathon blog post, I'll cut it off at that.

Dad, I know that you know how much I love you because you've taught me through the years that you can never tell someone you love them enough. I'm so proud of you and I don't know what I would do without you. 

Happy Father's Day!

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  1. Katie, you're so sweet. I am a huge Daddy's girl and this made me want to cry. In a good way :)

    I think I already love your dad too. Is it possible to start a friendship via blog? haha