Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thoughts Upon The Day

I'm just now getting to watch So You Think You Can Dance that I DVRed earlier this evening. We have bible study at our house on Thursdays so I have to DVR are watch it later. And so help me, if Brandon doesn't make it, I'm going to judo chop someone. They already killed me with the kicking off of Natalie. Oh, and the Broadway Brothers better make it too.

And please can I dance one of Mia Michaels' numbers please. The lady is weird but incredible.

But we all know that I can't just do one thing. I'm a multi-tasker. So I multi-task.

Anyway, first thought of the day is...praise Jesus, I don't have a bum eye. In the past two days, I've gone through three contacts in my left eye and eventually reverted back to the glasses only to find out that the crazies that are in charge of sending out the contacts from my eye doctor's office sent me the wrong box for the left eye. So praise Jesus, there is nothing wrong with my eye, because y'all, that's what I was thinking.

(P.S. I keep forgetting that I can fast forward through the commercials. I CAN FAST FORWARD THROUGH THE COMMERCIALS!)

Today, I decided I'm going to start playing tennis. No, really. All the running around, I'm sure to lose a few pounds, right? Anyway, see in Birmingham, people do one (or two or all) of three things -- run marathons, do triathlons and play tennis. Because I can't run more than 75 yards and I don't own a bike (frankly, I can't afford it), I've decided to go with the lesser of the three evils.

Now, for those of you who have been living under a rock, Katie doesn't play sports. I just cheer, watch and score. I got cut from the seventh grade basketball team because had couldn't get rid of my double hop on my layup. Not to mention, I couldn't even make a layup. I then thought about playing tennis but when I found out that my Pre-Algebra teacher was the coach and I was outta there. We didn't so much get along. My senior year of high school, they finally added a soccer team after much pushing by my friends and me but then I got the chance to be Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and take a guess at what I picked.

So when tonight I was asked to come play tennis sometime with people, I quickly asked if they kept score. Ha. Luckily, they said no and went when on to describe how horrible they all are (except for Jordan who can clearly play any sport he wants and do anything he wants and be a rock star at it). I was told that it's basically a bunch of people trying to hit the ball back-and-forth while trying to kept in within the confines of the chain-linked fence. Good luck with that, Katie. 

So stay tuned for tales from the tennis court. This should be fun. If only I had my own camera crew...

We are started Daniel tonight in my small group and y'all, I'm telling you, I don't think I've ever been more excited about an Old Testament book. Just in the first chapter, there is so much packed in and we are going to have a little help from Beth Moore. I'm so excited. 

And lastly, please check out my friend Jody's blog. He's just moved down to the Dominican Republic to teach in a school there and I'm so excited to see how God is going to move there in and through the people that are working there. I've known this kid since he was in kindergarten and I couldn't be more proud of the young man that he has grown to be. PTL!

Well, both Broadway brothers didn't make it, but I guess one is better than none. I can't wait for next Wednesday! I love this show!


  1. GOOD GRIEF! Tennis? well, you are right I'm looking forward to the stories but not the injuries. I bet you will be looking hottie in that little dressy thingy.

  2. OMG. I can't wait to find out how this goes because I, too, am SUPER unathletic and have thought recently about picking up tennis for the exercise... keep us posted!